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  1. Oops. I think the cap hit is $350K but we are actually paying him $75K.
  2. Read the cap hit is like $75,000. Seems worth the risk for the possible reward.
  3. The part that had me the most worried is that he wasn't actually hit on the driver's side was more the driver's side window/roof. Take a look at THIS schematic of a NASCAR roll cage - Notice the side impact protection by the doors consists of 4 horizontal tubes, and the anti-intrusion plate. The roof area where he was hit has one single bar. I was really afraid that he basically bore the brunt of that impact directly onto his body with very little absorption from the frame...and honestly most of it would be to his head. Adding to it, the HANS device wouldn't have allowed his head to move much to deflect out of the way. I agree these cars are amazingly safe...but I think Newman had a lot of luck on his side assuming he pulls through his. There are a lot of scenarios where he doesn't survive the initial impact. Even with all the structural safety, these cars aren't designed to take impacts while upside down.
  4. Regardless of injuries, after a crash like that (and being later in your career), I'd consider retirement...I've always read a big part of being a successful racer is being somewhat fearless - I feel like a crash like that has to put the fear in someone and make them feel much more mortal, which has to have an impact on the track.
  5. Wife and I have been keeping up and biting our nails. She doesn’t even watch racing but saw the crash with me. T&P for Newman as he works through this. Glad we got some good news though. Agree with those saying it reminded them of Earnhardt. I was really worried when they brought out the screens.
  6. It doesn't have to be just your household...Evenings are prime streaming times. If you live in a residential neighborhood, the trunk line that services your community can get overrun, leading to all the branches off that line seeing slower speeds for all clients who run off that main line. I see that sometimes here. We're the 1st house off of an 11 house development. I know the Comcast line runs up the street and services all the houses. My internet is fastest mid-day on the weekdays when most of us are at work/school. When the kids and parents get home in the evening, my internet sometimes slows a little.
  7. So for folks looking at Mesh systems, I went with this ASUS RT-AX92U 2-pack. I've got a 4,000 sq ft. house not counting the finished basement. Similar to some of you, the modem (xfinity) is in the office next to the garage on the 1st floor. Most of the living space is on the other side of the house. I went with ASUS mesh because 1) I had a pre-existing ASUS router (AC1900) that I could use as another node, and 2) I've had rock-solid stability with my ASUS routers, after years of issues Linksys ones. My reason for upgrading is that I got tired of low signal upstairs, and the repeater I got for the basement was always dropping. Also, the ASUS system uses a full-on router at each node, so if one dies, I can still use any of them as the "main" router. I have 1 router in the office, running off the Xfinity Modem. The Xfinity Modem wifi is off. I have 1 router in the basement, and 1 in the Master Bedroom. Rock-Solid 380 MBPS wirelessly nearly everywhere in the house now. The one thing I'd recommend IF YOU CAN is to run Ethernet between the nodes and use wired back-haul. It greatly increases speeds. If you don't do that, you either use a lot of your 5mhz band for transmission between the nodes, OR if you have a dedicated 5mhz band for backhaul, it's better, but still not as good as wired. Two questions - for you XFinity folks...I haven't gotten my own modem because I've heard horror stories about Comcast not supporting aftermarket ones if there are issues. I absolutely detest Comcast, and when I have had an issue, having their modem is the only way I ever got anything fixed. Any issues with this from anyone running their own modem? Was set-up hard? Second question - I currently am on what was the highest data plan available at the time, which is getting me 380mbps. I heard some mention 1,000 MBPS - is that a new plan, new technology? I'm wondering now if my current (older) modem is the bottleneck.
  8. Official #1 examining doctor's body: How'd he die? Official #2: Coronavirus Official #1: But he's got a big bullet hole in his....... Official #2: Corona. Virus. And I hear it's spreading. Official #1: OK. Yeah. Coronavirus it is.
  9. I get very little enjoyment out of pranks I'm not there to witness 1st hand...that's just me personally. What's the fun in it if I can't see their reaction!
  10. The challenge with motion modules is usually that their signal is momentary - but the action you want to trigger would take time. You'd need some sort of a relay controller to have it spin for longer, otherwise it would literally only spin WHILE motion was detected or something. Why not buy a super-cheap RC car? Hack off the control system and the drive motor, and attach the drive motor to the doll head. You could just glue the wheel on to the neck inside or something. Then you can just use the control to make it spin whenever you want.
  11. I picked one of these up for just a hair over $40 this weekend on Amazon. Got it yesterday. Looks pretty promising. It's a little odd how the guides move on the top section, but it all makes a lot of sense at the end of the day as that lets the top section be far more flexible than most telescoping rods. I'll have to see how it ultimately works out, but it's promising.
  12. Just got one and sent one! Thanks! If anyone else wants to add me: nas4a 1353 0844 8888
  13. Heading to Aruba in April - been there twice, but not for a long time. I'm considering trying to bring a rod/reel and do some fishing from shore. I know there's charter boats out there, but I don't feel like committing that much time to it honestly. Anybody fish in Aruba before? Any tips? I need to get a new travel pole. My 4 piece Fibilink one bent when I lifted a Jack too high out of the water in Florida, and last summer, I lost the top section of my 4 piece Ugly Stick when I got snagged on some rocks in Captiva. I've had bad luck with the 4-piece travel rods, so I might try a telescoping one next...
  14. Seriously. This show has become a running joke in my household. We were hooked for about 2 seasons. You almost feel dirty when you look back at what's happened and all the "stuff" they've found. (full disclosure, I haven't watched the last 2 or 3 seasons at all, so if they've found something more interesting, maybe I retract that)