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  1. Why businesses themselves continue to put up with this is also mystifying. It's literally absurd.
  2. This is key. Don't allow perfect to become the enemy of better in the search for his replacement.
  3. Newsflash: Donald Trump doesn't care about you. But keep sporting his gear, by all means. "Oh, it looks good on you though." - Al Czervik
  4. If people aren't paying attention, details like this are what makes the OP easily a top 10 poster on these boards, if not higher.
  5. Population size and relative wealth certainly play as strong factors. "Easy for you to say Finland"
  6. Being "loyal" to a President is a problem in and of itself, IMO. Support a President, sure. Being loyal to one? Red flag. This was discussed in the "wearing MAGA gear" thread.
  7. Then perhaps the elite schools should be charging tuition based on ability to pay. He's right that absent that type of solution, the elite schools will only have wealthy kids attending. "Sorry kid, you can't afford it" shouldn't be the answer. Not saying that's what you're proposing, but absent some solution that will be the outcome.
  8. FDR was certainly one of the greatest Presidents in American history, for the reasons mentioned above and more. However put me squarely in the camp of supporting the 2 term limit. Even Rome turned from a Republic into an Empire, complete with Emperors. We don't need that here. No one is greater than the office, or the country.
  9. "Well-regulated militia" is so often conveniently left out. Specifically the "well regulated" part, and the "militia" part. But by all means, keep going in here. Seems like fun.
  10. As it should. He singlehandedly raised the percentage of you dying from a gunshot from 0% to some percentage above that. Good thing you minded your own business otherwise you might not be here to post about it. Guy could have been a freaking lunatic, how would you ever know. This country’s gun mentality is literally stupid.