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  1. Because Sirius doesn't own the mobile broadcast rights to all the shows/channels. Howard 100/101 are 2 of the handful they can't broadcast. Howard owns his show and content and Sirius pays him for the right to broadcast it, or something like that. Whatever deal he worked out, it excluded things like streaming on mobile phones, podcasting it, etc.
  2. Wells FINALLY got back to me with a GFE. But don't these closing fees sound high? 30yr 4.5% with 1 point .125 point for CLTV >80% Listed as "Wells Fargo Fees" Application Fee: $395 Underwriting Fee: $150 Processing Fee: $395 Flood Life of Loan Fee: $19 Tax Service Fee: $70 Listed as "Legal Fees" Title Search: $75 Attorneys Fee: $350 Title Insurance: $982.50 Endorsement to Title: $100 Recording Fee - Releases: $50 Recording Fee - MRTG/DOT: $200 Courier/Messengar Fee: $50 Plus the pro-rated interest for the month and 3 months of property taxes and homeowner's insurance for escrow. That seems like a lot of fees, no?
  3. I'm being told by Wells I need to pay 1/8 point extra because my CLTV is over 80%. It's like 82%. Is that standard?
  4. Which 4 states don't you do? I'm betting I'm in one of the 4, none of these good deals I find advertised ever apply to my state. My current mortgage company (Wells Fargo) has all kinds of easy re-fi deals for current loan holders...except in my state!
  5. That's a sign that Howard isn't really paying attention to what the person is saying. He's either reading notes from Benji, Fred, etc. and trying to work those jokes into the conversation or he's in a rush to get out of there by 10am. Why even bother doing Robin's news if he's just going to let her say the story and then he cuts everyone off when they start commenting on it and moves on to the next sotry. The whole point is to hear them goof and comment on the stories!
  6. There was a thread yesterday about it. Saw it, liked it. Not much else to compete with at this time of year, though.
  7. They're the border guards from STRIPES. No, no, the guys from Spies Like Us.
  8. But how about taking it one step further, that th observation hatch is the ONLY experiment. The other hatches, and the "work" they are doing is legit. Maybe by setting it up to appear like it's nothing lets them get away with doing it.
  9. You've got to be kidding me. Desmond - at least as we've seen him - does not fit that description.I'll ibet anyone that Desmond is not "him" Desmond came across as a hard###. I could see him as unforgiving. Desmond could strike fear into people - the kind of fear that Henry Gayle had for him. I mean, Desmond met everyone by holding a gun to them after using a series of mirrors to scout. He had a serious edge to him. Pretend you're Desmond. You have no contact with any human beings for months/years. You have been lead to believe that everyone outside the hatch suffers from a sickness. All of a sudden, there is a huge explosion and two unknown people rappell down. How do you respond?All of Desmond's other interactions with the other characters do nothing to further the idea that he strikes fear into people. In fact, many of them leave the opposite impression. Hubie Brown - NBA analyst, Lost fan.
  10. I thought the whole Walt reunion stunk of a setup with Walt being in on it. There were a couple of glances that he threw the lady and a couple of reactions she had that made me think that it was all an act to make sure that Michael brought the four back. Interesting theory. It also wasn't that long ago on the island that Walt called the island "home" and told Locke he liked it there. Yeah..... I also thought at the beginning it was too convient that Walt knew exactly how to get to the camp when they were typing on the computer. The Others knew exactly where to ambush Michael. Who's to say it was Walt on the other end and not an Other setting Michael up?
  11. Anyone else notice how the Walt scene was very dark and his voice sounded dubbed? GDB puberty.
  12. whoa, too much over analysis on the pills.Here's what happened in a nutshell: 1) Locke suggested jack lock up the pills 2) Jack asks why? 4) Jack digs through sawyers tent 5) Sawyer confronts Jack, demands pills back or there will be trouble 6) Jack walks away with pills 8) Sawyer, after claiming the guns, returns pills to Jack Lets fill in blanks with what was implied on the show. 3) Locke made that suggestion because he knew Sawyer had pills... how else does Jack know where to look? 7) Sawyer was alone in the hatch while Locke was hiding guns... plent of time to walk into safe and reclaim pills. So in conclusion, bring back Gabrielle. Gabrielle = Mandy from the first season of 24.
  13. Exactly.Jack did take a bottle of pills from his tent, but they were planted fakes by Sawyer knowing Jack would come looking for them. He made Jack believe he was able to take them from Sawyer, and then at the end of the episode show Sawyer throwing the "real pills" at Jack letting him know he got conned from the start and he didn't need to hold onto them anymore cuz he's in control now and can get at the pills whenever he wants now. Or, he could have just got them out of the opened safe the same way he got the statues for Charlie?
  14. What does everyone who thought last week's episode was bad and pointless, or that it was setting up Locke as a bad guy, think now?? I like the pace of the show. It's like being able to enjoy a nice dinner over 45 minutes, with good food and conversation, instead of devouring it in 5 minutes. I think that's why I tired of 24 by the second episode of the 3rd season and haven't followed it since. When you're forced to come up with some huge cliff-hanger every week that gets resolved within an hour, you have to keep getting more and more outlandish with each new one. But if you take multiple episodes, or even seasons, to hash them out it's more enjoyable. It's the journey, not the destination