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  1. 2019 BeatDown Brigade: QB Rodgers RB Jacobs, J. White WR OBJ, Diggs TE Kelce K Andy Dufresne DEF This is mainly so I can quickly see who's on my team. Andy = SOD
  2. Josh Jacobs @higgins hope you are ok buddy @rockaction hope you are ok as well, but we’ve heard from you recently so the level of concern isn’t at the same place right now
  3. Thought for a minute I was going to get Thomas or LeVeon. Not excited about it but I’ll take OBJ @higgins @rockaction
  4. Team Names: 1. @rodg12 Iowa Cowboys 2. @Buddy Ball 2K3 - ? 3. @Keerock Unfrozen Caveman 4. @bananafish @Stuart_Little - ? 5. @Nathan R. Jessep Code Reds 6. @Henry Ford Flint Lead Pipe Locks 7. @Cold Dead Hands - ? Used to be Couch Burners, not sure which team he is now 8. @higgins Higgins Own and Shoot 9. @Corporation BeatDown Brigade 10. @Yankee23Fan YankeeFan Football 11. @Andy Dufresne Minnesota Rock Hammers 12. @nittanylion - ? The teams in ESPN that are unassigned are The Fournettecators, IC Alcoholics, RedSkinned Natives, and Malibu Merry Mandrills.