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  1. I agree, with you completely. I just don't think you can find Weller at anything but obscene prices these days (let alone MSRP), which is more of my point in my post. I have about a quarter bottle of weller 12 still which I think I bought for like 50 or so but feels like I bought it ages ago.
  2. Would love to be pointed in the right direction. I just don't see it out there and when you do it is more than that unless you find it at local retail store. Even there prices have increased greatly on it.
  3. Weller 12 is extremely hard to find at this point. I remember buying for like 30-40 bucks but now finding it at a store is near impossible and Internet prices starting at over $200. A year ago you could get at 125/150 but bourbon prices have gone crazy and its connection to Pappy has made Weller hard to find. You can still find special reserve and 107 fairly regularly but 12 is so hard to find.
  4. Good luck finding Weller 12 (let alone at that price). I would pick up a bottle of Blantons.
  5. MGP actually has some very good rye coming out of it. They are a very high rye mash bill (95%) and great for using in cocktails that call for Rye like Manhattans and Old Fashions. Personally use Bulliet Rye in those types of drinks. Bourbon is too sweet for those drinks in my personal opinion. However, Templeton is garbage as it is MGP rye with flavorings added. I have never had Widow Jane but it was clear to me that was all marketing spin as soon as I first saw one of those bottles.
  6. Walked into liquor store I sometimes frequent that has harder to find stuff. Mostly very high end scotches but they had a bottle of George T Stagg on the shelf. It set me back 500 but had to buy it since I was shocked me to see it in the wild. High price but don’t see anything at that range out there on the internet so feel good about it.
  7. Every time since I could vote until Trump. Can’t see voting republican for much of anything until this guy and his ideas are long gone.
  8. Ok, if you won't use during prime ski season then maybe a little better. Of course if you are not right near a mountain not sure how much ski demand you will have and think you could get a lot more for your money the father away from an actual resort you are. I would suggest maybe try renting up there for a fall and see if it something you would like to do. Also, put a pool in so you go there in summer as well.
  9. I can't figure out what the hell is going on with Jeremy Irons other than he likes to kill a bunch of people that appear to be clones. Only thing I can gather is he is telling some of the backstory like the creation of Dr. Manhattan.
  10. Would tell him to hold off on doing work. He starts drafting a letter he is going to bill you for it. Probably will want to bill you for what he has already done.
  11. I ignore my home for my net worth as lots of factors go in to picking its value and income I could get out of it when I sell. Easier to just ignore it since as you point out you need someplace to live.
  12. I would not go into this type of rental property as really making any money and it being a huge hassle. We have a house on the jersey shore and we used to rent it out for August and use for rest of year. We did this for a couple of years but the amount of income was not worth the hassle and gave up on it. With our house we used to rent it for the the month of August and a house a couple blocks from the beach was a big number but a big problem was the time of year you get the most rental income out of the house is the time of year we wanted to use it most. With a ski house this is even more true as there will only be demand a few weeks a year (think February break and Christmas break but that is about it) which is the time you want to use it most. Also, if it is not a full rental property you don't get all the benefits of running it as business so almost all the income is pure income and gets taxed at your marginal rate. If you are in higher brackets and given you are in NY state go ahead and kiss half of the amount goodbye to the government. Add in the hassle of renting/setting it up for rental and stupid crisis that comes up when renter has a problem and it is not worth the amount of money you get paid for it. Being a landlord even for short period of time is a huge pain in the ###. Especially when you aren't near the house so if renters have a minor problem and you are paying someone else to go check on it for them or driving a couple hours to check it out yourself. We love our beach house and you will likely love a mountain house but wouldn't look to it for any real/significant rental income. Look to get as munch value out of the house as a family destination. For example, my kids and wife live at the beach for the whole summer and do camp there, etc. Much of my family is in NJ so we also use it for Thanksgiving and have hosted my extended family there for like the last decade. So many great times/memories at the house and that is what it is for. Renting it out for a few weeks a year is just not worth it.