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  1. Kwai Chang Caine

    Death of football?

    @Cobalt 27 this has been very educational. Thank you!
  2. Kwai Chang Caine

    Why is Sean Payton disliked so much?

    Everybody has made all the points. Above all all it’s the arrogance of the play calling. Only coach in football I despise more is #### Kelly and thankfully he’s gone. Oh, and on a personal note, that week 15 game against Carolina were with 45 seconds left the ####### had all these options—run Kamara or Ingram for a first down and salt the game away; pass to Thomas; kick a FG. But No!!! Let’s run a jet sweep to the ####### punt returner!!!!! Fumble out of the end zone and then Newton throws two garbage passes to CMaC and I lose a playoff game by 1 point! I’ll hate Peyton forever for that alone 🤣🤣🤣
  3. I’d have been happy with Brees versus Brady or the LA/KC rematch. Peopel saying KC and NO best teams? Ummmm no. And you can lay a good bit of the blame at the coaches feet. Let me know when B.B. really screws up like Peyton and Reid did. I’m sick of the Pats too but what can you do other than beat them? Whining about their success is bush league.
  4. Yep. Him too. The league is in great shape. Seriously 5-7 years ago it was like doom and gloom about the future of QB.
  5. Yeah him too. And of course I didn’t mention Rodgers who based on Brady and Brees’ success as older QBs, he might be around longer than we think. Even the polarizing Newton is fun to watch.
  6. Yeah but it’s an extremely small percentage of nimrods that call in. You can’t use those people as indicative of the whole fan base. I mostly think our fan base is tremendous. I’d be willing to bet none of us who actually take the time out to articulate a POV in writing have ever called in to talk to one of these buffoons.
  7. Remember a few years ago when it seemed everyone was worried there’d be a dearth of QBs after Manning retired and it didn’t seem like Brady and Brees would play into their 40s? But now you have Mahomes, Goff, Wentz, Watson and mayfield, Allen and Darnold (rookies I know but promising) all coming up. Wilson still is a talent too among others. The league's future at QB looks in fine shape.
  8. No travel for me today so didn’t listen to any of it. Thank god...
  9. I’m looking forward to the Season 8 trailer for Game of Thrones.
  10. Jesus lads..... I’ll use use a bulletin point list: 1. Sorry for Andy, but I knew that D of his would cost him eventually. 1A. Makes our win last year even more impressive. 2.Cheating or not, we are witnessing something beyond even the Yankees success before any of us were likely alive regarding NE. 3.Tough luck Peyton. I feel terrible for you 😚 4. Last year I couldn’t do a party. I only could watch with my kid and wife. This year, I may do a party because these two teams were the outcome I wanted to see the least. 4A. I’m more looking forward to the Game of Thrones season 8 trailer than I am the game... 5. To quote Sal Palentonio: our owner, GM, HC and QB are all A! Filled with optomism for 2019 season!
  11. Man did the Hoodie just let them score to preserve time?
  12. Goodell hates whistle blowers.