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  1. Do you have kids? Have you ever taken them to a trampoline or bouncy-house establishment? They all require you to sign a waiver because they are aware of the inherent dangers. In order to play, you have to sign. If you sign you cannot hold them liable if any injuries occur.
  2. That's my point. Signing a waiver means you are taking the liability on yourself and removing all responsibilities from the NFL. Meaning he or anyone from his family wouldn't be able to sue the NFL. That said, how are helmets enforced in hockey? Do players sign agreement to do so when they enter the league?
  3. Can't the NFL just have a waiver form players can sign acknowledging the dangers of older helmets? The NFL shared their concerns. It should be on the players.
  4. So when do you pull the trigger on him? Would you make him your WR2 if he was available or would you go with a safer option?
  5. So Davis is not a consideration to be the starter?
  6. I'm happy for Bosa. Maybe now he can afford to buy some socks.
  7. What will he do if he gets his wish and gets traded... Somewhere else?
  8. If he's bent on holding out, the Bears might be better off waiting for him to be released.
  9. This in itself is not serious enough to warrant a suspension, but it's a symptom and I am starting to see a behavioral pattern I don't like. Enough for me to stay away from him.
  10. Now that Ingram is off the table, what do they do if Bell signs elsewhere? Keep Howard? Go with Davis as their lead?