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  1. Its the Andrew Whitworth effect. He makes the whole line tougher. Look at Cincy after he left. I think the Rams offense is on the upswing and Sammy has become the #1 redzone target, so I would never deal Sammy now unless blown away by the offer.
  2. Terrell Owens bouncing from team to team and achieving instant success made us forget that it normally takes a little while to gain chemistry and timing with the new QB/offense. Cooper Kupp had the initial advantage because he had all of training camp to build chemistry and timing with Goff, but it looks like talent has won out.
  3. Dynasty .5 PPR, 4 pts passing TD, all else standard Lineup is QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/FLEX/K/D 4 Questions: (1)RB2, (2)WR2, (3)FLEX and whether to add a (4) Defense Jax & Balt are both available defense but this league limits waiver moves... I have six left for the year. If I swap out the Cowboys now, i will need to use a second move to add a def during a bye week. I also have to use a move to swap out my kicker during bye week. That's half my moves gone. Should I go get a DEF now or ride the Cowboys until their Bye week? Lineup assumptions: QB1 - Ryan (Not Dalton) RB1 - McCoy RB2 - Ingram, CJ Anderson, Kerwynn Williams, or Terrance West WR1 - Amari Cooper WR2 - Keenan Allen, Tyreek Hill, Dez Bryant, Sammy Watkins, or DJAX (already benched DHop) FLEX - An RB or WR not used above TE - Gronk (Bench Henry) K - Tucker DEF - Cowboys
  4. Agreed... but I still think he is a pretty strong hold.
  5. See the thread about single possession losses/wins... per that Cincy should pick up 4 more wins this season... 10-6 seems to be the mean right now for predicting the Bengals finish. Is that a playoff spot? Dunno.
  6. Dunno... what does it mean to be "facist"? On my part, I am on this page and others for a break from the stresses of the real world... so I frequently let slide things like editing my posts... its why I also like it when players with impossible to spell last names get nicknames (whoever came up with TJH deserves a beer).
  7. I think this discussion along with the Hill and Conley threads show that the KC offense is incredibly volatile this year after the Maclin release with the only safe bet being that Kelce is gonna get his. I think that, barring injury, one of Ware, Hunt or Hill is gonna finish with a top 20 overall fantasy season. Yes, I know I am throwing 2 RBs and one WR into the same discussion, but I think a lot of Hill's game supplants/competes with portions of the run game. Reid seems to be on a crusade for quickness and speed this offseason. As anyone can glean from my posts, my money is on Hill. Assuming health for all players, I predict that Hill is a top 12 WR (WR1), and Hunt and Ware both turn out to be RB 2/3s.
  8. I think its Smith's limitations that counter-intuitively favor Hill in the short term. Putting on my tinfoil hat for a second, remember the scene in moneyball where they traded a player just to force the manager to play Hatteberg? I would not put it past Reid to trade Maclin to force Smith to look Hill's direction. Reid seems to me to be a huge Hill fan... I see a lot of quick slants followed by a post as soon as the safeties start to bite on the slant (Yes, Smith can throw the post... especially when its nearly impossible to overthrow Hill). No, Hill is not built for a lot of over the middle contact, but video shows that he is pretty good at avoiding the brunt of most hits. One edit... my opinion above does not prevent Conley from being a great hold/lottery ticket. If either Smith or Hill fail, I think Conley would jump to the WR3 conversation overnight.
  9. Fair critique... but the triple post was entirely accidental... as I mentioned in one of the deleted posts, my computer kept saying the posting failed and then all of a sudden they all showed up. As far as calling out Jeff... I confess I was using him as a target of opportunity... this offseason the dynasty crowd has been complaining about a lack of dynasty support and I wanted to give credit for the appearance of effort in the updated rankings, but also comment on the need for the updates to be real updates. Player values are fluid and are at least subject to possible change with each new piece of news. For the new ranking updates to be useful to the community, the staff should contemplate at least the major news stories and how they affect player value. Jeff is not the only one to post a new update without seeming to consider the latest news, his example was just the most egregious and served as the best exemplar of the problem (Sorry Jeff). The purpose of the post was to alert FBG that when we requested more active dynasty rankings by the staff, we were looking for the same complete analysis for each update and not just a token change attached to a new date. Maybe I am remembering things wrong, but I could have sworn we used to get a regular article that identified the specific changes (movement) in the dynasty rankings. Why did that stop?
  10. error... dp
  11. error... dp... it kept saying it wasn't posting, so I kept retrying.. turns out it was. Sorry all.
  12. First, kudos to the FBG staff for updating their dynasty rankings more regularly the last month. Second, I gotta ask if all of you are actually updating your lists or just cutting and pasting without making more than one or two spot changes? The genesis of this question is that I have been trying to track how the release of Maclin affects the dynasty market value of Tyreek Hill. I was very surprised when Jeff updated his rankings on Wednesday (first update after the Maclin release) , but left Tyreek Hill as the 69th rated dynasty WR with the prerelease ( dated May 23rd) rationale that he might not get many targets. If this was a full update... Jeff, can you please explain your rationale that the declared #1 WR in an NFL offense heading into his sophomore year merits a #69 wr ranking? Unless you feel he is about to be benched, I think I would rank a warm body like Markus Wheaton higher than 69th if he was the WR#1 for an NFL team.
  13. For the teams in 2016, shouldn't the Cardinals and Eagles also be on your list of teams with positive point differentials and losing records and Tamps added to the teams with a winning record but negative point differential? I feel like I must be misreading you, so sorry in advance if I am... but are you saying that in 2016 there were the same number of positive differential/losing record teams as there had been in the prior decade, combined? "...from 2006-2015, there were only 5 times where a team had a positive point differential on the season but a losing record." 56 Arizona Cardinals (7-8-1) 36 Philadelphia Eagles (7-9) 21 Buffalo Bills (7-9) 15 New Orleans Saints (7-9) 10 Cincinnati Bengals (6-9-1)
  14. This ups both his redraft and dynasty value in my eyes. For redraft, you always want players in a contract year... for dynasty, the two complaints about Sammy have been injuries and offense... injuries are still a concern but as far as offense, either they find a way to make things work in Buff to justify a franchise tag OR he gets to move to a team that will be able to use him. Win win to me..