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  1. I know it probably won't fit into your "guidelines", but you should really get a shelter dog.
  2. Anthony Miller's targets are going up in Chi. I scooped him up in a deep bench league in the hopes that it's a thing and not just a game script fad
  3. I'm sitting with saquon and Carson at RB and chark, Godwin, Gallup at WR and Andrews at TE. Was just offered Chubb, fournette, ertz and Fitz for Carson, penny, Godwin, and Royce Freeman. Opinions?
  4. This sounds like a none issue all around. Oh no.... He has bad grammar and sentence structure....
  5. He has 24 fumbles in 11 years in his nfl. He's fumbled once about every ~120 touches. Emmitt Smith: 1 fumble every 80 touches Barry Sanders: 1 fumble every 83 touches Jim Brown: 1 fumble every 46 touches
  6. I played against him in a 12 team league....
  7. A league: up 43, opp has Eifert (1/2 PPR). Pretty confident. This one is even better cuz the dude was talking #### ALL WEEK about how he was gonna crush me. B league: Up 16, opp has Conner (full PPR). Not so confident.
  8. 1/2 PPR: up 7.3, facing Vernon Davis. PPR: down 55. Have Allen Robinson.
  9. Went RB RB RB to open my draft. Then took 4 WR the next 4 rounds