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  1. And that's why it's not a good fit for everyone and not everyone is a good fit for the league. I'm sure there are plenty of other leagues here that you can join and they'd be happy to take your money and that you'd be happier in. Thanks for stopping by.
  2. The 2nd forum down (titled Roster Wars Bylaws) when you click the link would be a good start. http://rosterwars.forumotion.com/f6-forum
  3. If you're looking for a great league, this is it. I used to have over 30 leagues because I would get bored in the offseason -- I needed 30 leagues to keep some semblance of activity. But I joined RW two years ago and most of my other leagues (except those that I commish -- I still love all of you) have become an afterthought and I've cut the number of leagues that I'm in by half. Stop on by and check it out. You can thank me later.
  4. I think that you posted at DLF as well but you should definitely check out http://rosterwars.forumotion.com/ . It's not even 9:30 am EST and we already have more than 30 posts on the message board for the day. And every owner except one from the two leagues has been to the site at least once yesterday or today.
  5. Thank you -- a lot. This saves me a ton of time.
  6. Bump ... and a question? Is there a way to sync all of your leagues with one click? There used to be a sync all leagues link but now it looks like you have to sync them individually.
  7. Now here's your chance to do the right thing. Go back and undo the trade, apologize to the league, put the voting back in place for this year, and let everyone know that you would like to revisit the voting issue next year. If you can't do that, you should really consider stepping down as commish ASAP.
  8. Poetic justice at its finest. You set up a league which allows owners to vote and you get bit in the #### because owners voted down your deal. You made your bed, now lie in it.
  9. Defensive scoring tends to be erratic but they can score a lot of points in a given week. So I wanted to have several shots at a big week. I picked a handful of defenses that I thought had some upside potential -- on a per game basis. Rostering several defenses also limited what I could spend on a defense so I couldn't go with the higher ones. But I didn't see the value in going with the lower ones -- I'd rather pay an extra dollar or two to get one that I liked.
  10. Sure. http://subscribers.footballguys.com/contest/2017/107767.php Not much impressive there but got lucky this week.
  11. I'm usually out of this thing by week 4 or 5 but had my best week this week -- checking in at 7th overall! Just in time to be knocked out next week I'm sure.
  12. I don't agree with this. TROs to preserve the status quo are preferred. And that's what is at stake here. And, by their very nature, they are limited in duration. As for the judge, I disagree with the comments that this judge will just be a caretaker. Judge's take their job seriously. And all judges should be able to handle all cases. Given that this case just started, Crotty shouldn't be holding back anything. He'll handle it like his case. At best, if he thinks that there is any concern or that it's a really close call, he may grant the TRO, order additional briefing and bring the parties back next week. By that time Crotty and Failla would decide who would handle the hearing, with Failla likely taking over.
  13. It's Judge Failla's case and Crotty is only handling it because a decision is required immediately. Some would argue that Crotty should basically safeguard the case and not do anything to limit what Failla can do. That hasn't been my experience. I would imagine that Crotty is handling it as he would handle his own case. As for the strength of his "vote," his ruling will stand until another Court overturns it or reconsiders it. And if someone were to go to Failla next week and ask her to reconsider the Crotty ruling, it is very likely that Failla would defer to Crotty on that application because it is his order that would be being challenged.
  14. I wouldn't read too much into that. I didn't see the argument and haven't read much about it. But I imagine that the NFL kept hammering on that decision and at some point, Judge Crotty may not have had instant recall of all aspects. So he'd want to go back and review it, especially if he rules in Zeke's favor. Imagine the outrage if he (and again, I didn't see the hearing) said he wasn't aware of a particular point and didn't read the decision again and ruled in Zeke's favor. By reading the decision he can credibly say that he read it, considered it, and rejected it -- at least in the context of the TRO hearing.
  15. I'd put the odds at about 80% an injunction gets entered, 20% that it does not. Edit - injunction -- i.e. the suspension is put on hold.