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  1. Interesting article highlighting the fact that RGIII is also looking for a job and comparing him to Kaep. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2720239-with-kaepernick-in-headlines-rg3-is-flying-under-the-radar-in-nfl-free-agency
  2. I may be a little late on this but has the beta run on Reddit been replaced with this?
  3. Great trade for you. The last offer I received for Treadwell in any of my leagues was the 4.12 for him.
  4. Did you guys really just complete the draft and skip all 4 of the empty team's draft picks? Not sure why you would make the team less marketable only days before looking for a new owner.
  5. I don't know if I'd call it speculation. Carroll came out and basically said that Kaep is "a starter" and Seattle already has one. http://www.thenewstribune.com/sports/nfl/seattle-seahawks/seahawks-insider-blog/article154162614.html Kaep hasn't disputed that assertion. As noted in the article linked above: So the "speculation" appears to be correct -- Kaep wants to start and/or get starter-type money. Absent an affirmative statement from Kaep that he doesn't need to be a starter and that he'll play for backup level money, the only logical conclusion at this point is that Kaep has overestimated his skills and priced himself out of the market, especially when you factor in the added distractions that come along with him.
  6. It's a shame but it looks like his career may finally be over.
  7. Um, ok, sounds like discussing whether weed should be smoked in a bong, pipe, or joint just because Josh Gordon's out of the NFL because he likes to smoke weed. As to your point, it sounds like a below-average QB (is he in the top 30-45 of NFL QBs) who was the backup on his team decided to use the audience generated by his team and sport to advance a political position that some might call controversial without any advance notice to the team. While he's certainly entitled to his opinion, I'm not sure if he was entitled to express it the way that he did. I don't think that my company would like it if I greeted every client and told them my political viewpoints. However, once the comments are out, people are free to agree with them or disagree with them. Without going into the merits, we can all agree that some portion of the population (and fan base) don't agree with them. So, an owner risks upsetting some portion of his team's fanbase by signing Kaep. Even assuming this is true, it is absurd that some people are upset that teams are looking out for their team's financial best interest while at the same time supporting Kaep for taking a stance. But, dig a bit deeper and you get to the real issue -- Kaep's just not that good. If he was Rodgers, Luck, or someone else he would have a job. So it's not the message. Rather, he's a below average QB who has only shined in a handful of games in his career. He depends on his running ability but he's now 30 years old and, from what I understand, might be on a vegan diet. So is he better than some guys that have been signed? Absolutely. But is he better enough to outweigh the potential backlash from some unknown percentage of your fanbase? Probably not for most teams. It happens. Our country gives us broad freedom to speak our mind. But you have to accept the consequences. I just think that this whole thread is crazy. Instead of talking about Kaep's talent or lack thereof, we've gone into some deeper political discussion better reserved for the RFA. Whether Kaep is being blackballed is a very different conversation than going deep into the substance of comments that get you blackballed.
  8. And how exactly does this relate to football?
  9. Maybe my memory is a bit cloudy here. But wasn't Kaepernick the BACKUP QB for the game where he first took a knee? Just seems like a lot of energy wasted on a guy who really isn't that good, voluntarily seeks out attention for non-football related reasons, and then doesn't even vote.
  10. Congrats guys -- we moved past the anthem discussion and dove head first into a race/racism discussion. Can't wait to see what's next.
  11. Figured I'd check out the thread with the recent news. Possibly get some football discussion. Guess not. But sort of proves the point why people are avoiding him -- the discussion focuses on politics, not football. However, for all those praising Kaep and his fight for good, remember that there's a very strong argument that he did it/does it all for a woman. http://www.foxnews.com/sports/2016/08/30/kaepernick-social-media-posts-laud-black-lives-matter-black-panthers-since-dating-activist-dj.html Not sure if we should be comparing him to Paul Robeson yet.
  12. My apologies if someone else already said this but put info in the title of your post, such as Dynasty -- Melvin and Alshon for Julio? Make people interested in the question and more likely to read the question, responses, and maybe contribute. Below are some of the current headings: Would you consider this offer? PPR Dynasty Blockbuster of all deals Need help moving draft picks on dynasty Does this make sense given roster? I think I will b ok And then you have "Another 1.01 question" which makes you wonder why they didn't post in one of the other 1.01 threads.
  13. Maybe it's just me but I don't see a problem here. It's a free forum and people are asking for free help. Anything they get should be considered a plus. This is especially true when the same posts appear here, on Twitter, and on several other sites. And, moreso when many of the questions could be answered -- by the FBG staff -- through purchasing a membership. The mere fact that you cut and pasted a question on several sites doesn't entitle you to meaningful analysis on all of those sites. If those in the AC forum think that there's not enough activity, that's on them. I don't know who in particular is complaining but I'd wager that those that complain about a lack of responses likely respond to very few questions of others. There should almost be an unwritten rule that you don't post a question in the AC forum unless, and until, you answer 3 (or 5 or some other number) questions of others. Instead of imposing the AC on the members of the Shark Pool, ask those that swim in the AC forum to solve their own "problem" and be more active.
  14. At what point does this discussion get moved out of the Shark Pool? All sides raise arguments and points they are entitled to argue, and most do it very well. But this has absolutely nothing to do with real football or fantasy football. All we know right now is that we have a QB that opted out of his contract and, from what I understand, has not scheduled any visits to any teams or received any offers. While people should be free to argue about his stance on the flag, etc. in the FFA, this thread shouldn't be littering the Shark Pool until we at least get a "rumor" of even a "potential" visit or "interest" of any sort from any team. BTW, I anticipate getting flamed on this. I will not respond so have at it.