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  1. Here's what I sent out to my local version of this league: -Add 3 roster spots -Add 2 additional IR spots (5 total) -Add another $20 in FAAB money -Open up FAAB prior to the season so we get 2-3 runs in to bid on players to fill the 3 extra spots (or more if you have guys out of commission already) -Contracts. My proposal for that is players in contract year 2-5 (guys you kept) won't advance a can keep them at the same rate/year as you did prior to auction this year so you don't lose a full year of a keeper. 1st year guys will be treated as normal if you keep them next year.
  2. Made them pb&j sandwiches but mixed the peanut butter and jelly together in a bowl imo.
  3. You already are adding a supplemental draft, what's the difference between doing that and adding like 3 more bench spots?
  4. Could just open a couple roster spots and have waivers run the week prior I guess too? Rather than a supplemental draft. That way you're using faab money and no one lucks into something big... Now that I think about it, probably what I'll propose for my local.
  5. Ooh, good question. I'll bring that up with my local...I'd probably just vote on it and let majority rule. I don't have a strong opinion.
  6. I'd be down. For my local version of this league I'm thinking of adding 5 rosters spots and doing a supplemental $1 draft. Also probably will increase IL spots from 3 to 5 or something.
  7. Sure. Would also suggest we add to bench or IL spots because this going to be a cluster#### of massive proportions.