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  1. Collins without question for me. see mine please
  2. I am assuming this is redraft. You could consider putting Kamara on the will be interesting to see how his usage goes with Ingram back now. Those goal line carries drop drastically. Mixon's use is only going to increase if he stays healthy. Maybe there is Kamara + woods Gurley and ??? Depends how bad you want him. see mine plz
  3. Without seeing the quality of the crazy depth I would lean towards yes. Ekeler has looked great and I would have no problem starting him as a RB1 if Gordon should miss any time. ARob is with Trubisky has been inconsistent even with targets. See mine please
  4. I would accept as well see mine please
  5. Ok quick background we have 40 player rosters no waiver wire full IDP. Scoring offensively is non ppr 1 for every 10 yds rush/rec and TD are worth 8 pts. Defensively it is pretty much 1pt solo 0.5 half tackle 8 pts sack 10 for int. You can keep 8 players each year. Team A get David Johnson, Odell Beckham, Danny Trevathan, Jamison Crowder Team B get Kamara, Brandin Cooks, Darius Leonard, Kenny Stills Based on the scoring info and those players which side of the deal would you prefer to be on?
  6. Was just wondering when the VBD excel app will be updated for this years projections?
  7. Thx guys...I will stop overthinking and stand pat.
  8. Thx Snoochie...our pool is a bit odd...but no one seems to value Robinson or cooks at all. I have been shopping them and the best offer I have had was Bobby Wagner straight up for Robinson. It's shocking to me as there are three teams with only 1 wr rostered and there are 22 available to be drafted is likely juju. Thanks àgain for the advice.
  9. Hi guys, looking to acquire Zeke. Our league is a 10 team full IDP protect 9 players fairly traditional non ppr league but sacks and int's are worth 9 points for defense. My Roster has more protected players right now and his fewer due to deals since declaring protected lists. Starting req Offense 2Qb, 1Rb, 2Wr, 1TE 1 flex, Defense 3db, 3lb, 3dl My roster Bortles, Watson, Kamara D Johnson, Beckham, Hopkins, A Robinson, B Cooks Defensive guys don't really matter for this deal but I have J Houston, D Hunter, JPP. I have the 1(2), 1(10) no second rd but all the other picks in each rd. Planning to use the 2nd overall to Draft Ertz at TE His Roster Goff, Newton, Cook, Elliot, Evans Howard on Offense and just Griffen on defense. He has no picks till the 5th round. He paid a lot to get Elliott and Cook. My plan was to offer any 2 of these players (only 1 of the RB's) for Elliott and a 5th rd pick D Johnson, Kamara, A Robinson, B Cooks The top 90 players are typically already protected and him not having a pick till the 5th rd means he won't will have very slim pickings to try to find a starting wr Do you think 2 of the 4 above would get Elliott and a 5th rd? Or is there something else you would offer. I am concerned that Johnson/Cards will be point starved and Kamara does not have as much value in non ppr and was last year the exception and ceiling.
  10. I play a couple hours each day and would be interested in running maps with any FBG's. Look for me ingame name Ssthla lvl 74 Ranger.
  11. If anyone comes across nice bows with 300+dps let me know as I will be interested in buying from you. Also for anyone who has completed Act Merciless and wants to run maps together (with loot going to name not FFA) let me know...In game name is Ssthla.
  12. Hey guys, I would love to group up with some fellow FBG's some time...especially for group runs if there are those of you who are NOT into the whole ninja looting thing. I play a ranger and far too often between being a ranged toon and just not that quick to loot I miss out on many good items. If any of you are interested in grouping up my rangers in game name is Ssthla add me as a friend and we can hook up for some farming or levelling. It gets a bit boring running solo.
  13. I have never had a problem trading, I take the following steps:-ensure you are in a group together-Make sure you are in the same level of difficulty, Act and town. IE Normal, merciless etc the appropriate act and town. -once you portal to the appropriate town in the predetermined difficulty and act you should see your party members statistics bar appear on the top left hand part of the screen-you can initiate a trade by right clicking on the status bar -if you are confident you are in the correct town, act and difficulty occasionally the persons status bars don't show up go to one of the adventuring zones right outside the town and they should be there.Hope that helps. If anyone comes across 200+damage bows or 400+ damage 2 handed maces let me know