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  1. Yep. Thrilled to be back to 25+ mile weeks and I see that I finished 9th in running time last week. But, if i was doing this to win I would have given up a long time ago. Just chase those PRs.
  2. Agree. But when I ultimately ruptured it I was playing softball and in no pain. I'm of course rather skittish about this topic since blowing out my Achilles was awful (not the incident itself, more the length of recovery). Bottom line, just be careful.
  3. In 2011, I ruptured my Achilles completely. In the months leading up to it, I had some pretty severe tendinitis that I just powered through. Turns out that Achilles tendinitis that is ignored and continually stressed can lead to a rupture. I'm no doctor, but it seems odd that you would be told that it's ok to keep running with tendinitis.
  4. For any of you Strava Premium users, are the training plans for running good? Do they really add any value? I keep getting this 30 day free trial email but would rather not enter a bunch of credit card info if I know I'm just going to cancel in a month.
  5. Hey all. Finally got off my ### and managed to start logging some miles again. Man, take a couple months off and your fitness goes right in the crapper. I've never been fast but I feel like I've dug a huge hole for myself. Oh well. Getting back into a training groove, targeting a half in late April. Hoping to try my hand at some trail races this year as well.
  6. 4 kids here 2 girls - 9 and 4 2 boys - 11 and 10 months I think I'm done. I think. Our house is crazy, especially since the spread is big enough that there are a lot of different needs in play at any point in time, but it's every bit as fun as I could hope it would be.
  7. Exactly. I was able to actually jog home afterwards. Then I took a 30 minute nap in the early afternoon and was good to go.
  8. Thanks all! My last couple of races had been pretty demoralizing so it's nice to have a good experience to keep me motivated. So this race I ran is part of a series with the last one in three weeks on the exact same course. I'm thinking I'll sign up and give it another go. I'm going to use the last three weeks of Hal Higdon's Intermediate 10K to get ready. Other than to start a bit more forward in the pack and to go out a bit harder, any other advice? I'd try to get that first mile down to 8 or so and then get down to 7:30 and under a bit quicker. Maybe I can knock a minute or so off my time that way. Tough to think I can do much more with only three weeks in between.
  9. Wicked Halloween 10K First ever race at this distance! My last two races in the summer I bonked in the back half so I planned for a pretty conservative approach. Plan was to go out at 8:30 for mile 1, bring it down to 8 for miles 2-4 and then hope I had enough left to get under 50 minutes. Pre-race routine: Woke up, had a cup of coffee and a Clif Bar, then agonized for half an hour over what to wear. It was low 50s but raining hard. Settled on shorts, long sleeve tee a hat and a poncho. Left my house about 30 minutes before race start, jogged the 1.2 miles to the start line, used the bathroom one last time at Panera and stashed my poncho under a bush near the start. Mile 1: Mild uphill for most of the first mile. Spent a lot of time working through the crowd. I should have started a lot more near the front as I had to pass a ton of people just to get in with my general pace group. But I managed to hit the pace I had planned almost spot on. Pace - 8:31 Mile 2: Plan was to kick it in a bit here and bring the pace down to 8:00. But, having cleared through the crowd and getting a bit of downhill, my speed picked up pretty quick. Really started to feel good in here as the crowd thinned and the dark morning rain left me racing on my own. The only other runners I encountered was as I passed by them. In fact, I don’t think another runner passed me after the first mile of the race. Pace - 7:39 Mile 3-4: In cruise control here. Passing a lot of people, feeling great. Was easy to hold my pace but I held back from pushing it harder in the hopes I would have some gas left in the tank at the end. Pace – 7:44, 7:24 Mile 5: Starting to feel it here. In my original plan, this is where I was looking to really push it but I was sliding into hang-on mode instead. I’m starting to seek out the mile marker sign, constantly wondering how much farther I need to go. Still passing people though, and at this point I knew I was running well under 50:00, so all is good. Pace – 7:21 Mile 6 plus 0.2: Pure hang-on mode at this point. Trying to push it but not getting any faster. Started searching out the finish line and hating the fact that there is that extra 0.2 at the end. I had earlier delusions of hitting a 7 minute mile, but that was out the window. But, still passing people one at a time. Pace – 7:27 plus 1:37 for last 0.2 Really pumped with this race. Blew past my goal time and felt pretty good doing it. While I still like the longer distances, this was easily the most fun I’ve had in a race this year. Plus, my poncho was still under the bush at the end of the race for my jog home. Final time: 47:45 49th of 772 overall 7th of 42 AG
  10. Freaking cold out there this morning. 33 degrees during my run and like a moron I wore shorts and no hat. Time to flop over to winter gear.
  11. Good point. I get their anger and would agree with a platform geared around minimizing the hurt from industry shifts. The reality of open trade has always been that the larger benefits are spread over more people while the downside is very concentrated. Neither side has addressed that in any meaningful way that I can see.
  12. It may not be phrased like a tagline, but things are in the crapper only if you believe the delusional rantings of Donald Trump and the Breitbart contingency.
  13. I've pointed out in this thread before that I am a practicing Catholic and this election is a big crisis of conscience for our church members and priests. For many members of the church, abortion is issue #1 by a mile. And whether Trump believes abortion should be ended or not, at least with him in office there is the prospect for getting more conservative justices on the Supreme Court. And while most agree that he personally represents very little of our beliefs, he is seen as more of a Hillary preventative than anything else. My posts in this thread should make it clear that I'm not aligned with that point of view and think Trump is a reprehensible choice, but for right or wrong it is a belief held by a lot of members of my church.
  14. Two of my neighbors just put Trump signs in their yard yesterday. The part that baffles me is that they choose now to put the signs in their yard? I thought this is when people would be pulling sings OUT of their yard and these two old cranks are just now putting them IN their yard?