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  1. Please list in alphabetical order to have answered....T.I.A. Good Luck.?
  2. Good Samaritan (5) West Coast (3) Girvin (6) Tapwrit (4) See ya in the Superfecta box winner's circle.??? Good luck today.
  3. Let me get 2 cows, make them cry/Wisconsin, keep off the grass, paint it red with frog sticks on wheels. Thanks.
  4. Stay away from The Tommyknockers.... Your welcome.
  5. I'm kind of curious to know....if a Dragon is killed can it be brought back as a White Walker Dragon.?
  6. Took it sweet time.....He knew it had a chance.⛳️
  7. Go to YouTube and check out Russian machine gun drones...this will keep you up at night.
  8. 7 1/4 option. ?
  9. Judging from her expression ....I'm going with "The Shocker"
  10. And yes...so it begins...the 2 week build up until 07/16/17. HBO....Do what you do.? Happy to see it in all it all it's HBO glory Please Petyr Baelish...go out GLORIOUSLY
  11. How come blind people don't go skydiving .? Because it scares the crap out of the dog. Sorry, that's all I got.