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  1. In the league I own Edmonds, I drafted him and held on the whole year. We only have 8 bench spots (those got expanded this year by 2 cuz of Covid). On a side note, my dumb ### is holding on to Chubb after their owner dropped them. And picked up AB last week. Now I'm in a pinch for a flex. Sigh...
  2. How could Chase not be rostered, especially in high stakes leagues? In a back up role, he's put up good numbers. Now you're looking at possible stud
  3. I think the mark used to be a white mark in the corner of that thread title *white corner*
  4. He was available in my 16 teamer. So I just picked him up as a just in case
  5. It was inside. But the garage doors were open. I bundled up.
  6. I have to go to a work party at CBW at 4. This was all scheduled before we knew the game was going to be on Monday. This could be the greatest work party ever? Or worst ever....
  7. I'm going to an outdoor work party tonight to watch the Bills game (live in Buffalo). A Hardman long TD would be a double gut punch.
  8. A league: up 10.34. I have Gallup. He has Hardman B league: down 12.74. He's done. I have CEH and Legatron. Feel 75% confident in both leagues
  9. You are gonna be sweating that DAL-ARI game