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  1. Somehow this roster is still alive... survived no QB in week 5 and essentially no RB last week.
  2. Arm strength is gone. This was a problem in the playoffs. It continues. Let’s enjoy the swan song.. 😥
  3. The yellow down and distance graphic is a terrible idea. Feels like a penalty alert every time.
  4. Easily the smallest I’ve ever gone. QB - Drew Brees - 16 QB - Matthew Stafford - 10 Old reliables. Felt like Stafford and Detroit as a whole was big value with their talent and early bye. RB - Nick Chubb - 25 RB - Mark Ingram - 20 RB - Derrius Guice - 17 RB - Jalen Richard - 9 RB - Darwin Thompson - 5 As a Saints fan, I believe Ingram + Baltimore is a match made in heaven. Guice will be everything in DC. WR - Mike Evans - 27 WR - Tyler Lockett - 19 WR - Allen Robinson - 17 WR - Dede Westbrook - 13 WR - Josh Gordon - 6 All number ones with red zone priority. TE - George Kittle - 25 TE - T.J. Hockenson - 10 TE - Mark Andrews - 9 Kittle and Andrews should be heavily targeted. Hock May be what Staff has dreamed of. PK - Justin Tucker - 7 PK - Matt Prater - 4 TD - Philadelphia Eagles - 6 TD - Dallas Cowboys - 5
  5. It's strange. I think we all felt better about the Saints' play going into the postseason LAST year, yet we have home field advantage this time. And when you look at some advanced stats, this is possibly our best team ever. Yet again, it doesn't feel like it, so I don't really know what the hell to think. The next step is Philly, Seattle or Dallas. I would least want to face Seattle of those, but they seem most likely.
  6. Survived by a hair in week 8, now having my best two week stretch of the season. Sitting at 181.75 with Hill, Cooks, and Diggs still to go ?
  7. Somehow still alive with this garbage. Survived by .95 last week. Drew Brees $18, Andy Dalton $6, Joe Flacco $5 David Johnson $34, Tevin Coleman $17, Royce Freeman $16, Peyton Barber $8, Chase Edmonds $3, Jeremy Hill $3 Tyreek Hill $23, Stefon Diggs $22, Brandin Cooks $19, Chris Godwin $6, Dede Westbrook $5, Taywan Taylor $4, TreQuan Smith $3 Jordan Reed $16, David Njoku $12, Tyler Eifert $9 Mason Crosby $4, Josh Lambo $3, Kaimi Fairbairn $2 Minnesota Vikings $7, Washington Redskins $3, Cleveland Browns $2
  8. I have a league wth far too many starting spots and will be rolling out Tion. It would be fun to get some random points and act all smart about it.
  9. 2014 is the outlier. Before that, we accepted the 2 to 3 year waiting period on receivers.
  10. 14.60 above the cut with Hunt left. No way I should still be alive with this garbage. Saints D saved me a couple weeks ago. The Seattle trio saved me yesterday. Come back, DJ!