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  1. Yeah that’s why it was awesome. So many of them will be dead by the end of the next episode. No idea who.
  2. That meshes with what I just looked up. 11 in season 1 and people estimate 6 years have passed.
  3. How old is Arya in the series? I’m not sure how many years have passed since Bran got tossed out of a window.
  4. Looks like Huffman may get home confinement. Not sure how that would play out in Chet's bet if Lori gets the same. I'm inclined to think she will get more time in an actual prison.
  5. I generally go IMAX, not a fan of the 3D glasses or how they usually try to make it fit. I love the sound in IMAX theaters. If the only options at the time I want to watch are IMAX 3D or Regular, I'll go IMAX 3D. Our IMAX theater is also the one where you can select your seats beforehand so you don't have to worry about lines.
  6. Absolutely the most entertaining movie of the DC crop (post Nolan). Wonder Woman may have been a "better" movie, but I enjoyed this movie a great deal more. It had almost a Spiderman Homecoming feel to it.
  7. I can't believe they would let her fall from that height after she was clearly announcing she was about to pass out. If you keep your knees locked too long, that can happen, not to mention she has had nothing to eat in almost 3 weeks. That could have been really bad.
  8. Sehorn Voted: A Few Good Men and Schindler's List With the first set, I'm now 2-4. Good picks.
  9. You picked the wrong example imo. I wasn't looking to be critical and I think she was fine in the role. But if you didn't notice her particularly unathletic style of running from the very beginning, I'd challenge your own propensity towards bias going in. I mean, it reminded me of Linda Carter in the old Wonder Woman TV show. The running was glaringly that bad. Again I enjoyed the movie and Larson as the hero over all, but that running was just plain bad. Yep, his comment was directed at me. I didn't have "an obligation" to find something wrong with the film. I really liked it. I still think an Emily Blunt would have done a better job based on prior performances, but I think Larson was fine. The running scenes as she was escaping were distractingly bad. But again overall, I enjoyed the movie.
  10. MCU Tiered Update: Absolutely Loved: Avengers GotG Iron Man Infinity War Cap 3 Civil War Cap 2 Winter Soldier A2 Ultron GotG 2 Really Liked: Black Panther Dr. Strange Captain Marvel Thor Ragnarok Spiderman Homecoming Ant-Man Ant-Man and the Wasp Still Good: Thor 2 Cap Thor IM2 Just OK: IM3 Hulk Stinker: N/A
  11. Yep, I enjoyed it. My son teared up a little bit at the memorial and said "I can already tell you this will be my favorite part of the movie" I'd give it a good solid B. Without getting into the details, it had a decent amount of humor in there (but I could tell times where they went for the joke and it fell flat) and the story was well laid out. I think at the end they went overboard on her powers, causing (spoiler) to retreat quicker than I would have thought. Much like Superman, I don't like it when someone is too powerful, and she is probably at the very top of the food chain now. I don't think Brie was perfect for the role but she did fine. I don't think they did her any favors with her running. It seemed like they were going for the "Tom Cruise running" effect, where he appears to be moving quickly. Her movement appeared a lot more plodding. Minor nit pick Updated tier ranking in coming.
  12. Not great so far, but enjoyable enough. I really liked Chris and I hope he's able to make some epic comeback from the Edge.
  13. Salt is the only flavor NEEDED. All other flavors, no matter how good, are just wants.