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  1. Iā€™m holding. I trust them. Foo Fighters already rescheduled for December.
  2. Cancer isn't contagious and spreading at an exponential rate.
  3. Thanks for the additional details. Just went by what I saw/read a couple days ago. At over 2000 deaths per day it is right in the ballpark of those other diseases for leading cause of death on a daily average. My point was aimed squarely at the not a big deal crowd. It most definitely is a big deal.
  4. Recently Covid-19 Became The Leading Daily Cause Of Death In The United States. Doomers. As If. šŸ™„
  5. Not sure I'm correct but I believe they didn't have one for SARS because they stopped their efforts because it was already under control, not because they failed in making one.
  6. IIRC Bill Gates was bankrolling the immediate production of something like 7 different vaccines and they would start producing them immediately even before testing was done to cut months off the time a vaccine would be ready. Not sure if this was one of them.
  7. This also belongs: All this great music makes me feel like random guy here dancing on the stage.
  8. I approve. I don't know how I would limit to 30. I'd add Hunger Strike - Temple of the Dog and Seether - Veruca Salt just off the top of my head.
  9. Apologies if already posted as I haven't been keeping up with the thread the last couple of days. Wow. Covid-19 is now the leading daily cause of death in the US. Hopefully that sober reality will convince the remaining few who refuse to take this as seriously as it should be and want to downplay it. And this result could be even worse if we hadn't been shutting things down the last few weeks. Glad to hear glimmers of hope about a peak, just hope that peak isn't a wide plateau.
  10. Happy Easter. 3:24am here. Eggs filled and hidden. Need to set the baskets out then a couple hours of sleep.
  11. Saw they are reopening Polaris in northern Minnesota on Monday because, you know, snow mobiles and four wheelers are obviously essential. šŸ™„
  12. I'm personally getting real tired (not to mention a little pissed off) at people throwing around the term 'fear mongering" in this situation. It's a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. It spread around the world in just a few months and has infected most likely millions with thousands of deaths. Most of the world has SHUT DOWN. There is NO IMMUNITY to this novel virus. It has already overwhelmed medical systems around the world. It has put our healthcare workers in extreme peril because of lack of PPE. It has caused chaos in the global economy. A vaccine is a year plus away. This is not just the flu bro. Just stop already. Please.