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  1. Bump
  2. For his final volume stats, sure. But he would have made it to the Hall anyway.
  3. Saints have a very real chance of finishing 31st or 32nd in defense for the 5th time in 6 years. All while having a HOF quarterback. Completely ridiculous.
  4. Shocked Kittle is so little owned.
  5. I know that's the company line they used at the time. However, it's pure conjecture what separating the Shark Pool would have done. My real point is that they have a long history of being unresponsive to dynasty needs and content.
  6. Years ago when dynasty was at its peak, FBG steadfastly refused to create a separate dynasty forum to organize our discussions, despite constant overtures from their patrons. DFS rolls around and they prop up a new forum immediately. Tells you all you need to know.
  7. That breeze you just felt? A Nat striking out again.
  8. That felt so good. In 12 years of watching this team, that seems like the first time my butt completely unclenched in a big spot. Wow
  9. Just when you think you've seen it all when it comes to determining what a catch is.
  10. Since Pryor was mentioned, do we still feel he's a dynasty hold? I want to be patient but there seems to be no hope.
  11. I'm a Saints fan and think they have to be in the conversation. Without a doubt, the Saints defense is the worst unit in the league on either side of the ball and it's probably not close. Going for 4 out of 5 years 31st or worse in yardage allowed. Some weekend warrior downing a daiquiri at Pat O'Briens right now may be starting at CB next game.
  12. -11 Used NYG/CAR O: NO D: CIN
  13. Would love to help, but I always drop he ball Missed week one. O: nyg D: car
  14. Russell Wilson - 22 - SEA/5 Tyrod Taylor - 11 - BUF/10 Carson Wentz - 6 - PHI/4 Wilson and Taylor are just so efficient. I like their chances to provide a strong floor every week with big upside. Wentz is a total flier. Giovani Bernard - 18 - CIN/9 Charles Sims - 12 - TB/6 Tevin Coleman - 9 - ATL/11 Derrick Henry - 7 - TEN/13 Cameron Artis-Payne - 4 - CAR/7 Christine Michael - 4 - SEA/5 Bernard and Sims for the PPR. The rest of the guys I expect to get work even if they aren't starters and much more if an injury occurs ahead of them. Odell Beckham Jr - 33 - NYG/8 Amari Cooper - 21 - OAK/10 Demaryius Thomas - 21 - DEN/11 Willie Snead - 14 - NO/5 Devin Funchess - 6 - CAR/7 Chris Conley - 3 - KC/5 I'm the only submission with OBJ/Cooper/DT. That feels good. Snead should fill in the gaps when the studs are off. Love Funchess and Conley has cheap high upside plays. Zach Ertz - 18 - PHI/4 Vance McDonald - 6 - SF/8 Larry Donnell - 5 - NYG/8 Luke Willson - 4 - SEA/5 I struggled with spending so much on Ertz, but if he pans out, it'll be huge. Feel like a lot of people are sleeping on Donnell. Graham Gano - 6 - CAR/7 Cairo Santos - 5 - KC/5 Two entrenched kickers on strong teams that should be competing in every game. Arizona Cardinals - 7 - AZ/9 Kansas City Chiefs - 6 - KC/5 Tennessee Titans - 2 - TEN/13 Cards for big plays. Chiefs for stability. Titans for upside.
  15. Browns, Chargers, Rams, 49ers, Eagles