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  1. The kids have come to save us There will be big changes coming very soon in our country. Inevitable demographics are coming that will wipe out Trump and alot of the backwards thinking bought off politicians in due course. It can't come soon enough.
  2. Have Hill and Kelce on my dynasty team and added Watkins last year in a trade for Njoku. Now I have them all in a Chiefs jersey.
  3. Mine says politics (correct).
  5. If that ####### Bolton drags us into an unnecessary war he deserves to have every individual hair in that ridiculous mustache pulled out one at a time, just for starters.
  6. We might need some the 2nd Amendment people to take care of a few things.
  7. Back your truck into their yard, hook a chain around the tall one's neck, and pull it down like they did to Hussein's statue in Baghdad. That should get the neighborhood talking.
  8. A couple songs I recorded: Moaning Lisa Smile Giant Peach?
  9. Meanwhile, the public is being distracted by Trump infidelity.
  10. Chip Baskets
  11. Great show tonight. Ridiculous value at 500 ticket venue at $20. They deserve to play much bigger crowds. Go see them.
  12. Hmmmm...just got an email offer $50 off audible for a year (99 instead of 149) and $50 off an Echo product. Tempting.
  13. Agreed. Never found that type of tech on my phone useful either. I guess I could see setting up a smart home and using it for that.
  14. Pretty sure the bailouts were intended to stabilize the economy and prevent another Great Depression, not as corporate fascism. At the same time, pretty #######g stupid to deregulate and put ourselves into the same position again.
  15. Here you go...