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  1. Every year I read that Howard has stated he's worked on his hands in the passing game. He looked improved the last year he was with the Bears. He got hurt last year with the Eagles. I think he's underrated as a pass catcher and will be undervalued in redraft leagues. Bredia has solid receiving skills, just hasn't been able to stay on the field to showcase them for a length of time.
  2. Nadia Dawn.....I used to have her entire pic shown as my Avatar but a Mod on this site sent me an e-mail to only show the top part. I couldn't believe it....she's not naked. Apparently she's too much for them to handle. Now this post will be deleted lol.
  3. If he can just stay on the field, I absolutely love this trade. I'm surprised the 9ers dealt him. Excellent depth. They still need a another RB IMHO.
  4. Which side did you believe would win by majority vote then?
  5. Remember he is a capable runner himself down in the red-zone.
  6. Just when I was zeroed in to pick up Badgley, someone dropped Zuerlein. Now what? Can someone advise? Who's the better bet ROS???
  7. Fortunately I really don't need neither guy. My primary goal is to block my opponent(s). Playoffs begin in my league in week 13. I prefer Fuller but opposition needs a RB more. I'd rather have Fuller as the long term play (and I believe like yourself is the better pickup overall) but I don't like his match-up as you stated against N.E. this week. We'll see if any other possible waivers emerge after the MNF game. Thanks for your help.
  8. Curious in a full point ppr league, who would be your #1 add between Snell and Fuller?
  9. Why bail on Herndon? He was practicing on a limited basis and appears he could be cleared to go possibly this week.
  10. Agree 100 percent. Bucs can't run the ball. They can't play defense which leads to up-tempo game script and shoot-outs. As someone else already stated, even with the TOs he producing. To add the cherry on top, his schedule really begins to lighten up. I expect Winston to be much better going forward.
  11. Exactly how I feel about him. Are you concerned Fuller will make it back later in the season? That's my only worry.
  12. Anyone holding onto this guy? He was dropped in my 12-man league and I'm considering picking him up. Problem is I have Josh Allen and Winston byes 6 and 7 respectively. Been building my depth at RB and WR and really don't want to drop anyone. Not sure what to do here.