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  1. The reason to draft another RB in the 7th is that no UDFA will want to sign with Dallas with Elliott here. Once drafted the player is property of the team.
  2. I am little surprised that it was the DT over the S. I don’t know much about the player - just watched some clips. Looks like he has a great first step and I am willing to bet he faced constant double teams which would explain mediocre stats. I trust that we checked into the character concerns. I also remember tons of fans losing their #### over LVE. I am willing to wait and see before making a strong opinion on the player. Love the McGovern pick. Value-check. Position versatility- check. RKG-check. It’s not an immediate dire need pick, but I can see the logic. Happy with this. Perhaps Amani Hooker in round 4?
  3. I usually nail a couple of draft picks a year. Gotta be honest, I know almost nothing about this draft class and who we are taking. The name I hear the most is Juan Thornhill. I like this but believe he will be gone However, I think the boys take a TE (not who I would pick) my official guess is Jace Sternburner. He might be round 3. Who you got?
  4. I’m glad it’s done. Get healthy and right Tank. Slightly more than I like - but not freaking out.
  5. Significant progress made on DLaw’s contract. Could have this done very soon.
  6. I think we all would like a resolution sooner rather than later.
  7. They paid a 1.2 Million dollar bonus just before the trade.
  8. A 6th in 2020. Decent contract as well. Hard not to like this. Assuming everyone understands he is terrible vs the run. If he can give us 7-10 sacks it would be awesome.