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  1. I think we tune them up. Both teams have to be pissed but I believe ours has more heart and the better coach and intangibles to persevere. Losing to Detroit and Atlanta sucked but the Vikings are legit tough team and we went to GB and beat them at their home on a Thursday. Dallas is looking like a fraud with their losses after beating nobodies.
  2. Congrats on the win fellas. As an Eagles fan that was enjoyable to see! And as an aside, I’ve always had a soft spot for the old Jets.
  3. I’m considering AP over Mixon in a standard league. I mean Mixon couldn’t even muster 10 points against Arizona. Arizona! And to complicate matters, friggen Drake is actually on the WW. I could pick him up as well. I can’t believe my season has come to this...this desperate situation 🤣
  4. That’s gold LOL. What a mess that is... Anyway, I’m feeling good for some reason about this week. And how I’ve come to hate that team....
  5. I’m in a desperate situation this week and may play AP over Mixon. Can’t believe it’s come to this....
  6. Jesus Christ on a carousel... first Gurley looks to be in trouble and now Kamara. I’m in multiple leagues and between this and the one I have Barkley in, I’m SOL. And I don’t have one stinking share of CMC...
  7. I also have Waller on bye. Witten, Fant and Davis are on the WW but for some stupid reason I’m feeling we get lucky this week...
  8. Last year I had no shares of him and this year I passed him over twice when I had the chance. How I despise myself....
  9. The pick off Calloway’s hands isn’t his fault BUT, this guy sucks. I’ll give him credit, he can make some really great escapes but has horrible accuracy on his throws unlike Mahomes or Wentz who can still fire accurate billets under duress.
  10. Sure seems like they are a different team after starting the season against Appalachian State, Richmond and Carbon County Community College.