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  1. You guys are 2-3 plays from being 3-0. Way better than your record indicates - any half intelligent fan should be able to see that. The weird thing is that this game is almost a must win game. Will be a close game.
  2. Gotta love a double road victory against a division rival. We will crush Miami. Gotta also like our chances going into NO with Bree’s out.
  3. I have been slow to warm up to him. He is really starting to show signs of improvement and maturity. He played well, loved the play calling today. Reminded me of the O we ran when TO was beasting for us.
  4. Funny. Most Cowboy fans hate Buck/Aikman doing there games.
  5. Still earns his rookie salary for the next 2 years. Only 50% guaranteed for the extension. AAV only 12 million - not as bad as some are making it out to be.
  6. Gotta think they are going to lose some talent there. I was messing with a 53 mock. Tough decisions. Maybe go thinner on Offense to keep some the D talent. Should be interesting.
  7. Team is fielding calls on both OL and DL. Fully expect a minor deal or 2 to go down prior to Saturday.
  8. The reason to draft another RB in the 7th is that no UDFA will want to sign with Dallas with Elliott here. Once drafted the player is property of the team.