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  1. I like our Kitchen-Aid dishwasher but man does it stink. Tried cleaning out everything you can see and that sort of helps a little but it goes back to reek city pretty quickly. Don't know if it's a flaw in the design where food particles are getting trapped somewhere or what. Usually pretty anal about pre rinsing too.
  2. Just had Taco Bell in my car. Did not fall off the seat.
  3. Does 6 wins combined between two leagues count?
  4. Maybe not the exact correct thread, but I'm really enjoying this Spotify playlist: pulp
  5. So mad at myself for letting him go for a song when I thought he was done in the league during the off-season.
  6. Worked like a charm. Except they didn't stop the run either. 😉
  7. I like the screen time option on Apple which I can set for my kid's phone using my iPad. Also like my Apple earpods and wouldn't mine trying airpods. Problem is you can't control volume with Android. Otherwise Android is superior IMO.
  8. Still need to give a good listen to the new The Darkness album Easter is Cancelled.