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  1. Who was it here that filed a report with BBB and where there any specific instructions with that? I think it’s time.
  2. Yeah, the real issue with rankings right now (and it's a good problem) is there are so many potential top-tier WRs. Few of the WR1s from the offseason have lost value and then Moore, Sutton, Golladay, etc are moving up. Julio will be the victim. I expect him to fall out of top-15 of offseason ADP.
  3. I just moved DJ Moore up to WR10 in my ranks and saw someone rank him as WR3 earlier this week. In some ways, that feels crazy but as someone in here said, this is basically what we saw with Juju last year.
  4. Is this where the dynasty folks hang out at FBG? I'm running some startup mock drafts. If you want a spot, PM me your email. Should be something good to discuss in here.
  5. File this against AT&T or is there a separate option for DTV?
  6. Called this morning. They transferred me to a Sleep Number mattress customer service...seriously.
  7. Here's a fun one... Sunday- disconnected Monday- 4 pm, call and offered 3 mos movie channels, free ST, $200 gift card, accepted 10 pm, service still not turned on so call back. Service is reconnected and earlier offers confirmed Tuesday- get bill for $170, paying for movies and ST Wednesday- talk with them for 2 hours in AM, goes nowhere but told a manager would call by end of day never get a call Try to login to HBOGO, password not recognized Call again, this time told that there are no discounts available, can only get free ST by agreeing to a 2 year commitment. WHAT?!
  8. Same exact thing happened to me getting quoted different prices and different promotions
  9. Which number do I call after service has been disconnected?
  10. What was the angle? You were reconsidering the cancellation, etc? Nice that you didn't have to wait until service was disconnected.
  11. In the past, there was an option to chat online to reps but I haven't found that this year. Anyone know if they cut that from the site?
  12. Just called to cancel and got Loyalty dept. They refunded the 1st ST payment charged last month and set up a cancel date for 8/25. No attempt to keep me, but I did mention Disney+ when asked why I was cancelling. I'm sure that's a buzz word with the recent announcement.
  13. I agree about valuing him as an elite asset. Ertz averages ~2.5 more FPPG with Wentz over the past two years, though he actually averages fewer targets and catches with Wentz.
  14. Recent Baker Mayfield dynasty trades (1QB, PPR) * Goff/Edwards/4th for Mayfield/Zay Jones * ARob for Mayfield/Cam Jordan/4th * Mayfield for 1st * Mayfield for Watkins * OJ Howard for Mayfield/TreQuan Smith/2nd