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  1. Maryland shot 5 of 11 from deep in the first half, went cold and missed 10 straight in the second half, then closed with 4 straight makes to end the game. I still can't shake the feeling that Maryland doesn't have a cohesive half court offense and it's going to bite them in the postseason.
  2. Gotta admit, I didn't pay much attention for most of it. I'm finding I just don't enjoy the games the way I used to. Maybe it's the Catch-22 of wanting the team to win while recognizing that the more they win, the more likely it becomes that Turgeon keeps his job. Frankly, I'm starting to fear that this season winds up like the Sweet 16 season a few years back. Yeah, they made the Sweet 16, but they didn't really impress doing it, and Turgeon got an extension for making it. It's difficult for me to figure out if he's actually doing a better job this year. Seems hard to believe that he is, especially given their penchant for falling behind by double digits every single game. It's easier to believe that they're just more talented than their competition. Or maybe not. Maybe he has learned something.
  3. PSU winning in East Lansing was a surprise. Maybe they are for real. The B1G is ridiculous this year. Terps did their usual thing. Defense, free throws, and stagnant offense. Any offensive identity and game plan at all would turn this team into a true contender.
  4. All of this. He's a third tier coach, and Maryland needs a first/second tier to become annual top ten threats. They have consistently underperformed expectations relative to their talent. And yes, the lack of any cohesive offensive system drives me nuts. They played great the other night when they ran and played up tempo, and their offense has stagnated for nine years in the half court, yet his first comment after the game was that he wanted them to slow down.
  5. Yeah, probably one of the best games they've played all year. Makes me wonder why they don't get out and run more often. Significantly better at pressing the pace than they are at the half-court offense. Also never hurts when you hit free throws.
  6. True, but this isn't exactly a one year thing with Turgeon. I think it's now one road win against a ranked team in 9 years? Currently 0-4 on the road this year, none of which were against ranked teams, for a team that was expected to be a legit Final Four contender. That is not meeting expectations.
  7. Another Terps road loss. Nothing new to say. These days, I barely watch the games, as I just don't find it enjoyable any more. Same thing every year. High expectations based on talent, team regresses throughout the season, and underperforms in the postseason. Damn you, Kevin Anderson, for that ridiculous contract. Good work locking in a coach who had never done anything for eight years with no buyout.
  8. I'm unclear why so many posters are arguing that what occurred here isn't against the rules. It very clearly is. Whether or not the rules should preclude what this couple did is a different question and certainly a matter of opinion, but there really isn't any debate that the existing rules do prohibit what this couple did.
  9. Is Rutgers for real? Did Iowa really just shoot 4 - 33 from three? Another terrible opening five minutes for the Terps. How is it that they've played exactly one game all season where they played well during the opening 5-10 minutes? That has to be coaching, right? They play great defense, but that offense is truly embarrassing.
  10. Mitchell twins are transferring out. They hadn't shown much, but it cuts down on front court depth for the Terps. However, Chol appears to be ready, and played 14 minutes the other night. If he can stay healthy...
  11. Think they had 14 made baskets, 15 shots blocked, and 16 turnovers. High quality offense. I'm conflicted on this team, honestly. I want to root for them. I want to like them. I like Jalen Smith and Morsell, especially. But I can't enjoy the offense; there's just nothing to enjoy or even root for. When your best play is "hope Cowan can make a 27-footer", it's not compelling. Truth is, I was actively rooting for them to get blown out by Belmont last year. In a way, I'm hoping this team disappoints along the lines of finishing middle of the pack in the B1G, one-and-done in the conference tourney, then either miss the NCAA or lose as a favorite in the first round. I'm at the point where I've completely given up on any hope that Turgeon can coach a successful team, and I just want him gone ASAP so I can root for the Terps again.
  12. Make that 11 out of 12. They've looked truly awful three straight games now. I would love to see some Gary Williams flex offense. Or any offense, really.
  13. While I agree that fines are appropriate here, I'm not sure I agree that prison is never appropriate for non-violent crimes. For example, when politicians and other wealthy/powerful "elite" bilk people out of hundreds of millions, fining them a few million isn't appropriate and isn't a deterrent. The Equifax folks who sold their stock just prior to disclosing the security breach probably deserve jail time. The guys here probably deserve jail time.