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  1. My best friend from childhood and I would play one on one baseball (complete with ghost runners and ghost basemen to throw to). Being the 80s and from Alabama, our favorite team was the Braves so we would take turns being them. We had to copy each of their styles. Most unique stance from that group was Glenn Hubbard, it was wide open. Pitching wise it was Gene Garber with his sidearm. Speaking of which, one of the best names in baseball history left us: Biff Pocoroba
  2. And of course they are totally ignoring hermaphrodites
  3. Ah I can see that. I do think the question is poorly worded. If you are only applying it to the subpopulation (which would be 100% with 1 girl) it would be 50%, but as I mentioned in my first response if it is the total population it is 1/3rd.
  4. The sub population has 1 girl so your choice is this B G G B G G You don't know if the girl is older or younger I think this is different from the Monty Hall question, but I could be wrong. If you are starting with a sub population that you know has 2 children, one of which is a girl, you are left with 2 possible scenarios: GG or GB. From the phrasing of the question I don't think the age has anything to do with it.
  5. In question 1, are you asking everyone with 1 daughter to step forward and then from that subpopulation you are asking what are the chances it will be 2 girls? That would be 1/2. You already know that sub-population has 1 girl, so the rest would be 50/50 on if the 2nd child was a boy or girl. If you want the total population, then the step forward portion is unnecessary and the answer would be 1/3 for it to be 2 girls (BB, GG, or 1 each). I applied the same logic to question 2, so I voted 1/2 for both. This is different from the Monty Hall question, which confuses a lot people.
  6. I watched (and loved season 1). I watched the first 2 episodes of season 2 and just fell off for some reason. I need to pick it back up.
  7. here you go Whew. Lot of dust in here apparently. Ty Burrell (who I didn't recognize by the way) and Marty Mull really got me with their tributes. Touching.
  8. No. Insurance companies have to have proof of minimum usage to keep paying for the ongoing costs. Thanks. This is why I found the initial question of $995 with insurance or $795 without insurance strange. It would seem I would need to pay for it with insurance if insurance is going to be paying for the maintenance costs. Also I have no idea about the frequency or costs of the maintenance plan. I haven't called them back since they hit me with that question, so I'm sure they are planning on going over it later. Also wondering if I should bypass this provider and maybe just try picking up a machine directly with the prescription that my doctor wrote me.
  9. OK, I went to get my CPAP, and the provider that the doctor sent me to said it would be $995, or $795 if I buy it without insurance. I haven't met my deductible for the year. He said the insurance company sets the price if a claim is put through them. This sounds fishy as all get it to me. Anyone else have an experience like this? Also, anyone worried about having to connect your CPAP so it sends data to your doctor and/or insurance company?
  10. Thanks. Still a clever Egg. Wow, just in passing I assumed it was Rhodey. They are right he was in the Air Force and in the movie they called him a Marine.
  11. Well, she didn't have to get voted out D1. I think there may have been a lot more support for her if she had made it to the merger, got voted out on some sort of immunity idol shenanigans, and then won her way back in. I don't like EoE at all, but my biggest problem is they insert people back too late in the game. I think if they come back during the merge, people wouldn't have as big a problem with it (some/many still would).
  12. I’m not sure. I was waiting for Sia to come in on a wrecking ball to pick her player of the season.