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  1. Sorry, you were saying? I couldn't keep my eyes of Maria's Bartiromos.
  2. Good job on the footnote, wouldn't want people thinking you did all the primary research yourself.
  3. What would Trump do if another guy grabbed Melania by the #####?
  4. Can't call her perfect with a nose like that.
  5. Concentrated solar power uses mirrors to power a steam turbine. I'm not sure what materials go into those mirrors, but I doubt they are rare. Also, the more energy options we have reduces our dependence on any single resource and helps keep the prices down for all of them.
  6. Can't wait for Fox to turn on him if he does make Trump TV happen.
  7. I think the clip of him being flustered was just him knowing he was being embarrassed on stage. You don't run a Presidential campaign with virtually no ground game or ads if you are seriously trying to win. I think it was the bolded. At some point he actually thought it had a chance to win but he wasn't going to risk his money on it.
  8. I'm voting for GJ to send a message, not for him to win. Do you really believe he's prepared to be President in January?
  9. Topics of talks: - Amount of money to deposit in his bank account - Bank account number and routing number - Timing of bank deposit
  10. That's a winner.
  11. Much of the enthusiasm is due to how unfit her opponent is be President. I'm very ecstatic that a Democrat will beat Trump, that's it's Hillary, not so much. She's not as bad as most people claim but she is shady and conniving. My optimism about her Presidency is two-fold: - As the first woman President there's tremendous pressure on her to do well. While it's not fair, if she fails as President it will be will an indictment on woman Presidents. - She wants to be a considered a better President than the ####### that has cheated on her their entire marriage and embarrassed her in front of the entire country.
  12. Sort of...your admission ticket is a tab of LSD.