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  1. Otis: Someone had sex with her? Ewwwww.
  2. Called a month or so ago to cancel Sunday Ticket so I wouldn't be charged. They assured me they took care of it. Followed up via chat the next day because it still showed on my online account as a service. Chat rep again assur d me they could see the request to remove it and I would not be charged. Get my bill a few days ago and sure enough they charge me for it. This company continues to not follow through on their customers requests. Last year I spent 6 plus hours on various phone calls trying to get them to honor what they offered to me, finally getting most of it. I dread the call this year. One more month or credits left. If I didn't need the Ticket it would be much easier to walk away. I like the service overall, just the stupid games and not following thru with promises is annoying as $@$#_#.
  3. Make sure you submit pics with your bestest haircut.
  4. Pretty sure my post was in response to Trump himself saying he might not concede if he lost because he claimed everything was rigged. But go ahead and enjoy your gotcha moment.
  5. Ridiculous thinking from a supposed legal mind. One branch of government should pass a law that encourages another to feel free to break any and all laws criminal and civil with no fear of consequences? If the President does it, then it is not illegal. - Tricky Dick This shmuck should be disqualified from a seat on the highest court in the land on this point alone. Outrageous.
  6. Saw it a week ago as well. Highly recommended.
  7. Right. It will just make people.criminals and make the procedures more dangerous.
  8. Donald Trump will never win.
  9. You obviously have no understanding of women and what taking away rights they have had for decades for a very personal choice and inserting the government will do.
  10. Politically speaking, I hope SCOTUS does overturn Roe v Wade. That will be the death knell of the Republican party. Women will line up at the polls like no time in history and wash the Republicans out of office across the land.
  11. If the President does it, then it is not illegal. - Donnie's Uncle Dick
  12. What a sloppy spaghetti eater.
  13. You mean like this?