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  1. Yeah, and sometimes when on glare ice you can flip em for real and land on your head. But if your head is big enough, you just pick your snowmobile back up and keep on drinking, Brobominable snowbuddy.
  2. I'm invoking the Mr. Know-it-All Clause, as is my right.
  3. @Aaron Rudnicki I'd like to take over this thread, can you give me control of the opening post? TIA
  4. #### yeah I could!
  5. I think this thread might be my new hangout. Everyone cool with that?
  6. Just saw this: Location:Friggin' Rehab Interests:Sobriety and Jebus, apparently. :lmao:
  7. Plus, I'll eat your brunch.
  8. Your pent-up rage is probably supernova level these days.
  9. Going to be in Vegas Easter weekend. Let's throw some hands and then have brunch.
  10. Should we wear matching tank tops or each kinda do our own tank top?
  11. This x 1,000,000
  13. Isn't LD like 6'5", 280 or something? Need a tale of the tape.
  14. So ####### in.