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  1. Jebus.... I haven't even gone to my first place to see if they even have a shirt..
  2. Don't get your iPhone stolen
  3. You know why women want us to decide where/what to do/eat? So they don't have to end up hating their own decision (which happens like 70-80% of the time). By the man choosing, we become the scapegoat for the "poor decision".
  5. I feel bad for all the friends of the people in that line. All they ever are going to hear about, for the rest of their friendship, is how Mr. Yutz scaled Everest. With the selfie to prove it....
  6. Yea, he would need someone to pick him and place him on it.
  7. I know it's been mentioned already, but DONT GO IN NIAGARA FALLS, NY!!!! It sucks there.