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  1. Very similar to what I did. I just sold him for what is virtually guaranteed to be a late 2019 1st. I had wanted to get more and think that he's probably worth more but no one is offering anything for him right now. I'd be surprised if you had even 2 owners in a 12-team league that would even think about bringing him on for an early 2nd -- not because of value necessarily but because people have moved on and don't want to roster him. So I think that you got a good deal for Dez if you're looking to move on. And if you want Dez you might find that the owner could be tempted if you dangled a mid 2nd round pick in front of them.
  2. Florio's just advocating a position -- one that he knows brings him a bunch of clicks -- mostly from those that disagree with him. Take a look at Westlaw or Lexis and you'll find plenty of times where the Courts did not agree with positions Florio advanced on behalf of his clients. The moment I'm waiting for is when one of the players says that they want to kneel/stand forward/do jumping jacks/etc for gun rights, blue lives matter, or for victims of abortions or some other non-liberal viewpoint. Now that the NFL has opened up its game and the national anthem for "protests" or demonstrations, they would be hard pressed to stop any demonstrations irrespective of the point being advanced.
  3. I don't know league rules but I could see one of two reasons for this, or at least two reasons why I would do it. They both have to with roster caps. First, they could be guys that I would be dropping anyway so I might as well send them to you in case you want them. Worst case for you is that you just drop them. Or, second, I can't take on your guys in my deal without dropping players but I don't want to drop them unless you accept the deal. In either event, I usually put a note in the MFL comments that certain guys are merely being added because they would be my drop guys. I usually do this to avoid the other owner thinking that I'm adding the players with the thought that they carry any meaningful value.
  4. Am I personally overvaluing Jamaal Williams or is that trade as bad as it looks?
  5. Maybe it's just me but those "Activity Rules" seem like the basic level of participation that a serious dynasty owner should be providing. So he wants you to visit the site regularly, respond to trade offers in 3 days, and vote on league polls? What a monster.
  6. Thank you. PM sent.
  7. I've been playing with this a bit deeper. I saw an error message about leagues with multiple copies of each player. The error message seemed to indicate that free agent tracking would be impacted. But I also notice that rosters aren't loading as well. Is this something that will be addressed? thanks,
  8. Amazing! Absolutely amazing! Put in my info (using username) and it imported 15 leagues. There do seem to be a lot of issues, but it looks like you are working through them. For unrecognized players there is an indication that FBG will receive this info to match up players. Is the same true for scoring categories that you don't recognize? The primary ones that I am noticing are missed FG by distance, the 1 point safety and 2 point conversion return, and all IDP scoring. I also noticed that IDP players don't carry over. Is that just a short-term issue with the IDP players being mapped once you get the offensive side up and running? If this works as advertised and as it appears right now, you've saved me at least an hour or two of work in inputting leagues.
  9. And that's why it's not a good fit for everyone and not everyone is a good fit for the league. I'm sure there are plenty of other leagues here that you can join and they'd be happy to take your money and that you'd be happier in. Thanks for stopping by.
  10. The 2nd forum down (titled Roster Wars Bylaws) when you click the link would be a good start. http://rosterwars.forumotion.com/f6-forum
  11. If you're looking for a great league, this is it. I used to have over 30 leagues because I would get bored in the offseason -- I needed 30 leagues to keep some semblance of activity. But I joined RW two years ago and most of my other leagues (except those that I commish -- I still love all of you) have become an afterthought and I've cut the number of leagues that I'm in by half. Stop on by and check it out. You can thank me later.
  12. I think that you posted at DLF as well but you should definitely check out http://rosterwars.forumotion.com/ . It's not even 9:30 am EST and we already have more than 30 posts on the message board for the day. And every owner except one from the two leagues has been to the site at least once yesterday or today.
  13. Thank you -- a lot. This saves me a ton of time.
  14. Bump ... and a question? Is there a way to sync all of your leagues with one click? There used to be a sync all leagues link but now it looks like you have to sync them individually.
  15. Now here's your chance to do the right thing. Go back and undo the trade, apologize to the league, put the voting back in place for this year, and let everyone know that you would like to revisit the voting issue next year. If you can't do that, you should really consider stepping down as commish ASAP.