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  1. When you wave another car in ahead of you and you don't get the wave back...???
  2. Not really local, but I went from see them in local bars when they were starting out. Starting to pull bigger and bigger venue's the last 2 times around, Stone Pony Summer Stage and will be playing at the Beacon in NYC in February....Really good live shows. Frank Turner
  3. Occupation ....Nanny I would of liked to have seen the interview process when the Husband and Wife hired her. This is not going to end well.....Just sayin.
  4. Watch the Patroits trade Jimmy Garoppolo to the Browns and wind up sitting on the # 1 overall pick. Brady looks like he could play for 5 more years.
  5. It won't be close...White in a landslide...But for me...Better Red than Dead.
  6. Brutal rendition ....Hope that's the last we see of that nonsense .
  7. Elon Musk's ex wife...(twice)
  8. Week 1 $75K Sun NFL Scramble (Single Entry) $10 Entry 2nd/8,670 $4000 Won A. Smith---29.02 S. Ware----29.4 D. Williams---32.1 A.J. Green---30 A. Brown---28.6 M. Evans---18.4 T. Kelce---10.4 M. Nugent---12 T.Titans---4 193.92 I was sitting in 335th spot going into the Monday night game with Antonio Brown and D-Wil left. Monster nights by both had me cruising up the leader board with basically everyone else done for the week. I had almost the same lineup in Draftkings that week and picked up a couple of $800 pots of some $4 entries. It was a majestic start to the season...???
  9. Which Vice- President candidate would make a better President should be the real question. No way either of these Buffoons/Criminals will serve their 4 year term.
  10. Smith and Wesson Mac and Cheese Popcorn and Butter Kirk and Spock Thelma and Louise Butch and Sundance Felix and Oscar
  11. See-ya..... Too cocky I like the move.??????
  12. I was so looking forward to this show...so disappointed Does this show see a season 2. ?.....or cancel this now. The Buzz is gone, it's all over the place. The Walking Dead 17 Million viewers....Westworld 1.7 Million I'm not drinking the J.J. Abrams Kool-aid. Next.
  13. Sorry, I don't follow Cricket.