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  1. Bears seem to have interest, but he'd be expensive. Who do they cut to fit him under the salary cap?
  2. I can’t recall where I read it, but I believe Dalton had worse numbers than Trubisky last year. When was the last time Dalton had a magical run? Winston has upside, but so do Foles and Trubisky. All I want is a good competition. You say Winston and Dalton would have been better signings. For what a starter or backup? If either of them had signed do you think they’d have a chance to start over Trubisky? I’m not so sure. Foles gives the best chance for a legit competition.
  3. So are you saying you'd rather have Winston or dalton? I wouldn't. Dalton and Winston were signed to be backups, Foles wasn't. He will be here for at least two years, so we're looking at about 8 per year.
  4. Yea, pretty great. Genuine reaction. There can't be a better feeling than being drafted by your hometown team.
  5. How much is too much? It will be hard for the Vikings come roster cut day. My guess is that some serviceable players will have to be dropped.
  6. Just stop it. Most of them are special team players and the rest won’t even be on the roster next year.
  7. All this 10 TE talk is ridiculous. They basically have two or three they’ll use at TE. Most of them are special teamers and the rest won’t even be on the roster going into the season.
  8. But amazingly his hair stays in the same place.
  9. Is Rogers retiring any time soon? A first round pick for someone who's going to sit for a couple of years? They must have REALLY loved him (no pun intended).
  10. Glad Aiyuk didn't go to the packers as was mocked on a number of sites. - Bears fan, Davante Adams owner