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  1. I saw it on Sunday as an activity to avoid the brutal temps and it was pretty good. Really glad James Earl Jones was still in it. No one else can do that voice/role.
  2. Looks like heading to Telluride in February for a week. This will be the first time I bring my kids out West for a ski trip. A bit of a trek to get there but have always wanted to ski there so super excited.
  3. I really thought Pete was the best
  4. I really don’t like Bernie. That rant made no sense.
  5. Well this might be the fastest way to end NY being the financial capital of the world. I don't think I have seen a worse idea proposed in awhile this would have huge negative consequences for our economy.
  6. The thing I really don't like about this article isn't it doesn't cover a huge cost, which is storage of nuclear fuel. We have nuclear waste stored all across this country in pools that were designed to be short term storage as no central storage system was developed (even though we taxpayers fund a central storage system every year and the govt. uses it for other items).
  7. Speaking of equipment in the Summer. I was thinking about getting custom fitted boats. Does anyone have them and if so any recommendations.
  8. Maybe I am heartless but I completely agree with this well thought out article. You decide to climb Everest you are putting your life at risk and if you die it is on you. I would be super pissed if someone died trying to save one of these idiots.
  9. You will need to update us on it (so basically return to this thread for good)
  10. My great great great (add a few more greats) grandfather fought in the Civil War for the Union. Before the war he had been in the army and stationed out west. He left the army before the start of the civil war. His service during the war began as a lieutenant colonel as he helped organize a regiment of volunteers in his hometown of Brooklyn. He was eventually promoted to full colonel and given command of the regiment. He was wounded at the battle of Chaffin's Farm (also called battle of Ft. Harrison and it was part of the siege of Petersburg) and given a brevet to brigadier general and given a command of his brigade. The brigadier general he replaced was promoted to command of the division. He commanded that brigade until the end of the war, which was one of the first to enter Richmond. He was mostly part of the Army of the James and the most notable battles he fought in were Cold Harbor and Petersburg. At Cold Harbor his regiment suffered significantly as it was part of the assault on June 3rd one of the worst days for the Union during the war where the union had about 7k casualties and the fighting was over by around noon. I can't even imagine what it was like as it was one of the most horrific battles of the war. Military history of his regiment -
  11. I definitely want to do this but no way am I investing the time without another book coming. Likely won’t start until there is a real release date.
  12. Swan and Dolphin take Marriott points (used to be spg until merger).
  13. I enjoyed it but imagine there will be a lot of haters.