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  1. Has this been posted???? From Jason La Confora, Washington Post Sean is in critical condition in Florida after being shot in the leg. The injuries are very serious, and according to one team official "It's not good. We're waiting on more details from the hospital." There is some concern an artery may have been struck, though I have not been able to get the firmly confirmed. Players and coaches are very worried right now and essentially everyone can do nothing but pray for the best at this point. The media is being quarantined to the media room for now - as you would expect in these situations - and there will be no open locker room. Players may be speaking to us later in the day. One of Taylor's agents, Jason Rosenhaus, said he had no comment on the incident. The Redskins are going to have a team meeting around noon to update the players on the situation. According to the team, Taylor was home in South Florida when armed robbers attempted to enter. He was not with the team for the game this weekend - which is not unusual for injured players - as Sean was trying to recover from a knee sprain. The Redskins had hoped that Taylor, who was having a Pro Bowl season, would have returned to the lineup in the next few weeks.
  2. Some of the ones I have read Fair Ball by Bob Costas Whatever Happened to the Hall Of Fame by Bill James Scout's Honor by Bill Shanks Aces: The Last Season on the Mound with the Oakland A's Big Three by Mychael Urban and Billy Beane Baseball Dynasties: The Greatest Teams of All Time by Rob Neyer Let me also throw out some KC related books --- books about when baseball was actually GOOD in KC. Play by Play: 25 Years of Royals on Radio by Denny Matthews Tales From The ROyals Dugout by Denny Matthews