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  1. I’d like Ware too man. Hell I think he’s better than Hyde whom KC just signed. I think Hyde’s best days are behind him.
  2. I’m gals we didn’t get Coleman. Rather a healthy (?) Clement be the COP back and draft a someone fairly high for once.
  3. You have a point especially in PPR. But my two main leagues are standard. He’s still likely number one but I wouldn’t be opposed to trading down. I could be talked into Elliot over him and if Gurleys knee wasn’t an issue, I’d take him too.
  4. I don’t know but man the giants are toast. This also downgrades Barkley for fantasy purposes (admittedly though not too much). Barkley is awesome but not having OBD has got to hurt. I don’t get the Giants. They pass on Darnold and now are building for the future while potentially wasting Barkley’s best years.
  5. I hope this works out for Nick. I hope the Jags have a nice turnaround. Not sold on the culture of the coaching there. I’ve always had a soft spot for that team though. They are my “AFC” south team LOL. Would love for Foles to succeed there! As an aside to the value and astronomical pay of QBs, just watch 5 minutes of that AAF league. That’s about all I can stand due to how bad the pass throwers are. There are literally like 18-25 phenomenal to somewhat capable QBs on the planet it seems at any one time. And Foles is one of them.
  6. I don’t like it either. Bennett was damn good last year and he’s more versatile than Long. Do you think any of this has to do with legal issues hanging over his head?
  7. I’ve been kinda in a zippidy do dah mood all day man with this signing! Could be some bright days ahead for all 4 teams. Even the Flyers may be on the way up with this Hart kid. Say what you want about Mikey Miss, but in 2015 he predicted the city would have a “Roaring ‘20s” of sports success.
  8. PPR I’m taking CMC and Kamara too over him. RB is risky enough. No way I spend a top 4 pick on him. If I get pick 5 or 6 and he’s there, then I’ll really have a decision to make. I’d consider Nuke over him too at that point and maybe even Gordon. Maybe training camp will clear some of this up.
  9. Ya know....that’s a really compelling argument you’ve laid out. Only 26? I did not know that. If Howie orchestrates it I certainly wouldn’t complain...
  10. Agreed. Get a top line back in the draft and address other needs like O-line and line backer. I’ll be the first to admit that watching Bell the last couple years he’s very entertaining with his style but how much is his success due to the team? Conner and even Samuel come in and look really good too. I don’t think Doug is every gonna have the philosophy of using one bell-cow back. Granted, he could change his mind if he had a talent like Bell but again, I’d rather them draft a high end talent and pour as much money into keeping that offensive line top notch to protect our greatest asset—Wentz. I’d even be happy if they signed Ingram to go with hopefully a fully recovered Clement (who looked really really good in his role in2017). I’d still rather them get a rookie first or second round though.
  11. If I’m understanding this correctly, these are underage kids who are essentially slaves. Any man consorting with children like that should have his junk shot off. He’s a scumbag if so. It literally makes him a pedophile if this is true.
  12. At worst he’d be kinda like Kamara. I could live with that from about 3rd overall on.
  13. I haven’t read this whole thread regarding a trade but my understanding is no way he’s commanding a high pick due to the contract the new team inherits. I heard Pitt may deal him for as low as a 6th. Admittedly that was radio chatter but still the understanding is his contract is onerous unless he reworks it?