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  1. Thanks for the encouragement. Think the biggest issue might be the time. Not sure I could devote the time needed on a real project. I am more leaning towards buying something that is in good shape and maintaining it and also use a mechanic for certain more difficult tasks. Not the cheapest way to do it obviously and I think the hardest part might be picking the right car to start with.
  2. I think the 964 is the last 911 with a true classic 911 look to it. Price has moved a lot on it but think that look will keep it going up more than later cars. That is of course my non-expert opinion.
  3. We have gone twice in the past during that week and it has been great (last time being about 3 or 4 years ago). Going again that time this year and hope for more of the same. I try to avoid holiday weeks as to be honest even down weeks feel crowded to me.
  4. 964 is a just a beautiful car. Drove one once back in the late 90s and was awesome. How is maintenance on a car like that.
  5. Some great posts. Being a lawyer is a difficult and exhausting job (as I stay up waiting for the final turn of an acquisition agreement at 2 am). I don't think people realize how hard lawyers work.
  6. Amazing. Wish I had the time or knowledge to do something like this. Really want to pick up an older/classic car but I know little about fixing cars which has me nervous. Family has a Volvo xc90 people mover but that is it as live in Brooklyn but would love to buy something else just for me. ETA - had an 86 wrangler back in mid 90s in HS which is my older car experience.
  7. Real Madrid. He may be the best midfielder in the world right now.
  8. Croatia midfield looking like the team that got them there. They were so flat in the beginning.
  9. should have been another one. Lucky there
  10. Croatia does not look good. Not sure if it is England or they are tired but they don't look like the sametime as earlier in the tournament.
  11. Looks like is gone for good.
  12. Modric is best player on the field by far. They need him to make a play and win this game as the rest of the team is falling apart.
  13. From what I have heard/seen it gets so tight that I am not sure that is realistic as it is very hard to fit through at all let alone the added space for a pod.
  14. Call the airline now about seat assignment. The flight is likely overbooked and you don't have a seat.