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  1. Hello all! i Commish a local league int he Austin, TX area and we are entering our 20th season. We have had one owner move away and are looking to replace him. This is a very stable league. We had a 10 year run where we had zero owner turn over. It is pretty competitive as well. Here are the details if you might be interested - Max 3 keepers - Auction Draft (Switched 2 season ago) - Draft Date Aug 25. We are definitely looking for someone that can attend live. - $100 entry fee (This includes a slow e-mail, best ball draft as well, I can give more details about this) - 12 teams, 16 game schedule with 3 double header weeks. - PPR - 19 man rosters with 2 flex positions, Start 1 QB - Blind Bid waivers If you are interested, please shoot me an e-mail and I'll give you more details or answer any questions. loganwww @