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  1. Most lawyers have a standard divorce agreement template. You provide the details and they fill it in. If it's as simple as you say, you are probably looking at 2-4 hours of his/her time. Multiply that by the hourly rate and you should have a good idea what it will cost.
  2. Why did you name your daughter Sophomore?
  3. Have you discussed this with your lawyer? Be sure you understand custody law where you are. Where I'm at, this situation would have given my ex a ton of power and control over the kids. My nightmare scenario was her deciding she wanted to move far away with the kids and having the power where a judge would let her.
  4. Playing flag football in college with a ton of onlookers, I jumped high to catch a pass and landed to intense pain in the back of both thighs. Pulled both hamstrings simultaneously. How freaking out of shape does a 21yr old guy have to be to pull both hamstrings on a routine play? The field was at the bottom of a hill and walking uphill was a non-starter...until I figured out walking up backwards provided some relief. So off went this idiot walking gingerly backwards uphill, clutching both hamstrings, much to the disbelief of everyone there.
  5. I have 50% custody so I see my kids as often as their mom does. I also attend all of their extracurricular events. I text with them as well when they are at their mom's (and mom calls/texts when they're with me). I have great talks with them and they are very open with me. Sure, the teenager can act distant at times, but they know that you just being there at the ready is a huge comfort.
  6. If he addresses it in his routine, he'll get skewered by some as profiting from the incidents. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.
  7. Final Wars has a great opening and the final act may be the best in the series, but everything between really drags. Casting Dr. Serizawa and the lady from Planet X is a great hat tip to the original series. Casting UFC champ Don Frye as the sword-yielding captain of the Gotengo really was brilliant. Edit: The nerdy inventor in "Monster Zero" was good comic relief and his loud annoying device was one of child me's first lessons in foreshadowing. But to me, the runner up to Nick Adams is the Controller of Planet X and those alien outfits. Spectacular B-movie goodness.
  8. Maybe from a nostalgic childhood memory standpoint, but I doubt many adults would put one on nowadays. Honestly, most of the movies do suck through the lense of adulthood and I'm one of the biggest fans of the series. Still, those I highlighted are still very enjoyable even today. And Gojira is a serious allegory to the horrors Japan faced in WW2.
  9. The original Godzilla ("Gojira"...the original Japanese release now available with English subtitles, not the Raymond Burr American edit) gets lumped in with the rest of the generally campy series, but it's genuinely a good movie. Admittedly it gets good rotten tomatoes reviews as more people become aware of this, but I'm sure most people still see 'Godzilla' and roll their eyes. In the series' camp category, there are quite a lot of bad movies that don't even qualify as a guilty pleasure, but there are two that are top-of-the-line B movies: "Godzilla vs. The Cosmic Monster" (my avatar says hi) And maybe the most fun G movie ever made... "Monster Zero" Casting Nick Adams is what sets this movie apart from the rest. His seamless interactions with his Japanese co-stars, him speaking English and them speaking Japanese, is lost in the English dub. He's given the best lines in the series. Giant alien spaceships transporting Godzilla and Rodan to Planet X in bubbles adds one of the best touches of "what the foxtrot?" in a series full of such moments.
  10. Easiest: booze (barely drink anyway) Sex (had long droughts before, 6 months is manageable) TV (could we time this Mar-Aug between Super Bowl and the first Thurs night game?) Hardest: Meat (Keto has helped me keep to my desired weight and my body pretty much expects meat at this point)
  11. My daughter is also in Marching Band this year. By law, the school cannot impose an extra fee, so they ask for a donation...very aggressively do they ask for it. They want over $1200 from each family. To be fair, this includes a room/food/bussing to a 4 day competition 400+ miles away, but still it is quite a request.
  12. Crazy ex wife and wife beating husband are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, they often go hand in hand. It takes two to keep a dysfunctional marriage going. One can look at both the husband and wife with a leery eye.