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  1. I agree about valuing him as an elite asset. Ertz averages ~2.5 more FPPG with Wentz over the past two years, though he actually averages fewer targets and catches with Wentz.
  2. Recent Baker Mayfield dynasty trades (1QB, PPR) * Goff/Edwards/4th for Mayfield/Zay Jones * ARob for Mayfield/Cam Jordan/4th * Mayfield for 1st * Mayfield for Watkins * OJ Howard for Mayfield/TreQuan Smith/2nd
  3. Some recents...(12 team, 1QB, PPR) * Thielen/4th for Corey Davis/2nd * AB for Thielen/Hamilton/2n/3rd/3rd * Drake/Godwin for Thielen * Thielen for Mack
  4. Not sure what Bagel used but my data matches what he is saying...Harry and DK ahead of ARob, but that's it. Montgomery, Jacobs and Harmon are all close behind though.
  5. FWIW, Harmon's DOB is the December date for sure
  6. Fanball bought them. Scott Fish and I will be serving as co-commish for those league moving forward. Scott mentioned earlier today on Twitter that all leagues should be paid out by the end of the week.
  7. I don't think there is consensus yet but it seems that David Montgomery tops the RB list for most. N'Keal Harry probably the favorite at WR with lots of competition.
  8. Was set for cancellation tomorrow, called the number tonight. Was told they had no offers for ST, but told me if I paid normal price for it, he'd give me $22 x 6 most off and $80 x 12 most off with no new contract. Still resulted in a lower bill and ST so it worked for me.
  9. Made the call, offered $30 off x 12. Already getting $50 off for the next year from last year's call. Care more about ST than any discount actually. She said there was no offer with ST so I set cancellation date for later this week. Now the wait...
  10. What phone number are you guys calling for the initial cancellation call? Just the normal number and mention "cancel?"
  11. I saw this was done due to customer complaints, like there are not a million other "normal" places to eat. Ridiculous.
  12. Timing out after a time out (with no email) kinda stinks, but oh well. My team so far... QB- Garoppolo (5.11)/Trubisky (7.11) RB- Cook (1.11)/Freeman (2.06)/Coleman (6.06)/Riddick (12.06) WR- ARob (3.11)/Garcon (8.06)/Martavis (9.11)/Godwin (10.06) TE- Graham (4.06)/Burton (11.11) D- Rams (13.11) Decent balance but no real strengths, so feeling middle of the pack.