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  1. Right??? ...if healthy, an upgrade over Beasley. Better route runner and cheaper than 11 was. I do hope Hurns is now cut.
  2. Bringing in Randall Cobb for a visit. If it’s him over Hurns in the slot - I am ALL for this move. Dak as we have seen - needs/requires a solid check down option. Cobb would be an upgrade to Beasley in the slot.
  3. This has not been officially reported - to be clear this my take on what Tank is asking. These numbers are what Khalil Mack signed for. It may be slightly more or less, but this undoubtedly is close to the ask.
  4. Wow.@BryanBroaddus just said on @1053thefan that DeMarcus Lawrence was at captains workouts yesterday. That’s a BIT surprising, and is a step in the right direction for both sides.
  5. This is essentially what he wants... Average Salary‎: ‎$23,500,000 Guaranteed at Signing‎: ‎$60,000,000 Contract‎: ‎6 yr(s) / $141,000,000 Signing Bonus‎: ‎$34,000,000
  6. Forgive me then - then how can you just say pay him? He essentially wants top market value.
  7. While I agree with you - I also see what Steady is saying. We have no depth at DE. It's a too early, but right now, I see the defense taking a step back this year.