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  1. Thanks for the input everyone. I made the offer and he accepted it within minutes. So fast it made me wonder if I could have gotten more. But Green is mine. I feel good about it.
  2. 12 Team Non-PPR An owner in my league has Gordon and Martin as RB but not much else. He is also a Jacksonville homer. I'm thinking of dangling Fournette (whom I took at 1.01) for A.J. Green. He's not real deep at WR (Green, Cobb, Edelman, Jeffery, M. Thomas-NO) so he might not be interested at all. If you were the Green owner, would you be tempted by Fournette, or am I using the JAX angle too much.
  3. I picked him at 7.09 in a 12 team .5 PPR last night. 31st receiver off the board. He was the 5th receiver that I picked (after J.Jones, V. Jackson, E. Sanders, V. Jackson). When I picked him I heard a few "guppies" whisper, "Who?" as they shuffled through their notes. They'll know 'who' soon enough.
  4. I seriously doubt that Harbaugh would want to come to Miami given it's current situation (ownership, GM, locker room mess, etc) but maybe this is why Ross retained Philbin for one more year. To buy some time before trying to land Harbaugh again.
  5. As much as I'd love to see Marino in this role, I am not to comfortable with the Elway comparisons. Elway has an owner in Bowlen that has always been in his corner from the time he entered the league. Seems like they have a great relationship. Marino would have Ross. Not sure about their relationship, but Ross is 10x worse than Bowlen as an owner, IMO. How much influence over the team would he allow Marino to actually have or would he just be another 'celebrity tool' to sell tickets?
  6. Been a Fin Fan since 1978, even though I was raised in Colorado. The last several years have been brutal and I've been slowly but surely losing interest in the team. I will always be a fan, but right now I'm just glad that I've got the Broncos to fall back on.
  7. Word!I would probably throw in Braveheart. I'm a sucker for Celtic music (even in movies like Titanic ).