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  1. What's up with Sandra's wrists? They had ace bandages on them on the island and buffs wrapped around them later.
  2. Karishmya is one of the weakest players in recent history, both physically and socially. Unfortunately, I think she'll be here awhile. They cast their lot tonight, just waiting for the merge. Tom had a truly classy exit. Felt genuine.
  3. The first 2 "First Class" movies were great. Apocalypse and Phoenix sucked.
  4. Agreed the lying is terrible. I think (but I'm not sure), that the first girl pulled a name out of the bag from someone on the other tribe. So far they both elected to lie to their tribes, but next week is when someone will realize they lied.
  5. Yes, and that is disappointing. Not even a single player to root for. And the best of the eye candy options just bit the dust.
  6. I will take Denver or Tennessee I don’t care which. Thanks again for the cat herding
  7. 17.11 I thought you took Dare. And then 18.02 you took Tennessee. I’m not sure if I ended up with the Denver D or not. If Dare is available I’ll take him
  8. I’ll take Denver Def. If Yankee wants them I’ll take Tennessee. If someone makes up picks and takes them just skip me. Thanks @Andy Dufresne for running as always.
  9. Jalen Richard Oak RB if available skip if he’s gone Well I see he’s gone @Yankee23Fan