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  1. This seems like a good course of action for now. Lots of terms to look up and I’m going to do just that. Good discussion in here, thanks to all participating.
  2. IMO it’s not a dictatorship, thanks to the foresight put forth by the founders, but the current administration is way too authoritarian for my taste. Lack of respect for the other branches, for institutions, etc. is borderline un-Democratic, again IMO.
  3. Well said. The problem with Bernie is all about branding. Socialist OMG is the boogeyman. The brand Liberal faces a similar problem. But when the programs themselves are explained, minus the OMG factor, people tend to agree with the policies themselves. Medicare is extremely popular among beneficiaries, for example. But people generally don’t take the time to educate themselves on policy though, it’s a lot easier to say Socialism is bad m’kay and continue to get screwed by the corporatism we currently abide by. People are busy, I get it.
  4. Harry Reid just finished speaking pre-debate. Good job out of him. He said every time a woman joined the Senate, the Senate got better. Good call Harry.
  5. Hours later, they say he assaulted a man just before 2:30pm. He was arrested and released again. May have spotted the issue here.
  6. I think the point is that he was released 130 times before bail reform went into effect 2 months ago, so this one particular case isn’t just a bail reform issue. NY politicians are pushing to reform bail reform. As with anything, making improvements along the way may be necessary.
  7. Good for her. I guess she can overlook the actual facts and policies and instead get taken in by going to an event where groupthink is the norm, while apparently getting paid by the word, or simply lacking the ability to be concise.
  8. This has nothing to do with health insurance. Medicare beneficiaries are highly satisfied with their coverage.
  9. Because they are cherry picking one example. For the outlet that claims to be fair and balanced, they’re just telling one side of the story. And I agree that if they can’t manage the implementation, they should suspend the policy until they can. That means getting judges to make the right decisions, which they clearly haven’t been in every case.
  10. The issue of bail reform is not with its concept, but with its execution. His crimes are violent, so they should be classified as such, and as a result he should be ineligible for bail reform. This discussion came up on Super Bowl Sunday (which sucked), the example given was a guy beat up his girlfriend, was released, and then beat her up again. On what planet is assault not considered a violent crime? So again, the issue is with the implementation, not the concept. NY resident here, so I’m familiar with the issue. And of course I’m not surprised to see Fox News as the linked source to this story.
  11. That was my vote as well. People voting under 10K? C’mon. At least glance at the historical data.
  12. Including this one. As pointed out, Medicare beneficiaries report very high levels of satisfaction. Google Medicare CAHPS, the annual survey assessing Medicare satisfaction among beneficiaries. “But Socialism though”
  13. I’ll certainly vote for Pete if he’s the nominee. Although it’s only February, as of now it seems like it will be Pete or Bernie, and I’m ok with either over Donald Trump. It’s high time to reverse the ignoracracy the country has been devolving into. Too many important outstanding issues to address, not just “401ks though”. Healthcare, climate change, compassionate immigration all come to mind.