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  1. If she runs all hell is going to break loose. If she’s the only one who can beat Trump, then she should run. “Let’s try this again people”
  2. 1 to 2 because we would fashion the basement for quality accommodations. Then when 1-2 move on we could take on 1-2 more.
  3. “But Donald Trump is a really good and smart President though. Why do you hate America and the troops and the police and why do you love immigrants and killing babies and why are you taking Christ out of Christmas though?” - 4th of July with Trump supporting in-laws
  4. “Socialism is the devil. Now where’s my Social Security check. I’m on my way to the doctor so bring my Medicare card.”
  5. The kids that literally bootstrap from an academic standpoint should be rewarded and ironically it’s conservatives that should be leading that charge. Isn’t that what they’re supposed to do, right, try hard and don’t be lazy and you can go to college? Oh you can’t though because it’s too expensive sorry kid.
  6. It’s ridiculous that health insurance is tied to an employer, from almost any way you look at it. Mostly for employers. Definitely for individuals too. God forbid you want to retire before 65, for example.
  7. Good luck with that. It’s why large scale bans are necessary. Cowards hiding behind archaic commentary about a well regulated militia with18th Century technology. “But self defense though”. Tough guys.
  8. Joe Biden isn’t the answer. But he is better than the current guy. I also hope one of the female candidates winds up with the nomination, but I’ll vote for whoever is running against the current disaster. It’s embarrassing already.
  9. While I don’t disagree with this in principle, a major point in your argument is that these tariffs are good in the long term. As someone who sees tariffs as an 18th Century approach to a 21st Century issue, I’ll double down with it’s a bad short term and a bad long term answer, and the fact that it impacts real people’s money, people doing it “the right way” is total BS. Please, keep up the philosophic side of the discussion though while supporting this mistake.