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  1. Thought you were kidding, there really is a dude with a pet tiger?
  2. Yes, Users carpool is great.
  3. Never heard of them until now. What's the preferred nomenclature?
  4. There's no reason to worry about crackpot ideas when it's a fact that all the matter from every human being on earth could fit into a sugar cube.
  5. Am watching the press conference right now and this attack wasn't related to Islam. The attacker however was obsessed with these shootings. Also said he had 300 additional rounds in his bag.
  6. Even Boris thinks Trump's isolationism is dumb.
  7. I'm beloved here.
  8. You would get any disagreement from me, what what differentiates them to me is Hillary is trying to act like a President and he is a spoiled, selfish, petulant child.
  9. http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/history-donald-trumps-flip-flopping-issues-presidential-campaign/story?id=39063811 That's just this campaign, not the contradictory statements he's made over the years.