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  1. There is the perspective of a single man For the sake of family harmony, I'd do what many others have suggested. Ask your wife what she wants, and support her. The in-laws realized that MIL stepped in it and at least want to make amends. If her "apology" gets off track, you don't have to debate her on your family's safety or your position on mask wearing, just say you are sorry that she misinterpreted your reason for not wanting to go. And after the hippling I see that she called your wife and apologized directly to her, which is probably the best route. Family drama is not fun so hopefully it is in the past and MIL will be more careful with her words.
  2. Well I have no idea. I only remember 2 movies where that would fit and I only saw one of them. Ah @stbugs confirmed it was the first one in the spoiler below.
  3. Those are the ones I got. Could 6 be: I have forgotten how to use the spoiler tags I thought it was <spoiler> </spoiler>
  4. But I don't disagree that Lopez won a close fight. Loma just waited too long to turn it on. Clutch 12th round.
  5. My son graduated high school with Will and with George Pickens from Georgia. It was fun watching them in high school and now doing well in the big time. I hated last year for Will because he is such a good kid, and he got hurt early on. He's a heck of a punter as well.
  6. I was wondering if instead of putting it on the gram he could have used his phone to find some loud siren with flashing lights or something. Wouldn't be super easy to find with all the adrenaline pumping granted.
  7. Her character died in the movie. Doh! Can't argue that!
  8. She was painted gold for the ads but it was a different actress/character that was killed by being painted gold. That was actually an urban legend, she didn't die.
  9. I don't think I said congrats btw! I've been at the video game stage a long time, so not sure what I'll drop down to next
  10. I'm super cheap thrifty so when I go to the casino it is pretty small stakes. When I got my first job out of college, my boss and I went to a casino on a business trip. On my third play or so on a video poker machine, I hit for $80. I said "I'm done" and walked around rattling all those coins in a big cup. As me and my boss were walking out, an older lady was walking out with us with a security guard. My boss leaned in and said "She hit it big". So when we got to the elevator, I told my boss "Can't believe I did that well!" She naturally said "Oh, how did you do?" I said I'm going home with a $75 profit! I said "How about you?". She said "Well, I finally hit it big, I've been coming here almost every day for 3 years, and I hit a $4K jackpot." I congratulated her, but was really thinking How far in the hole are you, even after a "big" hit. It made me sad as when you look at those places, you can tell the house always wins. My boss told me that the $75 was play money and I should keep playing it, but I was relatively newly married in my first job. I told him "Nope, this is real money. I can spend it at real places." TL;DR - Not sure how much you play, but before your big hit do you think you were net positive on all those slots? I would hope you are now for sure.