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  1. Kuznetsov gets ban from IIHA for cocaine... Certainly doesn't make those pictures that came out from him in Vegas look good...And as a Caps fan, doesn't really inspire confidence in him having a good year...
  2. I just tried this stuff last night via gummies - 20 mg per the stoner guy working in the local CBD store. To be honest, for me, I was just looking for a way to increase my level of relaxation when I need it. Long story short, one of my favorite things to do when the family was out of town was pop 1 Vicodin, drink 1 beer, and just melt into the chair in the basement and watch Marvel movies on the projector. My Vicodin were leftovers from my dental implant surgery and I'm all out now...I've been trying to find something that even comes close to that level of relaxation. It's not an addiction thing at all...I'd do this maybe once every 2 months or so, but it was so awesome. The CBD gummies had limited impacts from my perception. Honestly I noticed it more this AM when I totally did not want to wake up. I did sleep well, but I usually do. Will try again this weekend and see if I can tell anything different.
  3. We've gotten them for my son's last 3 birthdays. For his 4th, we had 100+ people at the house and bought two of the big trays. My son cried and cried when we ran out of water balloons. I cried and cried when the guests ate ALL the #### nuggets and there were absolutely none left at the end of the party.
  4. Had it for Breakfast AND Lunch yesterday.
  5. If I can, I will - but for certain products, it's hard to find quality even if you're willing to pay for it. That's my point - the market for certain products has become so overrun with cheap Chinese stuff that it takes a lot to even find something of quality to buy.
  6. He was garbage as a loaner for the Caps before that...I think he just had a unique fit/situation in St.Louis that doesn't translate elsewhere.
  7. Works great when there are 1.4 BILLION customers in China... I don't have an issue buying Chinese stuff because it's Chinese stuff...I have an issue having to wade through 20 crap quality items to find one good one. That's why I'm getting sick of the Chinese stuff. it's not what that it's Chinese, (or non-USA), it's that it's crap and doesn't do what it's supposed to.
  8. Agree. You can also be my MIL who will ask to see the manager and make a massive scene when there is an automatic gratuity added and they tip on the post-tax amount. Is she right? Yes. Do you need to make a massive scene over $1 or $2 when you just got a $300 dinner for a bunch of people? No. So embarrassing.
  9. You gotta get rid of the stuff you don't use. I almost never find I don't carry much as far as potions. I also trash most of my pineapples. With that said, we were in NYC this weekend and I gave my 5 year old my phone to use a good bit. I told him NOT to use anything but the red balls - now I'm 100% out of red balls and have TONS of blue. Oy.
  10. ...I gotta say I agree with @[icon] here. When I tried to first set up my Comcast service, they had all sorts of issues. Took them a month to get me active. In that time they sent me 3 modems, and sent a tech out to test my wiring, and eventually ran a new line from the box to my house...the issue? The old line was unscrewed in the box. They didn't think to check it until AFTER they trenched for a new line and went to hook it in. I agree 100% that the modem isn't usually the issue and doesn't usually need to be troubleshot. The problem is Comcast will just tell you that is your problem and refuse to help beyond that, and often it IS their problem. I hate Comcast more than just about any other company, but to get internet speeds greater than 3 Mbps, they're my only option.
  11. I have to go out of my way to hit a stop on a given day. I drive by 1 after dropping the kids off at daycare, and to get my streak (and bonus evolution item) every 7 days, I'll pull into a parking spot to spin there...otherwise, NO stops anywhere I am for an extended period. None at the office, None at home. I also NEVER EVER EVER have pokemon show up at my house. I can burn an incense and maybe get 1. I'm one of those fools who has to buy pokeballs sometimes. If we stay at a hotel or something that has a stop, my wife gets pissed at me constantly playing.
  12. Of all the ones I have, I have TWO with perfect IV's. One Glaceon and one Bonsly. I've got more shiney's than 4*. I do wonder how many I transferred using the old appraisal that may have been 4* under the new system...
  13. Youtube (or even instagram if you search for fishing stuff enough) is quite addicitive with the fishing videos. Every night my 5 yo ends up on the verge of tears when we make him read a book instead of watching fishing videos on my phone before bed. Maybe his 2nd favorite past-time after Pokemon. RE. Top Hooker - I'm going to have to check that out too....after I explain to my wife what it actually is.
  14. If I recall correctly some lake in MD was like ground-zero for the snakehead invasion. I recall them trying to poison the lake, drain the lake, etc. They did this to several lakes in the area, but by that point, they had already spread. They can breath air or water, so when you poison the water, they'll just exit the lake and wriggle to the next body of water. The way these things are supposed to eat and multiply, they're going to take over the area in a few years and wipe out a lot of species. I'd usually say if you catch one, kill it, but I think we're beyond that point now. It doesn't matter.