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  1. Time will tell. But I remember AP demanding a new contract before he committed to playing for the Vikes last year. He wants money. He likes money. He'll push for money. I understand that he said that he'll take less than $18 million but how much less. Only two RBs have a contract with an average of more than $8 million per year -- AP and Jamaal Charles. Only 10 RBs have a contract with an average of more than $5 million per year. And only 21 RBs have a contract with an average of more than $3 million per year. So, even though you have no idea what someone will pay, it's very likely that he's going to get his contract cut in half, and most likely a lot more. Maybe he'll agree to play a few more years and make $5 million per year or even $6 or 7 million. No one knows. But I do know that the guy negotiating last year didn't sound like a guy that was willing to play for less than $10 million. So, as I said, there's a "realistic chance" that his pride takes over and he doesn't sign a contract. I didn't say that it was likely but there is certainly some percentage chance that it could happen. To say that there's no chance that he won't be signed by another team after being cut means that you're certain that either a team will give him what he wants or that he'll be willing to accept any offer that he gets. And that doesn't always happen.
  2. You won't see any team give up anything for Peterson with his current contract. No one is paying him $18 million next year. So he either renegotiates or the Vikes cut him. And the Vikes will cut him because I can't see him renegotiating and the Vikes won't pay him under the contract. So he becomes a free agent. And, given the draft class and other vets on the market, as well as AP's baggage, I'd be surprised to see any team give him more than $4 or 5 million in real money for 2017. And I'm not sure that AP would play for that amount. With that in mind I think that there's a realistic chance that AP may end up like Welker and be forced into retirement because of contract demands.
  3. Thanks for the interest but we just found a replacement owner.
  4. Filled - thanks
  5. http://www68.myfantasyleague.com/2016/options?L=14404&O=26 Interestingly enough, this league was originally formed by Nukker. We cleaned up some of the rules last year. And we may look at voting on some others this year.
  6. I did something like this with Hill recently, although got a better return -- I think that most Hill owners are asking for 1sts and there are a few non-Hill owners who might be willing to get into that range. My deal was in a 48-team league with 4 copies of each player but the deal (in 12-team terms) was Hill, 2.11, and 3.1 for 1.10.
  7. 12-team PPR heading into its 4th year looking for an owner. All money held in LeagueSafe and paid out immediately after season ends. We have a great group of owners and it’s an active league. 27 man rosters and we start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE flex, 1 K, and 1 Def. The team has the following draft picks: 2.5, 2.6, 3.5. Entry fee is $50 plus $5-6 per team for MFL fees. All money is paid out. All owners have prepaid a $25 deposit which allows for trades of future draft picks. A new owner has two payment options: (1) pay $55 for 2017 and a $25 deposit, or (2) pay $55 for 2017, $25 which will be applied against 2018, and $25 which will be applied against 2019. In the second option, no deposit would be required –the 2019 prepayment acts as the deposit and, in essence, we will roll over the former owner’s deposit into your account. You can see the team at : http://www68.myfantasyleague.com/2016/options?L=14404&F=0011&O=07 QB Winston Rivers Cousins RB DMart Murray Booker Mathews Sims Matt Jones A. Ellington Ervin Jacquizz Chris Thompson Keith Marshall WR Landry Doctson Crowder LaFell Hunter Hawkins Humphries TE Reed Vernon Fiedorowicz James K Hopkins Bailey D Titans Redskins If interested, please send an e-mail to me at football@faarg.com. Please provide a little bit of information about yourself and leagues in which you are involved. We are looking for the right owner to take over the team and be a part of the league for years to come.
  8. Agreed with Jeaton. Be careful joining a league with this commish. I'm actually currently commishing a league that the OP started and then bailed on before we played any games. IIRC he did that in at least one other league. Thankfully we were on LeagueSafe so we didn't lose any money and we were able to contact MFL to get control of the site.
  9. Tough situation for the OP but at least you are seeing all of this in year 1. Time to move on. Lots of great comments here regarding fixing errors retroactively which all commishes should consider. My policy is that the website controls but I strive to have the website match the written rules. When I make changes in MFL (such as draft order, scheduling, playoff matchups, etc) I send an email out to the league or let them know on league chat. At that time I ask them to take a moment and verify the changes and bring any issues to my attention. But once the games begin I will not go back and change anything. It's better to have finality than perfection, although I always try for both. The best example of why it becomes tough to change things after the fact is a situation where an owner picks up an issue the day after I send out checks to everyone. You may want to make everything perfect and announce a new winner but try getting an owner to send a check back to you.
  10. I think there's a very good chance that the owners of the top 3 picks would not move them for Dez. As an initial matter, it's only 3 owners (at most) so startup value, groupthink, message board consensus, etc. goes out the board. It's what do those 3 owners want. For those that "earned" the picks, I can't imagine that they would give up a shot at one of the top 3 (or 4 or 5) this year for a WR that's had character issues, injury issues, and is getting older. Sure, the pick may bust but I think that someone in a rebuild is willing to risk that the pick becomes Zeke, Gurley, Cooper, etc. rather than TRich. So you really need to find someone who traded for the pick. And, for those owners, they have specifically targetted that pick with the hope of getting one of the top players in this draft. So you'll likely need to offer more than they gave up for the pick. Your best hope is to find a team that just missed out on the playoffs or the championship who has a hole at WR but nowhere else. Absent that type of match, I think that you'll find it hard to get a top 3 1st for Dez. Now, with that being said, I view Dez as being worth more than the picks. And would be open to a deal like this or for another top player if I had one of the picks.
  11. Wow, that's a name from the past. Terry was awesome with what he did. I think that he had some health issues a while ago and is no longer doing this. But I do remember that he had a lot of great articles and advice. If you can find his stuff definitely look at it.
  12. As for rules, keep it simple but try to match it to what the kids watch. I believe that most of the fantasy trackers that appear during games use a non-PPR format so it might be helpful to start with that so that they can get updates as to how their players are doing and learn about values while watching the games. Or, if you watch a particular pre-game show on Sunday, use the format that they use so that the kids can get some more value from that. I would also recommend having each parent do a quick write-up each week. Nothing long but talk about the games, match-ups, lineup decisions, and even offer a piece of advice. It will probably take 15-30 minutes once every 6 or 8 or 10 weeks but I think that the kids would get a lot out of it and it adds to the experience.
  13. Personally, for something like this I would use ESPN. The interface is easy to use, it has links to the ESPN site, and is generally easy to use. But, the best reason for a league like this, is that they do offer lineup advice and recommendations and the projected stats appear to be better than a lot of sites out there. Almost like driving an automatic car, they can let the site take the lead on a lot of decisions and start assuming the amount of control that they are comfortable at the pace that they prefer. I'm in a local redraft league on ESPN and I swear that at least half the league lets ESPN make all of the decisions for them. And ESPN has been doing a lot better than me this year in that league. EDIT - I just took a look at the lineup optimizer. I'm not sure if you need an Insider subscription for that but it gives a projected win percentage based on either your opponent's current lineup or "optimized" lineup. It will then offer suggestions as to who to start and explain why it made the decisions. That could be very helpful for new players -- if you trust the recommendations which i don't always. But it helps new players start thinking about why certain decisions are being made. I have pasted a screenshot of the lineup recommendations below. The greyed out players are recommendations that ESPN made. And, although not formatted nicely here, there is a link to "Why did Insider make these recommendations." LINEUP RECOMMENDATIONS Insider attempts to maximize your team's Win Probability for your current matchup by recommending the most optimal lineup. Want to learn more? Click here CURRENT WIN PROBABILITY 51.9% INSIDER RECOMMENDED LINEUP OPTIMIZED OPPOSING LINEUP SETTING Optimized LineupCurrent Lineup STARTERS WK 14 OUTLOOK SLOT PLAYER, TEAM POS ACTION OPP STATUS ET PROJ NUMBERFIRE PROJECTION ANALYSIS VOLATILITY QB Russell Wilson, Sea QB @GB Sun 4:25 19 Score 19.5 or more points: 65.6%; Pass for at least 1 TD: 76.3% MED RB Ezekiel Elliott, Dal RB @NYG Sun 8:30 21 Score 20.77 or more points: 74.0%; Rush for at least 1 TD: 60.9% LOW RB T.J. Yeldon, Jax RB Min Sun 1:00 8 Score 8.43 or more points: 39.8%; Rush for at least 1 TD: 5.8% MED RB/WR Allen Robinson, Jax WR Min Sun 1:00 12 Score 11.63 or more points: 58.6%; Catch at least 1 TD: 17.3% MED WR Sammy Watkins, Buf WR Q Pit Sun 1:00 11 Score 10.8 or more points: 61.6%; Catch at least 1 TD: 36.2% MED WR Brandin Cooks, NO WR @TB Sun 4:25 13 Score 13.43 or more points: 57.9%; Catch at least 1 TD: 43.4% MED TE Eric Ebron, Det TE Q Chi Sun 1:00 10 Score 10.46 or more points: 41.2%; Catch at least 1 TD: 26.7% MED D/ST Dolphins D/ST D/ST Ari Sun 1:00 9 Score 9.2 or more points: 43.0%; Allow fewer than 20 points: 45.7% MED K Graham Gano, Car K SD Sun 1:00 8 Score 8.14 or more points: 58.0%; Kick at least 1 FG: 61.1% MED Below is an example of ESPN's recommendation explanation for one suggested move. Insider has optimized your lineup to maximize your Win Probability for the current matchup and recommends the following moves: Sammy Watkins for Mike Wallace Sammy Watkins has a projected scoring range of 6 to 20 points, giving him a 60.2% chance to outscore Mike Wallace, whose projected scoring range is 6 to 16 points.
  14. So what are the odds that we ever see this article this week: The Rookies - Magaw My guess is that it quietly gets scrubbed off the subscriber content page late Saturday night like many articles before it.