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  1. Syrio is Jaqen. Why else is Jaqen in a cage, headed to the Wall? He needs to be near Arya. Boom....
  2. They are dead. They don't float. They just walked down. Read World War Z
  3. Sam is definitely surviving. Sam is GRRMs personification in this series. ####.... Sam is the one who "writes" the whole thing. Just my guess...
  4. I still think syrio is Jaqen H'ghar. We never see him die. And then we're introduced to Jaqen H'ghar the next season. Locked in a cage. One of the greatest killers roaming the world, willfully captured. I'm assuming to guide Arya....
  5. Gotta agree. Floor hockey was the best. Even as a freshman, I was trying to wreck everyone. One time, I checked a senior through swing doors out into the hallway. A few minutes later, same dude tied up with me battling for the ball, and his boy was flying up behind me to put the pain on me. Happened to glance back just in time. I sidestepped just in the nick of time to watch him crush his friend. They took away floor hockey after that year. And not because of our particular class. There was a class full of senior football players who ruined it for everyone.
  6. Had a buddy snap his arm trying to stiff arm me playing this. Skinny little bastard. Lol