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  1. Winston = Cutler. Cam would be too expensive. Trubisky put up better numbers than Dalton last year.
  2. At least you're feeling better about Graham now in comparison.
  3. If Gurley gets traded or released as per reports, where does Henderson rank among RBs in 2020 redraft?
  4. That was very strange. One, you are 100% certain NOTHNG all go wrong on the FG attempt. Two, it shows no confidence your D can stop anyone going 80 yards in 20 seconds.
  5. PREDICTION: Giants win the division and run the table, winning the Superbowl with Eli at the helm, then retires. (Always leave on a high note!)
  6. Why did they punt? You're down. Take a shot.
  7. Alright! All I need is 8 more Elliott FGs! Lol
  8. Why did Ertz not take that first catch downfield? Why'd he cut it back in?