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  1. cap'n grunge

    Dynasty and Redraft Duke Johnson Cleveland Browns

    Grabbed Chubb but Duke is still available. I wonder if I should double up and drop Clement. Gotta love RBBC.
  2. cap'n grunge

    Starting Chubb or DJJ over______

    Over Murray who I slid to flex and over Clement. Already started Lindsay.
  3. I'm 3-3 in a league where my initial drafted RBs we're Drake, Barber, Jaamal Williams, and Crowell as I went heavy on WR and TE (Michael Thomas, AJ, Cooks, Ertz). None of those RBs are on my team any more. Through FA I've picked up Cook, Fournette, Latavius, Lindsay, Chubb, and Clement. I'm hopeful for a run now. Pun intended.
  4. Woo hoo. Just saw and grabbed off waivers.
  5. cap'n grunge

    The emojis are changing again

    Hmm...i guess not. 😐
  6. cap'n grunge

    The emojis are changing again

    Works for me: 🙂 I guess you're not an elite status member yet.
  7. cap'n grunge

    The emojis are changing again

    Definitely need that haha emoji back for posts like this.
  8. cap'n grunge

    Dynasty & Redraft: Tre’Quan Smith, WR NO

    Seems I keep adding and dropping the same players week to week. Added Tre'Quan again and dropped Peyton Barber. (other obvious choices were Clement or Murray. Holding Murray because I just picked up Cook and he's not insurance.)
  9. cap'n grunge

    Vote on your top 5 post "Reaction" emojis

    Has always been one of my favorites.
  10. Short bench Yahoo work league.
  11. Surprised to see him dropped last night and swooped in to pick him up. Adding him to my roster along with Fournette who was dropped a week ago and I suddenly have a lot of hope in a redraft team that has great receivers and tight ends but crappy RBs. Get healthy dudes.
  12. cap'n grunge

    Board Upgrade - First after upgrade

    Also wish the text was a little bigger on mobile. Not sure if anything can be done there. Using a Pixel XL.
  13. cap'n grunge

    Compete for my first "sad"

    Now that the like feature is fully operational I like it.