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  1. Key Lime Cherry Apple Pecan Chicken Pot
  2. If there was no COVID - Captiva Florida to take the fishing trip I was supposed to take back in early April. I had an awesome long weekend booked with my Dad and my son to go charter fishing for some redfish, snook, tarpon, grouper, etc. Had an awesome VRBO right on the bay, and my favorite charter captain lined up. Things started locking down a few weeks before we were supposed to go, and I cancelled last minute. Glad I did as flights back stopped the day before we were supposed to return, so we'd have likely been stuck. I was looking forward to that trip for MONTHS, and then it just got taken away. I'm literally still bitter to this day.
  3. Agree. McLaurin is the ONLY bright spot on the offensive side of the ball - and the sad thing is, I think that's in-line with expectations going into the year. At least from me. They'll find a way to get him involved a lot. He's got game changing speed, so even if it's throwing 5+ quick slants a game, they'll get him the ball.
  4. Further analysis throughout the kindergarten year revealed that the kid's name was "Arisleiky." She'll always be El Slicky to me.
  5. Stories like this make me want my son to grow up much much slower than he is. Condolences to the victim's family and I really hope your son finds a way to deal with this - really horrible situation all around. 😞
  6. Agree 100% - IMO the biggest risk to the NFL season is multiple teams having outbreaks later in the season when they just can't "fix" it with schedule manipulation. We're only at week 5. I think they continue to push to complete as many games as possible now knowing this, but at some point, we'll get clear cross-team transmission from in-game interactions. When that happens, I see the whole season ending. I'd put it at less than 50% odds that we finish this season with all teams playing 16 games. I know this isn't the COVID thread, so I'm going to stop on this topic...As a Henry owner, I'm selfishly hoping they play.
  7. So my situation is I would normally start Henry and Connor at RB, and flex Dionte Johnson. Now, because of the uncertainty, I'm going to start Connor and Montgomery (Thurs game) at RB, which means if the Titans do play, I'll flex Henry vs. Johnson. Not ideal, but not horrible. I honestly think they'll play if at all possible though. This whole thing is a real S-show. There are a lot of worms they open if they make the Titans forefit The Bills (and Titans) players won't get paid for the game per revised COVID rules: “If any games are canceled (and not later played) during the 2020 season once the regular season has begun, Clubs will not be obligated to pay the salary protected by applicable 2020 Guaranteed Salary during the 2020 season that would have covered salary for any cancelled games, provided that the foregoing does not apply to any salary guarantee, signing bonus, roster bonus, or reporting bonus earned but not paid prior to cancellation.” The Steelers would also have some pretty solid grounds to ask for a forfeit from their game last weekend - and the same issue would hold. The only other thing they could do is delay the playoffs and play the game in week 18 - which, while not the NFL's concern, really screws up fantasy. I think they play this week, and make an announcement that any team violating rules again will forfeit. They'll make an example without making an example. Just my 2 cents...
  8. Yeah - something's not right. Agree ANY drill should be able to drill a hole through sheetrock and then a stud with the right drill bit...even a dull one will make it after a while. Do you have the drill set to reverse? If you're hitting something hard and it's not masonry block, it might be a protective plate blocking where electric or plumbing pipe passes through the stud. Try drilling another hole 6" above or below those holes and see if it goes in easier. If it does, and you think it might be a cable protector plate, don't drill there. You'll regret it.
  9. Agree. I feel better about this than being one of those guys who plays the whole season and then opts out of the bowl game. At least this way you don't take a roster spot away from someone who has something to prove.
  10. We couldn't make long trips without ours - between the wife overpacking, and 2 kids, etc. A lot of folks have talked about gas mileage - my XC90 gets 22-24 mpg highway. With the pod, I saw maybe a 2 mpg decrease. It wasn't much. Certainly not 20% or anything crazy. Re. theft - My take is, if a thief wants something bad enough, they are going to get it. Your job is to make it as unappetizing as you can. Park by hotel guest room windows - doesn't have to be YOUR room. Thief doesn't know which room is yours. Park under a light. Park by a camera. Park next to a car with a soft pod. Park somewhere that your car looks like a tougher target, or a tougher target than another car. Also, If you're moderately handy and have a garage with some height, you can make a hoist for ~$30 in materials. I have my pod hanging from my garage ceiling. When I need it, I just drop it down. Super easy using off-the-shelf parts from Home Depot.
  11. I have a hard shell Thule Aero that I use for long trips. I've never taken it off the car. My roof cross-bars lock, and the cargo box locks. You can't get it off without significant effort and probably breaking it. I feel like the soft ones, while easier to store, are MUCH easier to steal, and worse on mileage as they're this amorphous blob on the roof.
  12. The driveway got repaved this AM - fantastic results. Looks great. The additional paved section looks perfect. The kids have tons of space to play, and now when we host holidays we actually can still "use" our driveway and get in and out easier. Now I really want to paint a basketball court on it. Anybody ever do that or have that done? Tips?
  13. My take - not any more than any other random starter on a bottom-10 team. In deeper leagues, anybody who gets carries is rosterable. In this case, I think anybody here is going to be over-valued because they'll look at "Giants RB" production and mistakenly think any of the guys who could step in are 1/2 the RB Barkley is. Is there somebody worth rostering? Sure. Based on volume/opportunity...but I don't think you can expect major production.