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  1. I posted lots of info on last few pages on hospitalization rates, mortality, etc. compared to flu. Don’t want to do work again but just to say like 1 percent of flu patients get hospitalized while we are closer to 20 percent here based on China numbers. So lot more stress on healthcare system.
  2. These kind of click baity posts are things I just don’t buy. You look at their posting history on reddit and they basically just started two weeks ago on Reddit posting on Coronavirus page. Looks like some troll trying to create a sensation.
  3. In link I posted above if you cover China excluding Wuhan area rate is like 0.5 percent. So I don’t think that is so unrealistic.
  4. Flu has mortality rate of 0.1 percent with about 1 percent of cases needing hospitalization. I don’t know what percentage of flu hospital cases needed critical/ICU care but clearly much less then 1 percent. Link to flu stuff before you ask for it: As I understand it, serious/critical cases with this new bug need hospitalization (just under 20 percent) with 5 percent needing critical/ICU care. What I have also read is mortality rate is lower outside of Wuhan. Basically Wuhan’s rate is so high since healthcare system there got swamped with cases that needed critical care and they couldn’t care for everyone. As a result, patient outcomes in Wuhan deteriorated. I think that is a risk here as well if outbreak is big. If you have been to an ICU section of a hospital it is pretty clear they don’t have a ton of beds just hanging around. They are typically full especially in winter during flu season. I hope we can contain the outbreak as I think risk to healthcare system is the real risk here (vs all the prepping stuff). I also hope this post ages poorly and I look like an idiot in 3 months.
  5. shows 81 percent mild, 14 percent serious and 5 percent critical. About half of critical cases die (at least according to these Chinese study described in link).
  6. What I have read is 5 percent of cases are severe and need ICU type care. With the flu that is like 0.1 percent of cases. So if outbreak is big then you could have a huge influx in cases which healthcare system has trouble handling. That is what happened in Wuhan.
  7. The issue is that our health care system pretty much is at capacity already. If a large influx of new patients occurs it can deteriorate patient results significantly and it is not like we can go crisis mode like China and build a ####### hospital in a week. If out break is huge I wouldn’t be shocked if mortality is similar to Wuhan. If not then think will be much lower then Wuhan. Don’t think anyone knows where it will all shake out. I don’t see society collapsing but I do think possible healthcare system is way overstretched and no way able to handle case load.
  8. Giving this history, I will never criticize you if you want to do this.
  9. Yup watched the video. My bigger compliant is who the CDC even allows to test, which they did expand this afternoon.
  10. My understanding as well. This info from CDC seems old but seems like a big chunk of individuals who ended up in the hospital got a ventilator. My only real concern with this virus is our healthcare system being completely overwhelmed. To be honest, it is currently stretched with flu season and a rush of respiratory illnesses that need ICU care/ventilators is something our system can't handle, which ends up with worse patient results for this illness as well as other illnesses. I think the real way to mitigate this is better testing and screening of the virus (which currently sucks here in the US from what I have read/heard) so they can slow the spread. This gives the healthcare system the ability to get ready as best they can and also buys time for a vaccine.
  11. COVID. ETA - Link says it is even a higher percentage but who knows how up to date it is.
  12. I have read that about 15% of hospitalized patients develop ARDS. I am not a doctor but understand that if you develop ARDS you usually need a ventilator. Link I found on topic -
  13. People disagree with you on needs/want for masks. Think it is up to personal preference on these things. I will say Asian culture is much more into masks. Lastly, think masks are most useful in stopping spread if you are already infected. Or that is at least what I have read/heard.
  14. Since that stock is actually up over the last 5 days people already thought about that.
  15. yeah, and we don't have resources for 225K