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  1. Yeah, but Elway never had anyone to throw it to. Well, aside from Vance Johnson, Mark Jackson, Rod Smith & some girl named Shannon that no one has ever heard of.
  2. Yet Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Brett Favre are there & Brees has better numbers in every single statistical category than all of them other than Brady & Superbowl wins.
  3. They're still playing for the #1 seed, so yes.
  4. No one should have to argue why Brees should have won it in 2009. He was better than Manning in every possible way. Brees was the clear cut favorite in pretty much every possible statistic playing 1 less quarter of football & I'd LOVE to see an argument made for Manning for once rather than trying to justify why the better player should have won it. I have no problem with LT winning it. In fact, I think he deserved it. However, there have been many seasons where either another offensive position or defensive position "deserved" it more, yet it was a QB that won it anyway. Still, I only listed as an arguable year to point out that he's had multiple worthy seasons and always gets passed on. When people talk about the greatest of all time, inevitably MVP awards always comes up with Brees and it's a farce. Saints started their season 14-0 and locked up their top seed the same week the Colts did. I don't get how this is an argument against Brees winning MVP in any year, much less 2009. By this argument, Manning never should have won it either. This just sounds like an attempt to discredit what Brees has accomplished overall, which again is ridiculous because he did it against contemporaries who were afforded many of the same advantages. Should Brady not be given credit for his Superbowl titles because it was his team and coach that won it just as much or more than his individual performance? Call it whatever you like, Brees was better in every way than Manning in 2009 and the voters clearly showed unwarranted favoritism towards Manning. I call that a snub.
  5. He arguably should have won it in 2006. He absolutely should have won in 2008 because it's an individual award, not what is accomplished as a team. Manning won it not even being the best at his position that year. 2009 was the most egregious though. Brees bested Manning in nearly every possible statistic and they STILL overwhelmingly voted Manning. The only arguable difference was 112 more yards and one more win. BTW, as the article points out below, Brees was held out of a meaningless game after they'd already secured the #1 seed which the Saints lost. So even trying to use that argument is faulty. And before you look it up, Peyton played the final game in the 1st half. He went 14 of 18 for 95 YDS & 1 INT.
  6. That's not genius, it's called winning. If you, as a player, have a choice between New England who has a perennial shot at getting you to the Superbowl every single year or the Cleveland Browns making a few extra hundred thousand (theoretical dollars), then which are you going to chose? It's no different in any team sports setting, the teams that are consistently better have a much easier time recruiting players.
  7. I'm in a tackle primary league, 2 pt/tackle, 2 pt/sack and trying to decide on 2 starters: FBG is telling me to start Casey and Griffen. My gut is telling me a little differently. I've lined these up in order of how I rank them. Allen, Josh JAC DE @OAK - Allen has been my best and most consistently scoring lineman all season and stands to see a very heavy dose of Oakland's run game. He's also broken double digits more times than any of my other DLs. Griffen, Everson MIN DE@LAC - Also pretty consistent, though his production had dropped off from previous years. But he is going against a team that gives up a lot of sacks and his partner should be seeing the double teams. Casey, Jurrell TEN DEvs HOU - Normally I might agree with the FBG projection and pick Casey as my best option. However, Casey has been hurt a lot this year and has only had 2 games of 10 or more, one that was the result of a single play. On the flip side he's having an offensive line that currently ranks 30th in the league and has given up nearly 40 sacks. Thomas, Chad CLE DE@ARI - Arizona has given up 47 sacks this year, tied for 4th worst in the league. But sacks aren't everything in my league and depending on them don't gaurantee points.
  8. Hoodoo

    Flex LB

    Sorry, yes, this was for this week only. Thanks for the info
  9. Tackle Heavy League. Looking at: Damien Wilson Jayon Brown Harold Landry Markus Golden
  10. Hope yet again for Willis with Ross out and Green still at least a couple of weeks out?
  11. I guess Genard Avery is a complete afterthought at this point?
  12. Hoodoo

    Titans IDPs

    Landry posted a nice stat line Sunday; 4 T, 2 A, 1.0 SK, 1 FR. Anyone have insight as to where he's at now in the pecking order and if not if the same can be expected?
  13. Yeah, no. If it were then lots of folks, including those who run MFL would have been in trouble many times over. They used to maintain a support page with the IP links to all their servers. I don't know if they still have that though & I can't seem to find any indication that they've stopped providing that other than just not being able to find it.
  14. I do, but where I work there is really bad reception. Plus it's just a lot easier to do some things from a web browser.
  15. Anybody have the link for the IP links for MFL? I haven't needed it for years and can't seem to find it now.