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  1. Zero. No Facebook either for that matter. They all feel like outdated outlets. Unfortunately in 2016 they were huge influencers on the Presidential election outcome.
  2. Just because it means my Dad will have passed. My Mom has already passed, and I’m an only child, so that’s the unfortunate part.
  3. They’ll drop him like a hot potato and pretend it all never happened. They would do this today if they could.
  4. 48 now, 900k in brokerage and retirement accounts. When we get to 1m in brokerage and retirement accounts, I’m out for some dumb easy job. Wife can keep working until she’s 50 and leave if she wants to then (she’s 44). Will unfortunately receive around the same amount in inheritance, but hope that day never comes.
  5. Voted disapprove, but it is interesting to think is it worse, about as expected or better than you thought when he was elected. Worse than expected with the appointees like DeVos for example. Better maybe on the economy because I think we’re lucky it didn’t tank.
  6. Don’t take anything personally, address anyone personally, go to a personal level, get involved personally, personally oversee anything, have a personally involved discussion, or personally think that anyone is being personal, or for that matter personnel. Nothing personal, of course.
  7. And they can smoke weed there legally? “I would also love to be Canadian” - Don La Greca
  8. It’s a positive development. My daughter is 10. I took off for a few days and my wife for 4 weeks. That wasn’t good times.
  9. Thanks for posting it Maurile. It deserves to be read by everyone.
  10. Captain Obvious has his own column in the Atlantic now?
  11. She’s being challenged by a moderate Democrat Fernando Cabrera. He’s challenging her on the Amazon LIC deal falling apart and being divisive to the party.
  12. She got a haircut though! And paid money for it!