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  1. wakelawyer

    DE Michael Bennett indicted on felony

    That camera guy clearly profiled Bennett.
  2. wakelawyer

    Is there a site? is free for playoff leagues.
  3. wakelawyer

    Interesting commissioner dilemma

    There are two concepts at play here -- accuracy v. finality. All the leagues that I run rely on stat corrections because I'd prefer accuracy even if it delays the actual result by a few days. But there are a lot of people that prefer finality, i.e. you know the results on Tuesday morning and they aren't going to change. And is accuracy really that important in a fake game? There are arguments for both but both are very different and I would have a hard time justify switching from one to the other to alter the result of a playoff game. If it has never been done before and no one thought to bring it up as an issue before the games started, the commish should not be making any changes now. Wait a few weeks and deal with it in the offseason. But I can tell you that, from my experience, the owner who would lose a win by putting in a new rule now isn't going to be happy and it's going to create issues in your league.
  4. wakelawyer

    RTSports Leagues

    The rules are the rules are the rules. One league that I commish uses division/conference record for certain tie-breakers. The rules were put in place nearly 30 years ago when people cared more about divisions and trying to emulate the NFL setup. There are some tough breaks but everyone knows the rules coming in. RTS has those rules in place and there's nothing that they can do in response to your e-mail. They can't give you a playoff spot over the other team. And they can't offer you any refund or compensation lest the floodgates open and everyone seeks to get paid. It sucks that it happened to you. But, at least in that setup, the correct result occurred.
  5. I doubt you'd find any that you should trust but you could do your own. There are plenty of sites, including FBG I think, that keep track of points allowed to opposing RBs, WRs, TEs, etc. Compare that info to past performance, recent performance and trends, and what you believe to be injury/playing time/matchup situations. It takes some work but the good news is that there are probably only a handful of options on your waiver wire at each position that you would consider this far in advance so you don't have to do it for every player.
  6. wakelawyer

    Colin Kaepernick

    Actually, let's bring it closer to reality here. Kaep isn't a whistle blower. He had no issues with the NFL -- at the time. A manager at a company that sells bicycles is upset at the separation of families at the US border. So, at each monthly meetings where the public is invited, and at which he normally sits in a seat behind the speaker, the manager stands rather than sitting down. Afterwards he tells the media in attendance why he is standing. At the next meeting, more media arrive to cover his standing, as opposed to the agenda of the company's meeting. The company tells the manger that they would prefer that he not stand or talk to the media. Think he's getting fired? Think another company is going to hire him? If he's good enough he's working but if he's not, he's gonna be standing alone at home.
  7. True, he could. But I can only go off what I know of the commish. And he doesn't seem to be that type of person from what I've seen him post over the years -- even back to the yellow board days I think. And his league owners know him better and should be doing a similar analysis. If the commish has taken questionable steps in the past there would be a reason for concern. If not, I think that you give him the benefit of the doubt and take him at his word.
  8. The key for me is that no one tried to pick him up before the rule was put in place. And at a time that the commish could have picked him up, although there are questions as to whether there would have been an available spot. Had another owner picked up West and then the rule was put in place, that would require a deeper dive into the rules including the language cited by JohnnyU and any provisions concerning deferring to MFL designations.
  9. I mainly allow waivers up until Monday in case there is a late scratch for a Monday night game. For me the downside in keeping it open is outweighed by the upside of allowing people a chance to field a complete lineup.
  10. You've been around this game long enough that I would be surprised if your league rules didn't have a best interest of the league provision. So I would actually applaud you for closing the loophole rather than exploiting it. While some may say it needs to go to a vote, the fact that you were on the site and made the change before he was picked up makes it clear that, at least in leagues where you have a scrub Eagles or Redskins' player you could have picked him up. So the truly "aggrieved" party, if any, would be you.
  11. wakelawyer

    Tanking for a better playoff matchup?

    Thanks for the clarification. I commish one long-standing keeper league (almost 30 years now) and teams start selling off assets fairly early which does impact other teams. And creates a huge divide in talent by the time you get to the last few games. But I do see that as being a bit different because we require teams to field an active lineup even if they have sold off all valuable assets. We don't base draft order off previous year finish and we do waivers based on record (I know, not my favorite but it works there) so many teams that have given up actively mine the waiver wire to get assets they can trade. But I do see this as being different. And, to be honest and I realize it may not seem fair, I probably wouldn't have an issue if you weren't the commish. There does not appear to be an express prohibition but it seems untoward and it appears to have never done before. But I think that the commish (unfairly for him/her perhaps) should be looking to spot loopholes and close them rather than exploit them. So I'd rather not do something like this. And would hope that my commishes in other leagues wouldn't either.
  12. Isn't the easy solution to set it up as an 8-team playoff but let the 8 seed know that he can't advance and have them put in a weak lineup? So round 1, #1 gets a bye, 2 plays 7, 3 plays 6, and 4 plays 5.
  13. wakelawyer

    Tanking for a better playoff matchup?

    I think that you shouldn't be commishing any leagues. But you got a set of brass ones. You're the commish and decide to tank to help your playoff position/seeding even though you know it will impact others. It blows up in your face. Owners get mad at you. And you are here with the apparent hope that people will support you. I won't be one of them. As a commish you need to stand above the fray and avoid looking for loopholes. I would be looking for another league if you were my commish. You may be a great person outside of this game but I certainly expect more from those that run my leagues. And I live up to that expectation in leagues I run.
  14. I agree with everyone else here -- you should be using 100% of your FA bucks if you have them. But I think that your league(s) makes it a different analysis. If I'm reading your post right, you have a pool of money for FAs and unused money is translated into real money and paid out to winners. I've never seen a league like that but that would certainly skew the analysis. If there is no benefit to saving the money or if the only benefit is carrying it over to the next year, you should have unloaded what you had on Ware. In hindsight, it may not have been a good move but it was the smart move at time.
  15. I try to diversify at the time of the startup draft. But, over time, my rosters start to become very similar. The main reason is that, when I see a potential guy for the backend of my roster, I'll usually add him in most of my leagues where it makes sense. So for a guy like Riddick, Rawls, James White, or Tyrell Williams, I may add him in almost every league and then I end up keeping him when he becomes startable. The second reason is that there are a handful of guys that I like in each draft and I tend to get a high percentage of those guys on my rosters. Basically, I end up having a lot of similarity with respect to guys that have a low acquisition cost but a fair amount of diversity when it comes to studs. By way of illustration, below are guys that I have in 5 or more leagues: 8 Pettis, Dante - draft day favorite 7 Godwin, Chris - draft day favorite Taylor, Taywan - draft day favorite Ross, John - draft day favorite 6 Coleman, Corey - low cost waiver acquisition Edwards, Gus - low cost waiver acquisition Williams, Tyrell - low cost waiver acquisition Evans, Mike - active trade target and drafted him in a league or two 5 Bryant, Dez - low cost waiver acquisition Ellington, Bruce - low cost waiver acquisition Luck, Andrew - draft day favorite and trade target Riddick, Theo - low cost waiver acquisition Kelly, Chad - draft day favorite Redskins, Washington - - low cost waiver acquisition for streaming defense