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  1. Not complaining but markets feel so disconnected from reality. We have to have some sort of pull back soon.
  2. All this staying at home has me looking at watches online. Think I am going to need to scratch the itch soon...
  3. He is always behind the curve since he is an idiot.
  4. I agree you should be paid more. Actually think we all should be paid more.
  5. I know too many people to count who have had it but only knew one person personally who have died. A few of my friends and co-workers have had parents die but I didn't know them personally (for example one of my friend's had both his parent's catch it and die but I never meet them). If I include those then probably 6 people have died.
  6. I bought my forever home in Brooklyn like 3 years ago. I don’t have any plans to sell it and don’t see us leaving Brooklyn. I do have my concerns about the city but that has been going on for awhile (mainly due to DeBlasio and some of policies he supports and represents). We have always spent our summer’s primarily out of the city though. Bought our family’s house on NJ shore when my grandmother passed away over a decade ago. No one really wanted it at that time and been a great place for us during this crisis as well as a ton of other uses. However, I just don’t see myself leaving the city for good as I don’t think I could live in suburbs permanently and this experience has proven it more to me. I also don’t see how in long run this really impacts Staten Island. It is a lot more suburban then the rest of city. To be honest, more like NJ and Nassau county then it is like NYC. It could actually do well on a value basis compared to more dense areas of NYC if worried about real estate prices.
  7. Not sure where you are but have heard of a big boom in real estate in suburbs that has already started with people leaving the city. My mom still sells real estate in Westchester and her phone is ringing off the hook though she basically retired now due to this given her age bracket and risks. Also, have a friend who is a NYC broker and she says their view is that there will be a huge cratering of the apartment market (basically a giant blood bath) as no one wants to be in one anymore. Houses in the city should do ok and will avoid the epic disaster but who really knows. Suburbs of NYC are going to boom which matches what my Mom is already seeing.
  8. Good price on whistle pig if like rye. I would do that and Four Roses.
  9. Half the fun is getting lost
  10. I just use one of these for wallet, keys and phone. Works well -
  11. I have been spending a big chunk of my time on Jersey shore and when you compare it to the time I spend in Brooklyn the difference is surprising here as well. There are some folks taking serious but a lot of others are pretty laissez faire. Will say town I am is pretty conservative on the spectrum.
  12. Sioux Falls got hit pretty hard since they had that Smithfield plant breakout and a few breakouts in nursing homes. To lots of this country this was just a NY thing and they see it as no big deal. Hopefully, that doesn't hurt them in the end.
  13. I doubt summer camps open up in the city. I assuming they won't be available. Would also be surprised if city pools open up but the beaches will be.
  14. I joined the Strava group recently (thanks for letting me in whoever controls the keys on that one). I won't be doing much running given an old knee injury makes running very difficult at this point and also very slow. Did a short run the other day and was limping around for the rest of the day. Though I will be on my bike pretty regularly.
  15. Been loving the new bike. Going out on average 3 to 4 times a week with rides generally in the 10 to 15 mile range. Will need to find the time to do a 20 plus mile ride. Very flat where I am so not able to do much hill work which would be good for my fitness but so far happy with the purchase and fill in for my Peloton I have at my home.