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  1. He hasn't been traded yet in any of the leagues where owners offered him to me either. I think that owners have a really high perceived value on him whereas others haven't been paying attention to him and don't have him rated as highly.
  2. I doubt that based on offers I've seen this offseason. In several different leagues I've received unsolicited offers for McDonald where they are valuing him as if he was a top 5 dynasty TE.
  3. Not calling you out in particular. But I've seen quite a few offers, in several leagues, from different owners, where I'm being pitched McDonald as if he is a top 5 dynasty TE. I haven't noticed any guy whose value has been inflated nearly as much as his this year. Now, with that being said, I was a huge fan of his when he first came out and would love to see him add on to what he did last year. But I think that people are acting if he's already taken the next step.
  4. I disagree but it seems as if a lot of people are buying into (or at least pitching) this concept. I have received more offers of people trying to sell McDonald than any other player. And I've been shocked at the value that his owners are placing on him. I haven't been willing to pay that price yet but there's apparently a Vance fanclub out there advancing the notion that he's got a ton of value right now.
  5. And Tom Brady was a 6th round draft pick. Not sure where that gets us. Did Michael Thomas fall in the draft as well? Did he rise? I'm not really sure. There will always be examples of later drafted players out-performing earlier drafted players. My point dealt with the fall from projected slot to actual slot for Treadwell and Metcalf -- it had nothing to do with strict correlation between draft slot and NFL performance. If you remember you said that Metcalf fell (or that his draft slot was irrelevant) because the Seahawks didn't draft earlier so we should ignore the fall because the fall didn't reflect a loss in value. Although picks 29 and 47 were still much lower than Metcalf was projected and the Seahawks had those picks but didn't pick Metcalf. But let's ignore inconvenient facts. The point was that both WRs fell from where they were projected. Treadwell fell considerably from where he was projected to go. So did Metcalf, with him going as high as 6 or 7 in many drafts. I've become more cautious after Treadwell and will be spending time trying to see if there's a reason for the decline that should make me look in a different direction. You find it irrelevant. My guess is that you'll have a lot of shares of Metcalf and I'll probably have none.
  6. Good luck with your draft then. But, for me, when a guy gets drafted much later than expected, there's probably a reason. And I'm going to look for it. But the theory that you and Seattle know more than the other 31 teams could also be true. If that's the case, just like Seattle, you'll get great value.
  7. Sounds like the logic I used to justify taking Treadwell in rookie drafts a few years ago. And we all know how that turned out.
  8. I would not unless I was in full rebuild mode. BTW, in the future you should post questions like this here: Welcome to the boards.
  9. You did the right thing. I send out one rule, and only one rule, to owners in the leagues I commish before the draft: "Don't be that guy." It's served me well. Owners are allowed to consider who they're taking, investigate trades, and deal with life issues. But just "don't be that guy." That goes for all sides, the guys on the clock, the owners receiving offers, and those waiting for the pick.
  10. I like @Hankmoody's answer but you will likely have one big issue. I'm assuming that there aren't 12-14 guys of JuJu's caliber. So you will likely end up with multiple teams putting in a max bid for JuJu. So you'll have to figure out how to break ties. One suggestion would be to do a random dice roll and allocate different funds based on that order. So if you have 12 owners, and a $200 budget, team 1 would get $200, team 2 would get $199, team 3 would get $198, etc. The net result is that team 1 would get JuJu -- but someone has to get him. One other thought is to do a pre-RFA, pre-dispersal, RFA. Give owners the right to offer up current guys under contract -- with bids coming from the funds for the dispersal and any money bid would go to the original owner. Then owners would go into the dispersal with different amounts of money but based on their efforts AFTER hearing about the contraction. So if someone wants JuJu, maybe they toss a guy like Trey Burton into the earlier RFA period to increase their chances at JuJu.
  11. My reading skills are still intact. But you've wasted enough of my time with this diversion. Best of luck. But I'll wait for the: "I joined a league and two years later I read the rules and saw that the commish had put in a rule that he could sleep with my girlfriend. I'm not sure if that rule was always there but I think that he added it without a vote. So, should I let him sleep with my girlfriend?"
  12. So in your latest made-up hypothetical the commish made a change for the convenience of the league as a whole and you're upset? And nobody complained? The answer is clear -- he should boot you from the league. I've been running leagues for about 35 years now and the one thing that I've learned is that you're in trouble if you keep yourself bound by the express terms of the rules rather than evolve in the best interests of the league. One league has been around since 1991 and the rules provided that the USA Today was the official source of stats. I modified that without a vote and we're still going strong despite my potential breach of the rules. I think that the initial rules also provided that I was to leave a copy of the weekly updates (which was printed on a dot-matrix printer at the time) under the dorm room door of each owner. That changed without a vote. The same holds true for drafting dates/time limits. Dates get moved if people aren't around and time limits get changed as people's lives and technology evolve and now that I have owners in other countries. But we still get through it.
  13. Care to share a list of guys that have been accused but there were no charges and no suspension? It's a very small list. Which gives credence to the possibility that charges or a suspension will follow here. The player that comes to mind is Dez Bryant and the Walmart video. He was accused, wasn't charged, and wasn't suspended. But his ADP took a hit.
  14. I've tried to get him in a few places with a late first but have also been met with owners looking for a mid-early 1st for him.