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  1. My opponent needs 93 out of Boone tomorrow night. Little scared....
  2. Considering he was a late season flex add, he did good by most owners. Would have hoped for a little better game script, but 11 points is solid at flex.
  3. Debating putting Kerryon in over Greg Ward and Chark at my #2 flex.
  4. With Chark out, I'm plugging him in at flex #2 over Royce
  5. How can you justify benching Barkley? If he blew up on my bench, I would sick to my stomach.
  6. I know it probably won't fit into your "guidelines", but you should really get a shelter dog.
  7. Anthony Miller's targets are going up in Chi. I scooped him up in a deep bench league in the hopes that it's a thing and not just a game script fad