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  1. The DVD girl that has been coming to the bar for years has abandoned the DVD's for a bag full of Spinners...WTH.!
  2. Hit for 20K on a $5 scratcher a few years back. ?? Got a check for $13,493 33 1/3 Federal 33 1/3 State 33 1/3 local Claimed 20K in gambling loses at the end of the year and got back about 90% of it back.
  3. Trump Goes out like Joffrey Baratheon...Hillary suspected (Olenna Tyrell)... (Sorry...Getting amped for new season)
  4. Toss up.. Help me name my Band or Wooing my neighbor Both are required Summer reading. ??
  6. Thanks for all the info during the Derby season, it's been a great read...Good luck to all today. Stopped by Empire city yesterday to get some Churchill Adv bets in for today (note, bet on the 2nd floor by Hank's Bar or 3rd floor, stay off the 4th floor, it's like the Star Wars Cantina bar up there.) Will be back today for some late day adjustments for some tri-boxes and a few suprfectas. 76 days till Saratoga.???
  7. A lot of great info here....Awesome thread.?? "But"....if you think for a second that GB doesn't go Offense here you need to step back. Rodgers is partial GM at this point, so with that being said... the pick here is... D.Cook/A. Kamara/ Forman....Personally I would take Mixon C.Samuel/JuJu Smith Oh, and Adam Schefter thinks "Defense here or a QB"..Nuff said...
  8. When you wave another car in ahead of you and you don't get the wave back...???
  9. Not really local, but I went from see them in local bars when they were starting out. Starting to pull bigger and bigger venue's the last 2 times around, Stone Pony Summer Stage and will be playing at the Beacon in NYC in February....Really good live shows. Frank Turner
  10. Occupation ....Nanny I would of liked to have seen the interview process when the Husband and Wife hired her. This is not going to end well.....Just sayin.
  11. Watch the Patroits trade Jimmy Garoppolo to the Browns and wind up sitting on the # 1 overall pick. Brady looks like he could play for 5 more years.
  12. It won't be close...White in a landslide...But for me...Better Red than Dead.