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  1. I thought the same thing. I assume that either Chalky or Nucky will pursue that more.Here's a hypothesis I'm entertaining: that wad of bills at the end of the episode which Nucky handed to that guy he was going to give his father's house to was the same wad of bills that little guy offered to Chalky to "sell direct." That'd imply that Chalky was right, Nucky was testing him, so Nucky just shrugged it off lamely when called out to not make a bigger issue of it. It would also imply that that little guy is an inside man for Nucky with the New Yorkers and/or the Italian Brothers - with the possibility that the little guy is double double crossing Nucky with them - as he's a critical player in the scene with those two contingents.Probably totally inaccurate, but what the heck, it's fun to assume Nucky's playing that deep of a game for now.Inaccurate....the little guy was Meyer Lansky...a real life well known associate of Rothstein and Luciano. The real life Lansky was the inspiration for the character Hyman Roth in Godfather II.
  2. To take it a step further, they should have cut to years in the future, showing him as a corpse slumped against the army dude.Yeah...I had heard that no characters were safe in the comic and that's what I thought was going to happen. The next episode was going to go to someone else (maybe his partner and wife) and some time later in the show, when the viewer forgot about the Sheriff.....someone would come across the tank.
  3. Couple of complaints: 1) If you saw the Comic-con trailer, none of this surprised you. That more or less told the whole story in two minutes. 2) I think the ending diluted the situation he was in (the radio broadcast to the tank). I think they should have ended it with the tank lid closing. Personally, a better ending would have been him in the tank with the realization that the zombies banging would only attract more zombies....thus entombing him until he dies....
  4. Yes, he got her immigration paperwork, his boss commented on it. Not sure what is up with him.Pretty sure he's whipping himself for having impure thoughts about a 16 year old. Or it could be simply because he's having impure thoughts about a woman who isn't his wife; perhaps a devout Christian knows the answer to that one.I think he's on some Opus Dei business and is beating himself because he wasn't able to save this formerly innocent woman from becoming a concubine. Could be totally wrong but that was the impression that I got. I think he's whipping himself to resist the urge to rub one out to her. I think they've shown that he has a bit of interest in her before.
  5. The more I learn about this the more I suspect it's going to blow.They had a guy on staff who already created a lot of gambling games so they put those in. Ammo will have weight (admittedly I have mixed emotions about that, ammo should have always had weight but I'm used to using it as alternative currency now). The graphics haven't been upgraded much - if at all. Worst of all: Vegas wasn't hit by nukes so there's no destruction/wasteland. There's no "fallout" in Fallout now. Doesn't look like there's any sense of survival/scavenging. No "ruins" to explore. It really looks like Just-Another-Game. Hope I'm wrong. FWIW, why Vegas is relatively unscathed is an important part of the story.
  6. It is the best show on TV right now. Easily.You must be joking.obviously the guy doesn't watch Mad MenI've never seen an ep of Madmen and plan to jump into this fall....but I have to ask....what makes it so great? What's the hook on this show?
  7. I think there were only three and IIRC, they were somewhere on the 5th season DVD set.
  8. I think Cutty was there to show that The Game had gotten worse and that it was a young man's Game. I guess also part of it would be that someone might not choose the street life.
  9. That's the only thing that's NOT been leaked. So it could well be.He's got a huge ego. Taking his perennial losing, hometown team to the title on his shoulders sounds much better in his mind than going to an expansion team to win with 2 other all-stars. On top of that he gets more money if he stays. If he doesn't want to go to the Knicks he doesn't want to go anywhere.Is the kind of money we're talking about really significant though?
  10. Donkey Kong great, all time video game Champion and hot sauce success Billy Mitchell once said " When you are not the lead dog, the view doesn't change". By going to Miami....LeBron is just sniffing Bosh and Wade's ### (and vice versa). They all might get some glory....but it won't be theirs alone....and if you are a real champion like Billy Mitchell...that's got to bother you a little bit that you needed to stack the deck in order to win; that you couldn't do it yourself.
  11. Apparently everyone else has the same idea in regards to Heat tickets... per their website. Due to an overwhelming demand, we can not process your request at this time. Please call 786.777.HOOP(4667) to purchase your 2010-11 Season Tickets.
  12. If I want one of these things...what is the cheapest I can get in plan and cost of phone?