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  1. Great place to put her ####.
  2. So I've probably heard this song 10 times now and just found it's new: blink 182 - Bored to Death
  3. I love Green Day as much as anyone but it sounds like St. Jimmy 2.
  4. Except for the flood, of course.
  5. Have you talked them about this? Maybe they care more if they thought about it that way.
  6. You should set up a reward system to motivate him to try. Would you show up to work every day if you didn't get a paycheck? I have a sticker chart that I use to reward my daughter for doing her homework and extra reading. She fills it up (30 spots, takes about 2 weeks to earn something) and I give her $15 to buy a toy.
  7. Went through the same thing as a kid. Let them play, fight, cry...don't know why you have to get upset about it. Tell them that's what they get for playing so rough.
  8. The largest inflation-adjusted price increase has been in housing. That's where the average working class family is getting killed right now, especially since they've been convinced that they need to own their home regardless of the financial stress it puts the family under.
  9. Yes, he knew it would fail and lead to a public option - you know, the thing he actually campaigned on.
  10. Still don't get it, do you? ACA was a poison pill that Obama got the pharma and health insurance industries to take. Next step after a failed ACA is a public option and negotiating with pharma.
  11. These other governments would pay more if they were forced to pay more. The way it's set up is the pharma companies base their prices on what Americans will pay and look at everyone else as gravy, even at reduced prices. The problem could be solved by refusing to pay more for a drug than what the highest paying major foreign country has agreed to pay.
  12. The government should set a price limit on generics and pay no more than other countries do.
  13. The problem is that insurance companies have a disincentive to negotiate prices - drug prices go up, premiums go up, and the 15-20% of premiums that insurance companies keep goes up.