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  1. Here you go - From SteelersWire -' " With little option but to add two new players to the active roster, the Steelers opted to place cornerback Senquez Golson and offensive tackle Ryan Harris on the team’s Reserve/Injured List. Taking their spots will be offensive lineman Matt Feiler and cornerback Al-Hajj Shabazz, swapping position for position with two healthy bodies. Both Feiler and Shabazz have spent the year on the Steelers’ practice squad so far and this will be the first time either has been active on gameday for an NFL team. Feiler originally was signed to the practice squad in September 2015 after being released by the Houston Texans. He spent the entire 2014 season on the Texans’ practice squad. Shabazz was added as futures signing in February this year. Previously he was an undrafted free agent signing with the Indianapolis Colts in 2015."
  2. He's taking online courses while remaining in LA. He will not be on the Texas A&M campus.
  3. Eagles reportedly are shopping CB Eric Rowe. He was drafted in the second round last year. The Steelers had him in for a visit before the 2015 draft.
  4. The offense will become even more running oriented with Elliot being featured but I think Morris who has had an excellent camp gets a significantly bigger role.
  5. Dallas only offered a 2nd and 3rd to teams in the low teens and early twenties in the draft. Starting with the Bengals at pick 23 the offer was a 2nd and 4th. From MMQB "The plan was to offer Dallas’ second-round and third-round picks, 34 and 67 overall, to teams in the late teens and early twenties—Indianapolis, Buffalo, the Jets, Houston—but then swap out the third-rounder for Dallas’ fourth-rounder, 101 overall, starting in the mid-twenties. Cincinnati (24), Pittsburgh (25), Seattle (26), Green Bay (27) and Kansas City (28) all got called. Lukewarm responses, mostly. Buffalo (19) said no to the offer of the second and third. The Jets said no."
  6. The chance of getting the full 2nd circuit court to hear this case is just about non-existent. From 2000 - 2010 they heard about 28000 cases and only granted an full court hearing in 8 cases or 0.018 %. This is not a case the Supreme Court would ever accept.
  7. Jason Jones who the Cowboys met with earlier in FA. He looks like a good player who would fit in the DL rotation.
  8. Chargers are trying to trade their pick to teams that want Ramsey. The Eagles and Chargers were in trade talks too until they decided to trade up to pick two instead. I doubt any team would trade up for Tunsil since several teams rank the other potential first round OTs (Stanley and Conklin) as better values at the 10 - 15 pick range with Decker available later in the round along with Spriggs who the Ravens have been interested in. I expect there will be two or three more trades in the top ten picks on draft day.
  9. Like everyone in the top 4 picks , I think Dallas wants to trade down. Dallas is holding private workouts with the top three QBs. They went to Orlando yesterday to work out Lynch. I think it's a smoke screen to try and convince other teams to consider trading for their pick.
  10. Patrick Robinson signed with the Colts.
  11. From a tweet by Seth Walden a New York Daily News writer - "Damon Harrison tied for league lead among NTs with 51 stops last year. Steve McLendon had 9."
  12. This from says this is for missed tests not failed tests and that could impact the length of any suspension. " What does the NFL drug policy say? First, let's get something cleared up: the latest news in this saga is that Bryant's potential year-long suspension is the result of missed tests, not failed tests. How does that change things? More than you might think. We still know very little about the situation, but one thing is certain: the drug policy (Appendix E) is very clear about how the league handles missed tests -- or, as the policy calls it, "Failure to Appear for Testing." What's interesting is that the punishment being thrown about is a year-long suspension. I don't buy that, because the policy doesn't spell out any case where a year-long suspension would be demanded. And it very clearly states that failure-to-appear violations will not advance a player to the next Intervention Stage: The discipline issued pursuant to these procedures shall not be dependent upon the Player’s program status within the Intervention Program, nor shall a Player be advanced to the next Intervention Stage based solely upon a violation of these procedures. A violation of these procedures may, however, be a basis for resetting a Player’s discharge date at the discretion of the Medical Director. This means one of three things: either the reason for the suspension, or the duration, is wrong. Or, possibly, the NFL is being consistently inconsistent in how it handles punishment. " The NFL drug policy if you want to read Appendix E yourself.
  13. Reports says the Steelers are trying to sign Beachum to a one year deal. My guess is that teams that talked to Beachum's agent recently are not close to offering the kind of $$$ they want. One year deal may be the way to show teams he is recovered and then be a FA again next season.
  14. Just unfreaking believable.
  15. He dove harder at the ground after Norman got the defensive holding penalty in the end zone than he did 'going' for the fumble.