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  1. Awesome. I think I will be down there on Friday around 3 pm. Hopefully I will be able to stop by to finally meet ya.
  2. We don't compete, it's just a customer/supplier event for them. I wasn't able to be down there to cook, which is why I forgot to say something until Friday.
  3. Icon, Are you guys in the same spot as last year? I got lucky and I won't be in Japan this year so I'll be down there helping all day Thursday through Saturday. We are at R-085.
  4. Icon, I found out today the company I work for reserved a spot to put up a tent, or whatever they decide to put up, during BBQ fest. I have some questions for you. Would you be able shoot me your email address or phone number so I can contact you?
  5. Anyone here use Net10? I have my own device and need to transfer my current number. Did you have any difficulties doing this? How is the service? TIA
  6. Icon, i'll be heading that way between 430 & 5 from the perkins & lamar area. I'll be stopping by your fortress around 630 or so.
  7. So this is my first time going to BBQ. I'll be down there next Friday, 16th. Will there be any BBQ?