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  1. I have the same problem. Says my internet connection is not stable enough which is bs. Well it was bs. My new modem and speed is flaky. Cox is really annoying me tonight.
  2. I got that one covered. Upgraded mine to 1000mbps and it's not working yet.
  3. I actually like Delaney too but he won't make the cut.
  4. El mero desnudo es bastante molesto. Google translate is funny. I typed "Naked pandering is pretty annoying" and got the above. Reverse translation then gave me this: "The mere naked is quite annoying."
  5. This was me...even worse a 2020 second rounder. *sigh* Maybe Sammy Watkins, also on my roster, will somehow miraculously outplay him. A guy can dream.
  6. Can we just narrow it down to these eight soon? Beto may be on some lists as well but he just hasn't impressed me.
  7. Interested to see what happens as I'm planning similar timing end of next month.
  8. Funny, I'm the opposite. Cage is one of my favorite bands. Beck, I actually haven't explored his catalogue much beyond his hits and Spoon I don't really know many of their songs at all. Looking forward to the show on Sunday night.
  9. Mine is up Sep 18 I believe. I will call at end of August to cancel after my Aug 18 bill. I had a smoking deal last year. Got the Xtra package and paid full price for Sunday Ticket and added HBO at full price...but I also received $155 a month for 12 months in credits. My bill for the last few months has been a credit of $11 a month. Would be awesome to get a similar deal but I understand probably not possible. Hoping for free ticket and the typical $65 a month credit deal.
  10. I guess i've only used mine for flat tire changes and not towing. Never noticed losing any discounts. Could vary by insurance company.
  11. 😄 With insurance companies these days you never know. I've used mine a few times. No rate increases! I think it runs something like $1.50 a month or something. No brainer.
  12. Pro tip: check with your car insurance company for towing service. Much cheaper. At least mine is with State Farm.
  13. I've been a Quilted Northern guy for years but something happened with the last package I bought. Need a replacement.