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  1. Three Two One Four
  2. Three Four Two Five One
  3. Football....I could watch Two 1-14 teams play on the last week of the season...Still love it.
  4. I saw Hanks, then Murray, Hanks, Murray, Hanks, Murray, Hanks, Murray, Hanks, Mur... Then I just read the friggin story.
  5. Damn.!...Can somebody go back in time and invent Tinder in the 80's... Loving the thread and the "tight tight tight" Chick... Be safe and enjoy Grizz.??
  6. Any chance their starting to showcase Ware for trade possibilities...Which team(s) going forward might be tempted.? New England Raiders Ravens Redskins Vikings In a couple of weeks the Chiefs might feel secure with Charles/ West going forward.
  7. No Justin Forsett listed.?
  8. USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage
  9. Don't do it....Not even close to being fair.....Don't do it.!!!
  10. Ok, I'm in...
  11. Slippers.!!!... Bunch of freakin Pansies. Do you wear your Fanny Pack around the House also.?