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  1. I have no idea what you guys are talking about but I'm glad you're focused on the issues.
  2. Added a single ticket to San Diego after getting to see them in Phoenix in April.
  3. Already going to PJ in Phoenix in April. Ticketmaster released a few more seats for San Diego a couple nights later so I picked up a single there too.
  4. Donovan McNabb. He lives here and his daughter was on the same softball team as mine. He was an assistant coach and would help in practice when he could but ended up missing alot with work. Friendly guy. Huge. Chatted about football off and on.
  5. Plus he'd be good on combating cyber threats because he invented the innernets.
  6. These affluent folks don't have much voting power though, being a small number.
  7. Not sure Trump has made many friends with Iowa farmers with his dumb trade war.
  8. I'm far from young, but a plurality is not a majority. I was a Sanders supporter in 2016. Love the guy's heart and genuine demeanor. Alot of his policies are too liberal for me though. He was my guy though over Hillary who I couldn't stand. Still, come November I held my nose and voted for her. The alternative was no alternative. In 2020 after seeing what he's capable of, that message should be even more clear. He must go no matter what.
  9. I would be beyond furious at any Democrat staying home in 2020 and giving Trump a chance to remain in office. Look, even if Bernie wins, most of his progressive agenda has no chance of being enacted. The patient just got brought into the ER and has massive internal injuries. Priority one is to stop the bleeding and save their life. They don't need a boob job at this time. Don't let perfect be the enemy of good. Vote blue no matter who.
  10. This stuff doesn't phase Trump. He's a clinical narcissist who always behaves "perfectly".