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  1. I read something this morning that was about Kittle and now i'm having trouble finding it. Disregard my earlier post until I can find it. Sorry GB.
  2. if he doesn't come back this week, he will definitely come back for the packers game on the 24th. I would say he's a safe bet, especially if sanders misses more than a week or two.
  3. That challenge seems odd. I guess he’s not confident in the offense?
  4. Staley is getting owned tonight. Not a good first game back.
  5. And he sanders didn’t even get hit... just ran a route...
  6. I hopes @Wingnut, he didn't practice again today. Witherspoon did not practice either, looks like he will be back for the Cardinals game.
  7. Kittle misses his 2nd day of practice due to issues with his knee and ankle...
  8. A couple of roster moves by the 49ers today:
  9. Anxiously waiting the injury report today.... Maybe we get Juice and Staley back this week, then Whitherspoon and McGlinchey next week?
  10. This is why I am still nervous about Jimmie G. Most of his ints are from him making a bad throw and not from the opposing defense making a good play. And its still unknown how he will perform if he has to go out there and throw 4tds to win the game.