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  1. The one raid I did before I figured that out I happened to be at a doctor's office, and I rushed out to run down to a fountain with the time at less than a minute so I could "join." I didn't realize I could have just done it when it was there on my way in when I wasn't rushing. I live in very rural western NJ. The nearest poke stop is over a mile from me...nearest gym about 3 miles. Before COVID, I could only get pokemon showing up at my house if I used an Incense. Post-COVID, I think they upped the rural area spawn rates, so I'll get one or two every now and then. I've basically stopped playing since COVID. Just don't get out enough.
  2. I was today years old when I realized you don't have to wait for the raid counter to reach 0 to play in a raid. Before remote raids, I really never did them. I never had time, and live in a rural area, so there weren't any local to home. I'd check them when I was out, but always thought the counter was the counter time to the start of the raid, NOT the time till the raid expired. I used to be near them, and be like, "I can't wait 45 minutes for this dang thing to start."
  3. Yeah. A buddy of mine used to live in a place where they would send letters if you parked ON the line in parking spaces. Same thing - housewives literally walked the neighborhood and took notes on who was parked over. If managed correctly, I think HOA's definitely serve a purpose (i.e. no sofas in the yards), but I feel like more often than not, they become a power-trip for somebody who has too much time on their hands.
  4. Is that one of those center-chute bagging Deere with the hard-shell bags? I had one of those that I got from my parents for a hot minute when we first moved into our current house. I LOVED that it didn't shoot grass everywhere and had two clean edges to cut with, right or left...but....I HATED how often that dang chute would clog with thick or damp grass. It was also way too small for my 2.5 acres. Took me 4 hours to cut the grass. Regardless - sweet modification. Looks really good!
  5. Reason #437 why when we bought a house the first thing I told our agent was "No HOA's, no exceptions to that." excuse me while I go sit on the sofa in my yard.
  6. Yeah - when I was first looking, I was trying to use my neighbor's ATV mount tank as a model and envisioned it mounting to the anti-roll bar on the back, above the engine of my Z-turn...Weight was 100% the issue. I noticed that every single after-market was mounted out off the front castor wheels. I think the weight distribution is the reason why. I can already pop a wheelie if I put my mower in full reverse and slam it to full-forward. With 120lbs+ of liquid also in the back, and mounted higher than the engine, I think it's a major concern.
  7. I want to see what you come up with. I've got a Pro John Deere Z-Turn and I've been wanting to mount a sprayer on the back for years. I've just never found an option that I can DIY or that justifies the price. I wish I could just find a big "cupholder" that would mount a 3-5gallon sprayer.
  8. It's possible. In general, I haven't gotten anything later than the delayed date estimate personally, and I've gotten a decent bit of stuff early. For me, if it's something I need urgently, I've had a lot better luck ordering on more specialized stores that don't have the same kinds of delays. Needed some car wash stuff - Amazon had a 2+ week delivery window. The same stuff on AutoZone came with free next-day delivery. I literally ordered at 3:00 PM and had it by 9:00 AM the next day. Find a site that doesn't have anything "essential" to prioritize over your order, and order from there. You can get free shipping on most sites with a decent order size. Also, not all of this is the seller - delivery services are all overwhelmed. The costs for OTR trucking/delivery is almost 3x what it usually is. I'm sure some retailers are choosing longer delivery times to maintain their margins.
  9. Well there’s an option I didn’t consider.
  10. So my wife and I came to the realization that we are on completely different pages regarding the timing of deodorant application. We're currently undergoing virtual counseling and hoping we can save the marriage, but Interested in the consensus opinion here...
  11. Family of 4 - I guess I sort of have 6...but one is temporary for outdoors. 49" in the master bedroom 55" in the living room 72" in the basement 120" projector in the basement. 42" in the guest bedroom (only Netflix) 145" projector for outdoor movie nights.
  12. Lol - My wife got me THIS a few years ago. Sadly no Hockey this year...
  13. I'm a hard shell guy - and 100% cheese on the bottom. If you have small kids, it's cheese on the bottom AND the top. Holds the whole thing together. Also, I make them, then bake them for a few minutes after they're stuffed with meat and cheese. Crisps the shells up. Take them out, and then top with veggies and sour cream.