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  1. This explains a lot.
  2. I still wouldn't apply for a chase card if you were at 5/24. Not worth the risk.
  3. I am not going to discuss this on a forum but I have my reasons that are different then the standard ones and can we just leave it at that. Also, why do you even care that much? Think this is a useful thread but no real reason to argue with someone on how they want to collect points. Going in for business cards is something some folks will want to do and others don't want to. I freely admit I could be doing it better but not something I am going to do.
  4. As I said, my relationship with my partners (including contractual) doesn't make that an option or risk I want to take. I love traveling in luxury and will pay for it and also like it for free so a slow churn on top of business travel (where I can use my own cards and get reimbursed from business (e.g. CIti Prestige card is best card out there for me) works pretty well for me.
  5. I actually am a part owner of a business (through a partnership) and don't want to mix anything around with that business since it is primary source of income for me. I am not worried about the feds but more the relationship (including contractual) with my partners. To me it is not worth it for those reasons (including pretending I have another business which would be an option).
  6. This chart is pretty amazing. Good idea to get that Marriott card early in process given you can't get the Amex versions for another 24 months. I personally stay away from the business cards and keep personal route for doing this stuff but many folks do it even if they don't really have a business. Though I do realize I am leaving a lot of points on the table (especially from Chase).
  7. Big change in school integration just got announced that I know will impact a few folks on this board (including my family in a couple of years). Seems great in concept but lets see how this all plays out
  8. This is a fact of life of NYC. I am in the camp of who cares (though I do think I am pretty good about letting people on and off).
  9. Great Album that remains me of my childhood as it seemed to be constantly playing at family functions. Also going to see him in Queens on Saturday which I am super excited about. I have been on a kick of seeing bands/artist who may be done touring and this is next on my list. Already seen Clapton, The Who and Paul McCartney on their last go arounds. Shows are expensive but unfortunately if you don’t go know you may miss the opportunity to ever see them.
  10. Really for dinner? I have never heard of that and only that dinner is sit-down with waiters, etc. but lunch and breakfast are quick service. When was your reservation?
  11. Looks like I can buy parking passes on stub hub so will probably just pull the trigger on one of those. Is there a best lot to be in? Will of course check in with cousin.
  12. Yup, heard the game was at noon and figured we would head over early morning. We haven't given much thought to the parking at this stage and it appears most pre-paid parking is set up for boosters (which we are clearly not) so not really sure of options.
  13. So my wife's cousin is a senior down at Clemson and we figured it would be worth visiting and taking in a game at Death Valley with our kids. We are going to the Syracuse game coming up on the 29th. Any Clemson fans out there that have advice for game day (including parking/tailgating tips). We are renting a lake house in Seneca for the weekend so have our base of operations set up. Also, renting a car for the weekend. Thanks
  14. Heard they shut down the double dip.
  15. I would suggest a ladder if thinking about doing something like this so money isn't fully tied up for 5 years. Fidelity will basically do it for you and you can do a 5 year ladder at 3% average yield, which means you are getting close to that amount and get 20% of your money back in a year and you can roll into a new 5 year CD if you want and maybe rates are higher on that piece.