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  1. have her log in and vote! : )
  2. This one is too close to call early so we are looking for at least 4 more votes.
  3. Totally agree... mine was merely a hypothesis that could easily be wrong. However, that does not weaken my point that I am focused on perceived rather than actual value. As you can see from my last post... folks just don't drop the rankings of those PPR WR as much as you would think just because of the switch in formats to NON-PPR.
  4. Bel;ow are the overall rankings variation from PPR to Non PPR for the top 30 WR for Dodds on 9/2/16. You will find that Keenan Allen (18 slots), Landry (14 slots), and Edelman (23 slots) had more than a one round difference in their overall rankings. The other 27 WR were within one round. So three players were not within one round but of them one was 2 picks off, and one six. With Edelman being the sole outlier and he was still less than 2 rounds, plus the fact that for 12 of the 30 WR the change in overall ranking was three slots or less, I think my 1 round rule of thumb is pretty safe. PPR listed first Brown 1,1 Julio 2,3 ODB 3,4 DHOP 6,8 AJ Green 8,11 Dez 14,15 Keenan Allen 15,33 Evans 16,23 Jeffrey 18,27 ARob 20,17 Jordy 21,24 Hilton 22,18 Marshall 24,29 Landry 25,39 DT 28,35 Cooks 29,37 Maclin 30,38 Cooper 32,34 Watkins 35, 30 Cobb 36, 41 Tate 39, 49 Decker 42,44 Fitz 44, 53 Edelman 45, 68 Moncrief 57, 56 Baldwin 60, 59 Matthews 62, 71 DJAX 63,66 Sanders 65, 79 Crabtree 68, 80 Change in Rankings 3 spots or less - 12 Change in Rankings 4 spots to 12 spots - 15 Change in rankings of more than 12 spots - 3 I am not cherry picking... these are the first rankings I looked at. I am not justifying this as correct, but rather pointing it out as an objective reality. Folks just don't drop PPR dependent players as much as most think.
  5. Ok... i get where you are coming from, but I guess I was not very clear in my comments. I did not say he would net a 1.7, I said that in a Non-PPR poll he would probably be ranked about there based on my rule of thumb of adjusting a round for PPR focused WR. That was my prediction of his current ranking... not what I believed was his current value. I then provided my revised PPR valuation of Diggs when I said "Based on the results of the poll, I would trade 1.7 for Diggs right now and walk away happy. If you wanted my 1.5 I would need 2.2 added in. If you wanted 1.4 I would want 1.9 added, if you wanted 1.3 I would want both 1.6 & 1.7" This was all hypothetical because I do not own any early picks in my PPR and half PPR leagues. In my single Non PPR league (I am only in one), after seeing how much higher the community was on Diggs than I am, I offered 2.2 for Diggs and was rejected. My only other pick is 1.4 and I will not pay that. I am considering Perriman + 2.2 at the moment.
  6. I have not looked at these yet, but they are the first too PPR and NON PPR rankings I could find. They are Dodds rankings from 9/2/15. WR25 is the 59th player in non PPR and the 57th player in PPR. The actual player, Doug Baldwin, was ranked 59th in Non PPR and 60th in PPR. PPR Monster Julian Edelman had the biggest drop I can find on the list... from 45 to 68, so almost 2 rounds, but so far that is the only one I can find that high.
  7. Fair point. In the PPR rankings he was not listed at WR 14 but WR 19. Since seven of the 11 current choices are WR, it means that WR26 will go right around pick 5.3 One round later than he is currently ranked PPR. Again, all I am discussing is the anecdotal info dealing with projections and rankings, not actual performance. Folks just don't drop players as much as they should, apparently. I
  8. I am not talking about Diggs specifically. Since my favorite league is .5 point PPR what I do is take each online ranking that gives PPR slot and NonPPR rankings and compare them. On FBG, for example, during the preseason you can apply PPR or NON PPR to their projections and suggested draft order. Maybe you have seen things I have not, i don't know... but if I only have a PPR ranking on a page for a WR, I have found that dropping that player about a round for non-PPR gives a fair shot group for determining how that rater would view the player in Non-PPR. That's my rule of thumb. The polls we have been doing are only PPR, so I dropped it a round... that is how I reached the conclusion. You can fault my methodology all you like... but I never criticized or even stated disagreement with anyone else's opinion so I do not understand the justification for the vitriol and sarcasm from you and FreeBaGel
  9. Huh? Who does not play non-ppr? Also, i don't think I commented on anyone's else's opinion, but merely stated my own. Was I supposed to stay silent?
  10. I am not a Diggs defender... as i stated I would not have ranked him as high as he went.... but I have turned the horse into dog food by over-beating it to state that I think rookie picks are also overvalued. 33% of the rookies taken in the first round of dynasty drafts this year will probably never have a year as good as the 903 3 year Diggs had.... those aren't special stats but a third of rookies... even 1st round rookies in a deep draft, ultimately prove they arent special either. I am being conservative when i say a third... most years its 50% or more.
  11. A round drop is a drastic change in value. He went at 4.3... if he drops to 5.3 that will be after 1.6 and probably before 1.7. When i click on PPR versus non PPR rankings done by the same rater, I seldom see players drop more than a round. That said, I am guessing at where 1.7 will go. I could be wrong. ... if 1.7 goes before 5.3 I would adjust his market value as between 1.7 & 1.8
  12. Diggs finished one spot after 1.5 in our other poll. I was very surprised by that, but it convinces me that he is experiencing a market surge. Non PPR would probably drop him down a round in voting... but at worst that takes him to 1.6 or 1.7 in the poll. Based on the results of the poll, I would trade 1.7 for Diggs right now and walk away happy. If you wanted my 1.5 I would need 2.2 added in. If you wanted 1.4 I would want 1.9 added, if you wanted 1.3 I would want both 1.6 & 1.7
  13. Ok... now I get it.... I have been feeling like an idiot for the last two hours (more than usual that is)..... I was racking my brain for a memory that would justify the KRob reference.... thinking of every single trade offer I could remember involving KRob... I was really confused when I verified that KRob was out of the league years before CPat was drafted.
  14. No... probably just bothered by the fact that a guy who's probably on the opposite side of 30 (since you joined this site 11 years ago) is still hoping to go on a date with a High School kid. : )