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  1. Regular scoring, NOT PPR. Thanks in advance, happy to answer your questions.
  2. Carson owner here - I think by the end of the season you're not going to want to keep either. If you shed more light on your dynasty rules we might be able to give you a more informed answer. # of keepers, cost increase, etc.? Unless you can keep a lot of players at a low cost you're going to have better options (Penny is the future there regardless of how they've looked since camp this year).
  3. Cook is supposed to go but be on a "pitch count". He's going against the Rams, so I'm not confident they're going to play through the RB anyway. And then there's last week where they went away from Murray after they went down to Buffalo. I'm benching Cook for Chris Carson and crossing my fingers - he's coming off a big game and going against the Cardinals. If I was you I'd probably cross my fingers and go with Michel (if you prefer Kerryon above Michel I'd go with him and bench Cook).
  4. Fuller's a no-brainer. You won't go wrong at QB - Fitzmagic has a great matchup, but you knew that. I like to stick to chalk if I paid for chalk - I gather you paid something for Brees at the draft, so I'd probably stick with him until it's a clear choice to bench him. If you have a minute, can you please vote/answer my poll/question? Thanks!
  5. When do you think Bell comes back? It doesn't sound like it's happening any time soon, so IMO you need another RB. Have you explored other RB options for Hilton? Don't buy Conner just because you have Bell - the time for that was the draft. But if Conner is the best RB you can get, it's a fair trade for Hilton. I'd just suggest looking to see if there isn't another package you like better. If you have a minute I'd appreciate you voting/answering my poll/question here: Thanks!
  6. Pull the trigger before the guy rescinds the offer! Seriously, what do you have in Edelman? Dude hasn't played since 2016 and is coming off season ending knee surgery. You need depth at RB - I wouldn't be comfortable with just Conner & White the rest of the season if Mixon's injury keeps him out longer. This is a low cost for a necessary handcuff. I'd appreciate it if you vote/comment on my poll/question: Thanks!
  7. I'm riding the Cole-train this week - sit Jones and Lockett. Any help you can provide my question/poll is appreciated: Thanks!
  8. You've gotta go with Ebron - they've only targeted Howard 6 times in 2 games. I'm asking about Ebron vs Jared Cook - who would you start? Thanks!
  9. Fitzmagic has a great matchup, but you've gotta go with Rodgers - it's way too early in the season to bench him for anything other than him not playing. You paid for the best QB in football, so feel confident starting him. I'd appreciate any help you can provide to my question/poll: Thanks!
  10. AGREED. Go with your stud until Sony proves NE is going with him as a #1. Any help you can provide on my question is appreciated: Thanks!
  11. While Freeman is out you might regret it, but it's at least a fair trade when he's splitting carries - with the upside to you and Henry. I'd appreciate any help you can give to my question: Thanks!
  12. I like to buy low and sell high - you're selling DJ low right now. He's had a couple of not-2016-DJ games, but especially if you can conceivably keep him you should sell him for full value (I turned down an offer for him this week myself in a keeper league). I don't think your return on Thomas is going to improve much and I like the idea of getting rid of him, but pump the brakes when it comes to picking up RBs out due to surgery recovery (Mixon). I would pass on this trade and try to move Thomas solo or packaged with someone else you're not selling low. I'd appreciate any help you can give to my question: Thanks!