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  1. Redwes25

    Disney Vacation

    Checking into a 2 bedroom in BLT on Monday so can give me two cents on it soon.
  2. Redwes25

    Disney Vacation

    Well these are going to be a disaster.
  3. Redwes25

    Work Travel Guys

    What is your home airport? The Amex lounges themselves are the best ones I have been in and if your home airport has one of those it is definitely worth it.
  4. Redwes25

    Work Travel Guys

    Amex platinum for me. Get priority pass access, delta access when flying delta (I am delta loyalist) and also access to the Amex lounges which are the nicest ones I have been in. Lounges are definitely worth it and hard to go back once you get used to them Also get 5 Times points for airlines (which you can transfer to delta) so do almost all my airline spend on that card including stuff my work reimburses me on so get a ton of free points). I don’t use the card for anything else other than taking advantage of credits they give you (Uber, airline credit, Saks credit). Very high fee (550) but all the perks and credits that offset it if you can take advantage of them makes it basically free since most of that stuff I would buy anyway.
  5. Redwes25

    What the heck is going on in Britain?

    Scotland voted overwhelmingly against Brexit. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out down the road as I could see the Scotish vote coming out differently once the UK leaves.
  6. Redwes25

    What is Bill Murray's signature role?

    This is not true. Caddyshack is one of the great comedies of all time. If you have ever worked at a golf course it just nails the whole thing and has some just epic performances. Easily one of the best 5 comedies of all time.
  7. Redwes25

    2018 Florida Races

    So we are at a recount. Who cares. Every vote will be recounted let’s see how this play out and who won.
  8. Redwes25

    2018 Elections Thread

    Sinema is winning Maricopa so given so many votes re coming from their I would think her lead would continue to grow but we shall see.
  9. Redwes25

    2018 Elections Thread

    How the hell can Arizona take days longer than anybody else. They are at like 85% counted which is still a huge percentage that is uncounted.
  10. Redwes25

    2018 Elections Thread

    Here we go...
  11. Redwes25

    2018 Elections Thread

    Or just from Florida.
  12. Redwes25

    2018 Elections Thread

    ####### Florida
  13. Redwes25

    2018 Elections Thread

    The GOP is in shambles in certain blue states, which is a valid point that the GOP should be concerned about generally. There aren't enough districts just in deep red states to hold and keep the house. I feel like this is a bit of a reverse of the parties from the recent past. The Democrats were entirely noncompetitive in many states and republicans could still win districts in the suburbs and put in place a republican governor, etc. However, it feels different now with competitive races in Georgia and Texas this year and NC becoming a competitive state in Presidential elections. Maybe I am wrong but that is what it seems like to me.
  14. Redwes25

    USA Shootings

    I don't know the facts of this event yet but this is wrong. We are not going to stop all gun deaths but you can decrease these types of events. Perfect example is Dylan Roof where if the background check system worked properly would have been blocked from purchasing a gun that he used to kill 9 people. Improved background checks, increased funding for mental heath, banning of certain weapons, etc. could all reduce the death toll. Will it stop it no but if 1 life is saved I think it is worth it. Just saying there is nothing we can do is wrong and given the prevalence of these events in our society compared to the other societies.
  15. Redwes25

    USA Shootings

    You just don’t want anything to be done. That is different then nothing can be done.