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  1. Ryan is always going to have the taint of Trump on him.
  2. It is also has the nice side effect of preventing pregnancies from all the men you're banging on the side.
  3. That's simply not true. They are hoping he's successful.
  4. No, ##### are not 'just another body part'. I don't want to see guys' ##### on the beach.
  5. I can't believe this is actually happening.
  6. Don't choose a major based on the quickest way to a degree. You have the rest of your life to work.
  7. Trump's priority is the amount of money he can make after being President. If it means selling out the country to our enemies in order to secure financing then so be it.
  8. If Putin had emails of that value then none of them would have been released. Stop with this idiotic nonsense.
  9. I can't imagine the kind of hate I'd have if I went through all the trouble to adopt two kids with someone only to have them cheat.
  10. I'm really surprised that the GOP's 'Midnight in America' message hasn't resonated.
  11. Expect a call from Trump's lawyers soon, he wants you on the jury.
  12. Finance by a mile. Accounting looks like the most boring job I could imagine.