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  1. This in itself is not serious enough to warrant a suspension, but it's a symptom and I am starting to see a behavioral pattern I don't like. Enough for me to stay away from him.
  2. Now that Ingram is off the table, what do they do if Bell signs elsewhere? Keep Howard? Go with Davis as their lead?
  3. Making the playoffs, winning the division, AND knocking the Packers out of the playoffs all in one day. Beautiful. Passing of the torch...
  4. How long before Nagy gets labeled as a gimmicky play caller? I understand there and occasional need but I don't like them over doing it.
  5. I think if he heels touch out of bounds it wouldn't count. Toes dragging would be a different story because no other foot part is out.
  6. So they consider each butt cheek to be a different body part? I would think the butt is a whole. If a foot is partially in and partially out, it's considered out. What's the difference on that interception?
  7. Getting tired of hearing it's been that kind and of a night for the Rams. Maybe it's been A good night for the Bears.
  8. "Shades of 85. At least for one night..." Al, time to watch more Bears games, not just the highlight reels.