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  1. Verne was good in his day, but really slipped the last decade. Not the king.
  2. Charles Barkley. When I was in college, I worked at a jewelry store near where he grew up in Leeds, Alabama. He was buying 2 Rolex watches for his mother and grandmother. Of course the manager was the one working with him, but when he went to the back, Barkley yelled to me "Bring 2 chairs up to the front". So being 19 I did of course, and we sat at the front of the store giving thumbs up or thumbs down to the girls walking by. The wife of one of the people who worked at the store was walking towards us, and I jumped up real quick and said "Hey, he's in the back of the store if you need him". She would not have fared well on our rating scale. After she walked in, Barkley grabbed me by both shoulders and started shaking me and said "Man you saved me, she was getting a thumbs down!" He was a huge star, but was a very genuine down to earth guy. Lots of laughing, talked to everybody.
  3. That is what he meant. Jeremy and Rob got a token, Sandra the HII. So 2 out of 3 to them. They are advantages as I think tokens will be pretty important. The only thing about this season I don’t like is EoE. Hopefully they have frequent return contests to keep the population over there small and prevent a player from laying low for a long time.
  4. I thought that was so weird. There is 0 chance she didn't know he was playing, one of the production crew would have let something slip. She's trying to play people. I've always like Yul and will be pulling for him again. Right now, my hope for the winner is the same philosophy the "Queen" always spouts: Anyone but Sandra.
  5. Has enough time passed? Otherwise I'll take a PM please
  6. Cruz just said the same thing. Latifi did what he had to do to win. I think Lewis was surprised with the decision as well. Damage was won by Lewis, but Latifi easily controlled the match.
  7. May be a long night if these go to decisions. One judge not even watching the fight according to Joe and Jon.
  8. RIP Robert Conrad. Loved Baa Baa Black Sheep. Also, knock it off, I dare you:
  9. Joe Rogan essentially just said he can't leave North America. What's the deal with that? Legal issue?