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  1. I've said from day one this was the plan.
  2. His campaign is getting flushed down the toilet and he's still talking about news ratings. SMH.
  3. One day is tough... Probably would choose either Natural History or Newseum as early as possible and then hit the memorials the rest of the day.
  4. The world leader Trump admires most is destroying Germany: "Well, I think (Angela) Merkel is a really great world leader, but I was very disappointed that -- when she -- this move with the whole thing on immigration," Trump said, referring to the German chancellor. Trump has repeatedly vilified Merkel for accepting an influx of Syrian refugees into her country, saying she is "ruining Germany." His criticism of Merkel began last December when Time magazine named Merkel person of the year over Trump. Despite offering up Merkel as a world leader he would "admire, respect, would like to emulate" in an interview with Boston-based NECN, Trump continued to slam the German leader. "I was always a Merkel person, I thought really fantastic, but I think she made a very tragic mistake a year-and-a-half ago," Trump said, referring to her acceptance of refugees from Syria, a country torn by civil war, devastated by a mix of ISIS' brutal tactics that world leaders have slammed as genocidal and indiscriminate bombings by the Syrian Army.
  5. Well, yeah, but avoiding incessant texts was supposed to be one of the perks.
  6. USA Today has never endorsed a candidate in history - until now: says "Don't Vote for Trump". The editorial board unanimously found Trump "unfit for the presidency" and the editorial, published Thursday, goes on to list the reasons why, among them: his "erratic" behavior and his "checkered" business past. "Whatever you do, however, resist the siren song of a dangerous demagogue. By all means vote, just not for Donald Trump."
  7. This is a year old and I'm sure there are dozens more that could be added: 199 Most Donald Trump Things Donald Trump Has Said
  8. CPU/RAM-wise, no. GPU-wise, you'll need a dedicated video card on a laptop (although I think maybe the Iris GPU in some Skylake chips may be enough).
  9. Agree. I skipped V altogether.
  10. Name another wide receiver in the NFL. Anyone you like. Pick any wide receiver.
  11. Strange that such a great businessman doesn't know the difference between revenue and income.
  12. They were responding to a 9/11 call of an active shooter situation on a playground. What if Rice had actually been shooting up the playground and kids died while the cops took their time to assess the situation?