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  1. There's a sub Reddit "Trump criticizes Trump". Good stuff
  3. Talking Heads: Stop Making Sense Alice In Chains: Unplugged
  4. They just taste like straight dirt. Horrible, vile things. One of a few foods I absolutely hate
  5. Baked potatoes are are the low man on the totem pole of potato dishes. Now if it's a twice baked potato we we're talking about...
  6. Just bought this hat for my stimulus splurge. What are some funny things to put on it to let people know to stay the #### away from me.
  7. Dinguses don't realize that the mask is to prevent themselves from spraying their nasty #### all over. I saw a few people not wearing masks in the store the other day. Made me irrationally angry. I seriously thought about going up behind them and sweeping their legs out from under them. I just avoided them by about 15 ft or more. I just bought an LED hat that I'm going to start wearing to the store to let people know they are ######s
  8. Last week, I lost $200 after flopping a set of Qs when dude rivered his set of Ks. Is was that guys 4th set in a little over an hour.
  9. This is what I use. But, just beware. Many twists and turns with this app. I've never seen so many flopped sets in my life. And rivered flushes. Just be patient, and it pays off. I just played tonight. I won 400. My buddy won 1900. There was also another busy of mine who was down 950 after we ended the game. We do the money through all the money apps.
  10. I haven't been ID'd at the liquor or beer store since I voluntarily started wearing a mask in mid March (April 15th they were required in NY). I would have just left.
  11. How'd he even get into Russia with his criminal past...