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  1. Where exactly did Rob hide those 3 fire tokens during the strip searches? Did something go over my head?
  2. Call in and say you have an NBA contract, you'll have the results in an hour.
  3. Yeah it was pretty obvious early in the episode that not only would that tribe lose but Rob would go. I think the majority of the 14 left may have some type of advantage at this point.
  4. Simple, listener numbers are WAY down because the show is terrible.
  5. I guess I was expecting Pro Revenge at the end of 18 pages. This guy made out huge. Wait until he makes tree jokes at the block party, throwing shade your way.
  6. I don't get how this was bad. Guy needs points NOW, not willing to wait until week 8 or 12 for Barkley to maybe come back 100%.
  7. Google wifi allows me to set schedules per person and device.
  8. I’m talking about hearing chatter from the actual jury, as if Wentworth is the star of the show.
  9. Way too much jury talk at tribal, do we really need to hear their ‘get your popcorn’ comments? The fascination with Wentworth is ridiculous.