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  1. Speaking of which, it would be a fun experiment to put a Trump sign in a black neighborhood and film the reaction.
  2. Giving Medicare the ability to negotiate is necessary, but that should be the case right now.
  3. It just occurred to me that Trump is the candidate the guy from the CIA was talking about in this scene from Black Mirror's "The Waldo Moment". Like Pringles.
  4. I, for one, thank you for going to seminary and posting what you learned from it here since you've explained a lot of things they I felt were wrong but never really knew why. Really think you have a unique perspective and should write a book.
  5. It's obvious that ACA is a failure - health insurance companies did a poor job of estimating costs and are doing nothing to contain costs. Since the individual market is not profitable for health insurance companies, I believe it's time for the government to create a public option with the ability for individuals under 65 to buy into Medicare. Please vote.
  6. Anyone else a little disappointed at the recent phone offerings? I read the review of the Note 7, a great phone itself, but hardly an improvement over my nearly two year old Nexus 6. Faster processor and an extra GB of RAM. It also looks good, but for someone who puts a case on their phone this is not a selling point. The biggest thing that makes the Note 7 better is a microSD port but that's not a technological improvement. I also felt the 6P was somewhat of a downgrade from the Nexus 6 since it removed wireless charging.
  7. Android now has 86.2% of the market.
  8. Don't think you would have ever heard of Poison if it wasn't for strippers. Thanks, strippers!
  9. "Your mom died. Vote Trump!"
  10. My thinking is like James. The U.S. has elected some shady people who did a decent job as President.
  11. Smokescreen.
  12. I'm not a fan of the second kid, especially if money is an issue.
  13. That's a relief since I've slept with all of the moms, legal sisters, and wives of everyone here. Not very well mind you, but it's nice to finally come clean.