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  1. Bittersweet - Zac Brown Band I Drive Your Truck - Lee Brice
  2. So the answer to the original question is "no", then? According to the official 538 answer, you make two calls, at sunrise and sunset, but the question was "can you escape at dawn?" Divorce ransom answer the best so far.
  3. What are we thinking for deadline this year? There's a specific shirt I want to include, but my vacation isn't until 3rd week of August. Worst case, I suppose I send complete package minus one shirt, then send one more after the deadline...
  4. This opinion only makes sense if you believe that violence in movies and video games is a substantial cause of real life violence. Do you believe that?
  5. Love the JBL stuff. Used to work there and have them all over the house.
  6. Bruno is officially gone. The big news is obviously at Michigan. Will they look to a big name mid-major?
  7. Testudo Times says he announced that he's coming back.
  8. No, if anything, I think he'll be drafted too low, if you believe that free-throw theory. Bruno has a really nice free-throw touch, which makes me think he might develop a credible NBA deep shot. If so, he has no ceiling, as in, it just keeps going up.
  9. If you believe the idea that a college player's free throw percentage is a better predictor than college 3-pt percentage of his eventual NBA 3-point ability, then I'm not sure Bruno has much of a ceiling.
  10. My feeling on Jalen Smith is that, if invited to the NBA combine(s), he will test the water without an agent. Short of a Kevin Huerter-like performance there, he will then likely return for one more year.
  11. No allegations re: Duke? That's where you're taking this, Ripleys? Corey Maggette - Admitted accepting money from boosters during recruitment. Chris Duhon - Mother received a job from a Duke booster, which was never advertised and for which she was completely unqualified. Lance Thomas - Jewelry fiasco ring a bell? Greg Newton - Suspended for cheating on an exam. Meredith Watson accused a Duke basketball player of rape. Zion - Apparently requested payments from Kansas, yet later chose Duke. This took all of five minutes to Google. I'm sure there aren't more...
  12. Let's not forget Turgeon picked up another technical foul in a game that ended as a two point loss. When can we get rid of him?