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  1. Filling out a H2H fantrax thing now.
  2. Neither
  3. Madbum broken left hand. Yikes
  4. I think you're over-estimating Kapler's effect.
  5. Phils have too much young talent imo
  6. Oh, he got something.
  7. No suspension for Sano: Our favorite handsy fatty will be there opening day.
  8. Lol, as soon as I post this, a tweet comes through. No suspension for Sano:
  9. My opinion is he'll get something, but it probably won't be big since no police report/happened in the past/her word against his type stuff. 3-5 games is my pure baseless guess.
  10. Missed out on the free Ohtani sweepstakes. Sounds like based on latest Angels rosters moves he's going to be on the team, so that's something.
  11. Love that rule. You make the commish work, you get nothing.
  12. I'd throw back DeJong and maybe Bird and take Mazara and Yelich. Plenty of fine choices out there though.
  13. I have 5 other leagues like that. In for the awful war of attrition here.
  14. I'm not arguing with you, I just disagree. The fairest way for the rest of the league is benching everyone imo. Controlling what you can control to make it as fair is possible; knowing full well some people will abandon their teams part way through the year. If he wants to come back with the roster he has, it looks like he'll be ok for keepers and we could reduce the minimum for him or something. But...I'm not the commish anymore so its not my call and I understand if he feels bad for bananarama and wants him to have fun at whatever small expense to the standings. Not to mention if you let him do add/drops solely for better keepers in the future he's likely to load up prospects hoping for hits.