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  1. Worked in week 1 ...going to try the same core in week 2 Winston Evans Ware D-Wil going to try and work either Cooks or Hilton and see how that shakes out.
  2. Snagged 2nd place out of 8670...$10 Entry
  3. Will somebody please PM me at page 457 when coitus occurs...T.I.A. And well done Colonel...?????? All B.S. aside....good luck going forward, you took a lot of sh** in this thread and you never lost your way....Major props.... Go Saints Wishing you and M all the best Sincerely.. ✌?️Out.
  5. Soon to be trending on Twitter... #HUGMAGEDDON2016
  6. I think NRJ may be conflicted... The little Devil on one shoulder is saying......****er, ****er, ****er brains out. on the other shoulder you have the Angel reminding him of.... You shall not commit adultery.... You shall not covet your neighbor's house; you shall not covet your neighbor's wife, nor his male servant,nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey,nor anything that is your neighbor's Remember....she's still a married women.
  7. Nice job...thanks for taking the time....good reading. Will be back to grade at the halfway point. And read the TOPIC people...!!!....Jeez.
  8. Would love to be privy to her 40 page thread that she has going on at exdivorcegals.com. Keep up the good work....This is my Shameless fix until Oct 2
  9. I'm out right here if your putting "Goodfellas" this high up.... And until ( Peter Jackson/Ben Affleck/Next flavor of the month) comes along....I was more than happy with the TV (Yes sacrilege) version of The Stand. ....(Ok, I was bluffing).... Carry on.....I'm going back to my Ken Folllett paperback.(Thanks.??) Big time fan of the Book/Movie thread.
  10. Let me know when Soccer gets the Red Zone Channel and wake me when the World Cup starts.
  11. 8 Team League....