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  1. On the phone now, they are offering ST MAX for free and nothing else. I think I'll take it just so I don't have to call back.
  2. So you called them? Which number? Did you have to tell them you'd gotten an email or just called as a "new customer?"
  3. My service was turned off at midnight. Just awaiting the call or email now...I hope it comes soon.
  4. Found out later this was only for a certain level of AT&T mobile customers. Basically, they weren't supposed to make me that offer.
  5. Set cancellation date for Monday, we'll see what deals are left
  6. Was just offered free HBO for life. First time I've seen that.
  7. In for League 1
  8. Well, this is fun...
  9. Might have missed this...are we just not using rookies for this one?
  10. Picked and PMed Norse
  11. I'm in if there's a spot
  12. Guys, Jon Moore has done some awesome work on the importance of age as we analyze these incoming rookies. I don't have access to the links, but I encourage you to search it out on Rotoviz.
  13. Not saying we shouldn't factor in age for Ridley, but he just turned 22 at the end of his sophomore season. He'll be a 23 y/o rookie if he leaves after next season, the same as AJ Green was, IIRC
  14. Made the first call, was offered $25 x 12 and another $22 x 6. I asked about ST and she said no. Set up a cancellation date for Monday. ETA: get the "Big Deal" email this morning after last night's call. Offered ST:MAX and $80 off bill for 3 months, plus the $200 GC if I allow them to cancel/reconnect.