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  1. "...yours do to. You should put yours in too. You know, just in case."
  2. Man. I apparently missed the original thread. You guys continue to impress me with the breadth of random #### covered, even after 20 years on here.
  3. So my wife was just telling me about an interaction my SIL had with her relatively new boyfriend. He came over to cook her dinner at her apartment. Apparently he made some lamb and it was a rather smokey, messy process. No indication that it wasn't good, so there's that...but...AFTER dinner, he asked her if he could put his pants in her freezer to get the cooking smells out. Is this a thing? Or is this just some immaculately brilliant...or awful...ploy to take your pants off after dinner? I don't know whether to consider the guy a genius or a freak.
  4. I guess the concept of consciousness after death wasn't honestly surprising though...but I figured it was for a few seconds after your heart stopped, and during that point you had a few moments where you could move and potentially speak (given your situation). If they find out it's like several minutes, and you're paralyzed, that really REALLY sucks.
  5. JFC. I usually like your posts. This just basically ruined me. I'm with you - I'm HORRIFIED of dying. I'm atheist. I believe in nothing...Now I have to know that I'll know when nothing is here. Great.
  6. So I've basically got 3 zones for my AV (2 video, 1 audio only). 1 is my main theater downstairs. The 2nd video one I have hooked up to Monoprice Bitpath, so I can basically split it and send it wherever I want via Cat6. I have 2 existing hook-ups from this 2nd zone - one in the master bedroom, and one in the gym. The 3rd hook-up would be a jack outside for my outdoor projector. The 3rd zone is audio-only. My issue if I had a dedicated set of speakers from the AV rack is that since that zone is used for other things, it'd throw sound out of those speakers any time I watched the source in the MBR or Gym. I totally was going to go that route until I thought of that unwanted side-effect. Nothing like watching some trash TV int he MBR before bed and not knowing the sound is blaring out of the outdoor speakers!
  7. Sweet. I didn't realize that. I've seen some with built-in speakers, but didn't notice/think to look for the audio out. That'd save me ~$30 or so, and one less thing to lug around.
  8. You'll have basically 2 things that you'll have to do: Loosen up the soil and plant seed Keep the weeds from overtaking the are while the grass thickens up. I'd start by either aerating, or just using a pitch fork to break up the soil. Throw down some seed and ideally starter fertilizer. If it's not that big of an area, put some loose soil over that...but regardless, cover it with some straw. Water it regularly - remember, for STARTING grass, long watering isn't necessary. You just don't want the seed to dry out. I usually water my bare spots 2-3x per day if possible (timers help) for just 15 minutes or so. No need to soak deep. There's no roots at this point (except the weeds). Once you get some solid sprouts, start spraying those weeds. As the lawn thickens up, it'll choke them out, but early on, the opposite happens. Weeds choke the lawn.
  9. I've been all over FB marketplace. There's some really cheap stuff there. I guess my question is how cheap can I get to achieve my goal. I'm not trying to recreate my basement HT outdoors - If I want quality, we'll go inside...This is more for playing cartoons for the kids on summer nights and that kind of thing. It doesn't have to be super-nice...just not junk. What projector did you end up with?
  10. I'm looking to add an outdoor set-up to my existing overabundance of A/V crap. I've got a 112" Sony set-up in the basement, and can distribute video from my AV rack most anywhere, including outside. I'm really good at sourcing higher-end stuff, but I want this set-up to not cost me an arm and a leg. Any thoughts on a cheaper projector for portable/outside use? My criteria: Projector under $600, ideally closer to $400. 1080p unless you can convince me it's not needed Enough lumens to project 120" or bigger (ideally 160" or so...) outdoors - not much ambient light, so that's not too much of an issue. Built-in speakers aren't a requirement as I'll be using something else for audio. I've seen a lot of "cheap" stuff on Amazon. No clue how good any of it is. Someone also recommended an Epson 1060...that's at the high-end of my price range. Probably going to use Bitpath for video transmission via Cat6 to from my AV rack. Basically I'll plug the Bitpath Balun into the Cat6 jack. That HDMI out will go into an audio separator. HDMI video will go to the projector. Audio will go either to a small amp connected to some bookshelf speakers OR to a cheap active PA system. Haven't figured that part out yet. Still debating the screen. Could go super-cheap sheet...Could go easy with an inflatable, or more compact with a frame screen.
  11. Agree with others who said that was the worst game the Caps had played in a while. I've never seen them look so flat. The part that worries me is I'm not sure if it's 100% the Caps playing bad vs. the Canes playing good. Their high-pressure tactics seem to be working well, especially when the Caps are on the PP - When we can't get set up, we're nowhere near as dangerous. The one glimmer of a bright side from last night is Holtby played well. None of his goals were soft IMO - The rest of the team just gave up WAY too many high-percentage chances. I'm not even sure what the #### Niskanen was doing on several plays. He's just been awful. Announcers said it best re. the fight - they don't check your ID when you step on the ice in the NHL. He might be 19, but if you go poking people AND accept an offer to drop the gloves, you really can only expect the opponent to come out swinging. You gotta know your weight classes. He's 6'2", 187 lbs. Ovie is 6'3", 236 lbs. That's 50 lbs...that's a tall order for a guy who is actually known for fighting, much less a rookie forward known for scoring.