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  1. Made the first call, was offered $25 x 12 and another $22 x 6. I asked about ST and she said no. Set up a cancellation date for Monday. ETA: get the "Big Deal" email this morning after last night's call. Offered ST:MAX and $80 off bill for 3 months, plus the $200 GC if I allow them to cancel/reconnect.
  2. I've missed these for the past 2 or 3 years. Would love to jump back in if there is a spot.
  3. The idea for these leagues was to involve many different settings/formats into one dynasty league. Some of the features included in the KS leagues are: auctions devy super flex TE premium double headers unique playoff format contracts Second Chance The fees for this league are $110 annually. Each new owner will be participating in a dispersal auction with some other new owners. Some of the key players available can be viewed at this link: Let me know if you have questions or are interested in joining.
  4. Good info, thanks guys! Crossing The Varsity off the list.
  5. Heading to Atlanta for the weekend with the family (3 kids under 10) and looking for some suggestions, especially family friendly restaurants. I've heard The Varsity is a must, but open to other ideas. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Jaelen Strong is a guy I still like a little bit. Seems like we disagree there. Can you see him moving up with a larger role next year? Also, sent you a PM, when you have a chance.
  7. I'm running some in-season dynasty startup mocks to gauge how player value is changing. If interested in participating, just email me...
  8. Sounds like you went way off script almost from the get go. seriously, no improv here guys. the script is tested and it works every time. Yeah, called the 877 number right back after hanging up. Got the ST: Max, $51 off x 12 months, 3 months of free movie channels. No mention of the GC and I didn't ask.
  9. That didn't go as planned. Called the regular number and got retention department. Asked what offers they had to keep me and they offered 1 month of free sports pack and 3 months of free movie channels. Said no to any $$ discounts or Sunday Ticket Max and said it was because my account was in "pending cancellation."
  10. Called the 877 number, waited on hold for nearly 20 minutes and hung up.
  11. Just verified, my discounts expired yesterday and they just offered me everything that everyone else is getting (w/o the gift card). Did you call back for this, or you got a call/email from them?
  12. Missed call at 9:30am this morning from Loyalty Team.... Bingo. Called back just now before the FBG site went viral and used up all the promo. The initial offer when I called back was only $43 off per month, movie channels, and genie installation. I asked if there was anything else he could offer to sweeten it a bit and then he kicked in the visa card and ST Max. Very similar offer to the others other than adding the genie mini to the deal with free installation. (before they wanted $99 for the genie mini). $40 off/month for 12 months - bill went from $126 to $83 free $200 Visa GC (receive in 6 - 8 weeks) Free movie stations 3 months ST Max Genie Mini added free installation Total call was 34 minutes. Thanks guys for the information. Yea, in my email I got today it listed the Genie and Genie minis setup available for free as well Do the addition of the Genies add more time to your contract in addition to the year others have mentioned?
  13. Hey Dragon, who is the commish of this league?
  14. I am beginning some new HyperActive dynasty leagues. If you're interested in joining, or just learning more, check out