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  1. Don't be so dumb. You're welcome.
  2. Still waiting for that sweet release of death.
  4. (didn't go as well against the Warriors)
  5. Just simmed this year's Cavs and beat them by 10. You guys are screwed.
  6. ***LEAGUE ID 56615***
  7. Formatting still difficult here. :/
  8. LaVine with a better D rating than Dellyscrapathon. lol
  9. I guess my best bet in a trade would be to trade bulk mins/players for an upgrade...most likely at PG where I have the Delly/Deron two-headed monster. Lavine could go in a deal too...only 47 games, but Thibs gave him all of the mins in those games. Booker-Kawhi-Gasol-Gobert are untouchabel/locked in unless you're coming with something big, friendo. Pos::Name::GP::MIN::FG%::TS%::3PT::3PT%::FT%::PTS::REB::AST::ST::BLK::TO Flx::LaVine, Zach Flx - MIN::47::37.2::0.459::0.576::2.6::0.387::0.836::18.9::3.4::3::0.9::0.2::1.8 Flx::Booker, Devin Flx - PHO::78::35::0.423::0.531::1.9::0.363::0.832::22.1::3.2::3.4::0.9::0.3::3.1 Flx::Gasol, Marc Flx - MEM::74::34.2::0.459::0.554::1.4::0.388::0.837::19.5::6.3::4.6::0.9::1.3::2.2 Flx::Gobert, Rudy Flx - UTA::81::33.9::0.661::0.681::0::0::0.653::14::12.8::1.2::0.6::2.6::1.8 Flx::Leonard, Kawhi Flx - SA::74::33.4::0.485::0.61::2::0.38::0.88::25.5::5.8::3.5::1.8::0.7::2.1 Flx::Dellavedova, Matthew Flx - MIL::76::26.1::0.39::0.501::1::0.367::0.854::7.6::1.9::4.7::0.7::0::1.8 Flx::Williams, Deron Flx - DAL/CLE::64::25.9::0.438::0.541::1.3::0.363::0.826::11::2.3::5.6::0.5::0.1::2.2 Flx::Jefferson, Richard Flx - CLE::79::20.4::0.446::0.574::0.8::0.333::0.741::5.7::2.6::1::0.3::0.1::0.7 Flx::Galloway, Langston Flx - NO/SAC::74::20.2::0.38::0.51::1.6::0.39::0.797::7.9::2.1::1.3::0.6::0.1::0.6 Flx::Frye, Channing Flx - CLE::74::18.9::0.458::0.612::1.9::0.409::0.851::9.1::3.9::0.6::0.4::0.5::0.7 Flx::Exum, Dante Flx - UTA::66::18.6::0.427::0.521::0.7::0.295::0.795::6.2::2::1.7::0.3::0.2::1.2 Flx::Bjelica, Nemanja Flx - MIN::65::18.3::0.424::0.526::0.9::0.316::0.738::6.2::3.8::1.2::0.6::0.3::0.9 Flx::McRoberts, Josh Flx - MIA::22::17.3::0.373::0.439::0.6::0.419::0.667::4.9::3.4::2.3::0.5::0.2::1 Flx::Siakam, Pascal (R) Flx - TOR::55::15.6::0.502::0.523::0::0.143::0.688::4.2::3.4::0.3::0.5::0.8::0.6 Flx::Motiejunas, Donatas Flx - HOU/NO::34::14.1::0.413::0.47::0.3::0.234::0.51::4.4::3::0.9::0.5::0.3::0.9 Flx::West, David Flx - GS::68::12.6::0.536::0.571::0::0.375::0.768::4.6::3::2.2::0.6::0.7::1.1 Flx::Onuaku, Chinanu (R) Flx - HOU::5::10.3::0.714::0.799::0::-::1::2.8::2::0.6::0.6::0.2::0.8
  10. I think I have a good team for once. Might be able to makes some trades too. Wheeeeeee
  11. Had a lot of difficulty finding this thread...forgot about the existence of the NBA forearm. RECEIVED
  12. Sent. Sorry, never on FBGs these days. Text works best. Thanks for running again.
  13. What's up? I owe?