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  1. When will this feature be available?
  2. Any ETA on when DD for Windows will be released?
  3. I'd go Wilson. Better overall play even vs. SF.
  4. I would keep Lacy in. Monitored work load but could still get 2 td's. Otherwise I'd go Allen.
  5. I"m nice in the same boat. Sanchez scares me with his turnovers. Ryan still has a higher ceiling and Sanchez a lower floor.
  6. If Charles out, Davis over Vereen or J. Bell in PPR?
  7. Devices: iPhone 5, iPad Qualifications: Footballguys subscriber since 2003. :-) Played Fantasy Football since 1998. I have used the VBD app, Projections Dominator, Draft Dominator and Lineup Dominator for as many years as the software has been around. I work in the IT field and have developed apps and work with databases.
  8. What would the starter and roster spots numbers be for the FBG Players Championship? 10 starters, 20 roster spots?
  9. Winning the Super Bowl was not realistic no matter who they drafted in the 1st round. LIke winning the SB is realistic to any teams but Phily in the NFC.
  10. Too bad they'll be FAR back in the standings as a result. You're telling me they can't win the division ? none of the other division teams are any better. it's wide open.
  11. quote=jurb26,Apr 23 2005, 02:34 PM] How does it force Favre to retire? I think Favre is in a position with this team as to where they will let him call that shot.