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  1. On one hand I really enjoy these threads but on the other, they are almost pointless. So many things factor into a successful fantasy season that this bit of strategy doesn’t cover it. I’ve won a lot leagues taking Gronk high. I’ve lost leagues as well. I’ve won leagues where I had the classic two RBs first 3-4 rounds and also lost a ton of leagues when one or both of those RBs got hurt (which they do more than any other positions). Last year I took Kelce high in two leagues and made the playoffs in both. In another league, I had Barkley and some guy named Mahomes that I grabbed late. Team didn’t even sniff the playoffs. Again, I’m not trying to be a clown—I appreciate the threads but at the end of the day, an entire season is too complex to break down on wether or not the “positional advantage” works or not.
  2. I’m in a superflex FFPC draft right now and he’s still there at pick 2.3. I’m next. I don’t think I’ll pull the trigger. I wonder how far he’ll fall?
  3. I’m actually ranking him ahead of Ertz. Not sure I’d go third round in standard PPR but he’s definitely a bigger pick in TE premium.
  4. That I totally agree with. Play with a lead and warts on the D can be covered up. And I trust Schwartz especially as the year wears on.
  5. I hope you’re right. I’m just pointing out though that the d line and secondary could be materially worse this year. That 23 rd ranking doesn’t is confusing since they were obviously better later and absolutely sucked early on. Also, I don’t think Cox is healthy yet is he? Who do you see as the starters in the secondary other than Malcolm? A lot of question marks for Darby, Mills and Jones. Maddox might be the best. That would be disappointing no?
  6. The offense has the potential to be devastating. And it better be and hopefully Wentz stays healthy because I have a feeling the defense is going to take a big step back this year. Im worried about the O-line as well. Hopefully the rookie steps,up quickly if JP follows the same pattern as last year and is Big V gonna replace Brooks for a while? I’m actually kinda nervous about those two things to the point that I worry we could have a disappointment of a season, I sure as hell hope,I’m wrong.
  7. I just did that. FFPC superflex. Got pick one. Took Kamara. I feel he’s the one guy we know what his floor is but his ceiling could go up. I don’t think that’s the case with Barkley and CMAC. I actually rank them Kamara, Zeke, CMAC then Barkley. So I’ll likely never have Barkley on any team this year.
  8. I don’t know that Hyde is a threat but how many times have we seen a RB emerge late in the previous season and be hailed as a high draft pick only to revert back to journeyman status the next year?
  9. I just got him pick 2 of round 2. It’s an FFPC superflex league where Mahomes and Luck are already drafted but even still he’s likely falling to the 12-14 overall range. I couldn’t pass him up.
  10. I don’t personally have any experience knowing someone raised like this, but this is heartbreaking to imagine a child REPEATEDLY abused like this. Hill should go to prison and I understand he’s probably a tough dude as a world class athlete but I don’t think inmates take kindly to child beaters. I hope that that child finds himself in a home with parents that can maybe undo some of that harm.
  11. This scumbag belongs in a cell. Or worse.
  12. Most of it sucks but Ray Didenger is the best. I always catch him on 94.1 on Saturday late morning/early afternoon with Glen MacNow (who I think is a moderate tool but bearable enough with Ray).
  13. I’m not down on the guy. I just don’t think I’d trade out of the first round for him though, truth be told, I like his talent more than Howard albeit they are different kinds of back. And the Noid is right, I’m probably still dazzled by Clement’s post season receiving success.
  14. You guys think Duke Johnson is that much better than a healthy Clement? Seriously just asking. I’ve never thought of the guy as world beater.