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  1. Let me know when Soccer gets the Red Zone Channel and wake me when the World Cup starts.
  2. 8 Team League....
  3. Snowden.
  4. 12 Team (PPR)....Gronk went 2.3... The rest of the 1st went 6-Robinson 7-Gurley 8-Dez 9-Devonta 10-AP 11-David Johnson 12-L Bell The Running Backs I wound up with I'm not proud of, but could shake out ( at least that's what I keep telling myself) Hyde in the 4th Langford in the 6th Duke Johnson in the 7th (PPR Beast) Rashad Jennings in the 9th Derrick Henry in the 10th
  5. Drafted from the 5 hole last night...Big 3 went in order (Hopkins 4th)... I wound up with Green/Evans/Edelman
  6. Don't forget to tip the Kitchen Crew at Griffon Pub.....(Nice touch -----see bottom of menu)
  7. Anybody make their way up that way for Summer meet.? Last for the next 40 days (starting on July 22) ending on Sept 5th. The Travers Stakes runs at the end of August. For me this has been a Summer must for the last 10 seasons. About a 2 hour drive from NYC. Good food, amazing atmosphere just a great vibe all the way around (even for the non-horse and betting people) If you have never been, do yourself a favor and make the trip....A trip to The Spa is like a trip back in time. "AND THEY'RE OFF"
  8. Everything always comes back to Bacon... Exercise... ...ex...er...cise... ex...ar...size... eggs...are...sides ...for bacon... Bacon See, all things lead to BACON.
  9. Bulldog Cafe...??????
  10. I hope so...and I hope it's just the beginning ... I just thought it was funny that the way the stats are listed "(85/1000/6) " it comes up as a Link as a phone number and a pop-up on my screen wants to know if I want to Cancel or Call. I think if your drafting early this year (late July, early August) you can grab him in the 7th rd...Late August the secret will be out and he'll be going in the 5th.
  11. Kevin White's cell #...?
  12. Big Bang Theory was tolerable the first couple of seasons when Penny (Kaley Cucco) was the Slutty/Trampy neighbor.. Now...they just stick her in moo moo's and Berkas.
  13. 2134.....was I the only one that googled "The White Lion"...?