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  1. that would be a hassle. the gym is near her workplace...not mine.ok now I hope he steals her from you and then you are stuck dreaming about her butt.Come on, he could always join her yoga class.He can't the old BF already has that view taken.
  2. I see you use "My Flickr Pics". Do they allow text w/pics and how much text is allowed? For example a paragraph or just 1 line?Sorry it took me so long to respond. I am not very versed with Flickr, so I'm not sure about how much text you can include.Thanks j. snogger helped me.
  3. I see you use "My Flickr Pics". Do they allow text w/pics and how much text is allowed? For example a paragraph or just 1 line?
  4. History channel at 12:16 (like 5 min from this writing) Bastogne 12:16 to 1:41 others to follow until 7:00pm = no fb today if you watch all.
  5. Matuski you are the man! I love your attitude. You want to know and you're going to find out. I balieve you are a man of his word and you conducted yourself as such. We will all be behind you. Damn it took me hours to catch up with this Hot thread.
  6. I can't articulate why, but I like #1 better.1 is better than 2.
  7. Your 6'2" minus 16"= 4'10"225lbs minus 150lbs = 75lbs 4'10" 75lbs?
  8. I think it's worth it.You've captured the dynamics of nature, the contrast between the foregroung and the foreshadowing of the trees is striking. Nice.
  9. Interesting stuff. 108 suitors. What are the odds. 108
  10. Damn. That was a long read. The only thing my tired mind can say is I think the quarantine hatch lid was blown onto the beach because of the dynamite blast (not the magnetic force, which would have pulled it in not blow it out). That we saw go right up the shaft as Charlie crouched at the bottom of the shaft. Charlie's actions after.
  11. ethan might have provided them with the flight's passenger list while he was among them. sure. but why use their full name especially if they know that Michael would not recognize Sawyer's full name? They are trying to tell Michael that they know more than he does and that they know a lot about the LOSTIES. It wasn't Ethan. Ethan didn't know Sawyer's real name because Hurley found it out from the passenger list and Ethan never had it (he wouldn't have given it back). That was also the last time anyone talked to Ethan, aside from Charlie/Claire, before they killed him.I think what it shows is that the Others did know something more about the plane. Maybe they have an Internet connection and got it online from the list of dead people or maybe they did have something to do with the crash and already knew who was going to be on board. Maybe we will find some of this out this week. Probably not. Maybe they got it from this thread. Maybe one of us is one of them.