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  1. Really like Melancon's stuff. Guys look dumbfounded at the plate.
  2. I could see them bringing back Pierre Thomas toward training camp.
  3. Hmm, Forsett 7th overall.. Interesting to note how many have been in the league for 5+ years.
  4. To be fair, any immediate opportunity for RBs usually brings inflated trade value. If dynasty is about building assets, that quick value spike can be really helpful.
  5. Thanks for the rankings, ZWK. I'm curious to hear thoughts on Ertz. I see him well respected in rankings all over, though in three years he has not produced near the level he's ranked. Is the ranking anticipatory or simply a lack of quality TEs?
  6. Spurrier 2.0. Poor guy didn't realize you have to work more than 9-5 at this level
  7. Saints fan from DC here.. it was absolutely comical listening to 106.7 thinking they were going to lose. Our defense is pathetic, not sure why that wasn't obvious.
  8. Even worse than our recent historically worst defense. I'm fine with letting Payton go - it's entirely unacceptable to be 10 years into his coaching tenure and setting records for bad defense. He's a coordinator that struck gold with a HOF quarterback and Gregggg blitzing like crazy.
  9. valhallan 3 3 9 106 Off: sd, no, sea, atl, nyg, phi, ind, car, ne / Def: nyj, kc, sea, den, cin, phi, arz, car, min off: cin def: stl
  10. Link to week 9: Scores for the last three weeks. Let me know if you spot any issues. Player 7 8 9 Total UsedFUBAR 20 9 7 124 Off: cin, no, sea, atl, nyg, ne, arz, bal, den / Def: cle, ten, sea, sd, ne, min, stl, arz, atlArodin 19 10 18 107 Off: phi, pit, sea, ind, nyg, ne, arz, cin, no / Def: min, ten, nyj, gb, arz, cin, atl, stl, nevalhallan 3 3 9 106 Off: sd, no, sea, atl, nyg, phi, ind, car, ne / Def: nyj, kc, sea, den, cin, phi, arz, car, minRiffraff 15 9 14 81 Off: phi, no, ne, sea, kc, gb, ind, bal, cin / Def: nyj, bal, sea, car, arz, cin, stl, min, atlChasers Dawg 23 7 11 78 Off: phi, ten, ne, atl, den, arz, sd, nyj, no / Def: min, bal, sea, oak, nyg, den, stl, dal, atlheckmanm 5 19 21 72 Off: phi, no, ne, arz, atl, gb, sd, bal, cin / Def: nyj, stl, car, arz, nyg, was, cle, kc, cinby_the_sea_wannabe 15 0 0 63 Off: gb, no, ne, arz, kc, phi, ind, atl, -- / Def: nyj, car, sea, sd, nyg, ten, stl, arz, --Bankerguy 10 0 0 60 Off: dal, phi, ne, gb, nyg, sea, arz, --, -- / Def: min, mia, ne, gb, kc, sea, car, --, --Brakiss -1 28 10 59 Off: dal, no, sea, ind, atl, gb, sd, arz, ne / Def: car, mia, ne, arz, kc, sea, was, hou, atlUtter Chaos -20 9 15 52 Off: sd, no, arz, --, atl, ne, atl, car, nyg / Def: nyj, car, sd, --, kc, det, was, oak, atlGenester 20 9 -9 49 Off: phi, no, sea, sd, kc, ne, arz, bal, stl / Def: nyj, bal, sea, arz, nyg, den, stl, min, phijandyt 3 0 0 38 Off: nyj, no, ind, gb, kc, ne, arz, --, -- / Def: tb, car, sea, gb, bal, den, pit, --, --Deamon 15 0 11 30 Off: --, --, --, sea, sd, ne, ind, atl, no / Def: --, --, --, sea, bal, nyj, stl, min, atlQuizGuy66 -8 14 0 24 Off: dal, no, sea, ind, kc, ne, arz, atl, tb / Def: nyj, car, ne, sd, nyg, den, buf, stl, mincdwood 7 0 5 2 Off: phi, no, sea, oak, kc, min, buf, ten, chi / Def: nyj, mia, sd, gb, nyg, ten, cle, stl, atl
  11. A bit shocked this squad is still alive. RBs were so bad for so long. Definitely not enough unique studs to go much further. QB Andrew Luck IND $26 24.00 QB Kirk Cousins WAS $3 13.85 RB Lamar Miller MIA $24 33.10 RB Isaiah Crowell CLE $13 9.40 RB Jeremy Hill CIN $25 6.20 RB C.J. Anderson DEN $27 4.80 RB Branden Oliver SD $3 0.00 WR Julio Jones ATL $26 23.70 WR Allen Robinson JAX $17 18.10 WR Golden Tate DET $19 0.00 WR John Brown ARI $12 0.00 WR Phillip Dorsett IND $5 0.00 WR Tyler Lockett SEA $3 0.00 TE Greg Olsen CAR $21 18.60 TE Ben Watson NO $3 13.50 TE Scott Chandler NE $3 2.00 PK Matt Bryant ATL $5 12.00 PK Josh Scobee JAX $2 0.00 DST Denver Broncos DEN $8 7.00 DST Minnesota Vikings MIN $5 1.00
  12. Two home losses to rookie quarterbacks. This defense is absolutely pathetic.
  13. It's like these guys don't realize you must tackle the ball carrier.
  14. Helmet to helmet. Orakpo wasn't the original offender but got a second penalty for ranting/flailing his arms at the ref. Wasn't tossed.