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  1. Anyone have any luck with this? Or a similar site? also securetab people, is the site still working and has anyone tried a pre-paid Visa card or something. Similar.
  2. Been following along in here for a while, finally got rid of directv. Have a Firestick for each tv in the house, each have cinema, Netflix, and I have been casting nflbite site the last two weeks. I have YouTube tv trial. I am looking to get a quick, easy Kodi style install for live tv/sports/ticket etc. I’ve done Kodi and it was a pain to set up and explain to my wife and kids. I know troypoint has a bunch listed but Is there a recommended .apk ?? App that: is easy to install (cinema easy) can work on multiple firesticks easy guide for kids/wife has live sports/nfl/yes/ncaa b-ball i dont mind paying a monthly fee if it’s easy to use and has minimal buffering
  3. Don’t drop Duke... drop Hooper for the BPA
  4. Yep, not sure which to use. Big differences between the two. Same issue as last year.
  5. Short bench. Drop Thompson for another lottery ticket. Justice Hill?
  6. Haha that’s what I got and just attempted to tune it up myself yesterday, I hate working on motorized stuff. It works good, not like a snowblower, but I need something I can carry from driveway to skating rink.
  7. Ppr I’ve Got Drake in over Ware. Been back and forth.
  8. phowler13

    WDIS at WR

    I’d sit Lockett too. Lower floor
  9. 1 pt ppr Drake or Ware leave link to yours.