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  1. Already panic changed the lineup and squeaked out a win against non-100% Clemens.
  2. I had a very good team as well, sucks we never got to play that season out. Drauction was the best thing we ever did.
  3. NV Felipe Alou SNC Sparky Anderson Spartans Rule Lee Elia Greco Alex Grammas ------------------------------ HellToupee Whitey Herzog FDAS Dick Howser Koya Davey Johnson DougB Tom Kelly ------------------------------ Dr. Detroit Rene Lachemann RnR Tony LaRussa Hoos Tommy Lasorda jfranco77 Jim Leyland ------------------------------ cheese Billy Martin Sammy Jack McKeon Kraft Joe Morgan D-Tank/Tre 2 Lou Piniella ------------------------------- Scoobus Doug Rader Dungeon Master Red Schoendienst. Eephus Moose Stubing Chem X Ted Turner ------------------------------- Bogart Bobby Valentine Rodg12 Earl Weaver Tre Dick Williams moops Don Zimmer There's a quick alphabetical list by manager, honestly though who cares, just start the league!
  4. Lol at me finishing with more points than Tim when he clearly outclasses me, luck of the pairings I guess.
  5. After you load your team into the league it let’s you Yes As soon as you join We will
  6. Did you already load in the players? Did you join the league MLB128236?
  7. You make it sound like he specifically called out Scottie Pippen and went out of his way to say he was way better, which isn't what happened at all. He just says he thinks his game would've worked great with MJ based on the stuff Pippen did with him, even calls Scottie one of his favorite players. Weird take.
  8. @Fat Drunk and Stupid @rodg12 @Bogart @FishTacoTuesday @Dudley Do-Right @Spartans Rule @HellToupee @Doug B @Sammy3469
  9. I still had the team from 3 years ago when we cancelled BTTF I could use.