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  1. I feel your pain. I think I've decided on Bright White.
  2. Except the internet is loaded with Russian trolls.
  3. I have to say it feels good to have my vote possibly count for once instead of it being an automatic win for the red team. #purplestateswinger
  4. Actually headed to drop our ballots off in AZ now. Two more for Biden.
  5. Going to make my 3 dozen votes count in AZ too. Vote early, vote often.
  6. Depends on the guys. I used to have Tyreek and Kelce on my dynasty team which was awesome until I panicked and gave away Tyreek thinking he was done in the NFL.
  7. I own Cooks and Fuller in a dynasty so it would definitely be better to put them on different teams.
  8. I'm worried that Trump is going to score last minute big points on energy voters in places like Pennsylvania because of Biden's admission on fossil fuels in the last debate. I hope I'm wrong. I have PTSD for 2016. I went into election night thinking it was a done deal for Hillary. Such a terrible night.
  9. My guesses: Trump: Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvania Biden: Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, Arizona Biden wins, 276 - 262. Wait too close for comfort. My state of Arizona flips and saves the Union. Oops. I had Colorado red by accident. Final score 285-253. Not as close but still too close. If Trump instead gets Michigan, a 269-269 tie. 😲
  10. This. A pandemic doesn't take a break for manmade holidays. It sucks but it is what it is.
  11. I just mean, yeah, crazy. At worst my WR6. Sometimes you're just given a gift. I was also wondering what I missed.