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  1. Haha that’s what I got and just attempted to tune it up myself yesterday, I hate working on motorized stuff. It works good, not like a snowblower, but I need something I can carry from driveway to skating rink.
  2. Ppr I’ve Got Drake in over Ware. Been back and forth.
  3. phowler13

    WDIS at WR

    I’d sit Lockett too. Lower floor
  4. 1 pt ppr Drake or Ware leave link to yours.
  5. TE wise where do others see Doyle in ppr? Have Njoku not sure if he’s an upgrade or not.
  6. Is offering Chubb in redraft ppr too much? Im essentially in the playoffs so ok waiting on him
  7. What have people seen him moved for in redraft?ppr?
  8. Yeah you’re right he’s 14 in mine now. Must have been corrected. As of early this morning Johnson and Chubb were close to flipped from where they are now.
  9. How does the 200 fwd coordinate with articles/emails going out. Everything. I’ve read on fbg, e-mail updates etc is spend all your money on Chubb, with little mention of duke johnson. When too 200 ppr comes out Johnson is ranked way, way higher that Chubb. not sure how I should trust this going forward as it’s been all over the place this year with rankings etc.
  10. Problems here with cbs, and I read the link about how to resolve roster syncing with this, no luck. Won’t sync more than 2 teams in top 200 forward. We do ppr scoring and our custom league 200 forward list is much different than what is listed when I go to straight ppr scoring.
  11. Anybody move Conner lately? Curious what anyone’s been able to get