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  1. and they said he is using 5 degree loft driver.
  2. One of his entourage had a spare in his trunk. Replacement allowed due to house rules I think I heard.
  3. Every time you shake someone's hand and it feels like your best friend, Could it be that it's only superficiality?, Without regard to well-being, without an inkling of compromise, Handshakes are nothing but a subtle "#### you", Contracts determine the best friendships This is the way of the modern world, everyone's vying for patronage, This is the way of the modern world, and something has gotta give Every time you shake someone's hand, And you share neither color or creed, You gotta overcome the obstacles of history, There is restrained passion, mistrust, and bigotry And these have created the new foundations of society, There's no harmony just class and race This is the way of the modern world, Everyone's fighting for dominance, This is the way of the modern world, And something has gotta give Now I believe in unity, and I am willing to compromise, But I'm not gonna lie or sell my soul Every time you shake someone's hand, It determines where you stand, And if you won't uphold your side then it's better to Fend for yourself, and shun the handshake, Someone's gotta give
  4. So, they going up? I think tomorrow is a down day. Well I expect Apple to go up and maybe keep things even for me. Just going off a weekend where there was really no news good or bad. Just the same churn.
  5. Sure thing. Working and keep flipping through this. Still only with my 530 shares at 2.82. Hoping this thing a) helps sick people and b) makes a ton of money for you guys. and c) pays my mortgage for a year or 2.
  6. I watched it. That is what he said. Also went on to say he did not believe a vaccine from the big pharma is coming soon. He mentioned CYDY and leronlimab multiple times and says the data is out tomorrow and it could be game changing. I have no idea who the guy is besides a hedge fund manager, but at least it is sort of something.
  7. If it has had a nice run up this week then it could just be people taking profits. Happens. Don't follow this particular one and I am not an expert.
  8. You really need to google it and read up on shorts and manipulation. And then understand that every small biopharma stock seems to always have these crazy moves with shorts. You can't even go to some of their message boards due to the volume of just #### talking. I happen to have NWBO at the moment due to a non-FBG ""tip". In no way an endorsement, I strictly bought with gamble money and expect to lose it all. The short news makes it impossible to filter the actual news. Something about curing brain cancer. Between them and CYDY nearly everything will be cured or at least treated.
  9. Only 640 shares at 2.82$ and I'm not complaining. Awesome to see so many in so early! And thanks Chet I had been off this board for years. Came in to see the FBG version of the Covid news and came back to the stock thread. Bought CYDY and figured that would be it. Next thing I know I am friggin trading Onions for real money and 24% gain on a decent FMCI position. Never would have though of any of that ####! Picked up a decent chunks of Todems list with some decent profits. I'm not a active trader so I appreciate stuff like that. Thanks Dude! Now when I finally do cash in on the CYDY I can have some money to be a little more active and follow some others here. For perspective, I think the last time I was in here PLG and HEB were the plays being bantered around. I do remember making a few $$ on that, but I don't think all that worked out.
  10. Any financial impact. Even if say your wife got a pay reduction.
  11. What are you guys using for pollinator friendly pest killers for vegetables? Noticed some damage to my tomato leaves. Looked all over it(and under leaves) couldn't find the particular pest. Texas if region matters as far as heat and effectiveness. First tie growing these guys and everything is starting to fruit...
  12. Similar math issue here. I buy the HEB Ultra-Strong which is the Charmin Red knock off. Had this delivered on Friday with some other staples. 12 pack says it is "Mega rolls" and equals 48 puny mortal rolls. These are also "extra wide" rolls. Never noticed if I have use the extra wide before. Might be a game changer.
  13. Thanks for that. Too old/expensive for the Liverpool movement. It looks like Karius again at this point. Maybe Mignolet wins the job back. Supposedely Ward is getting the chance to prove himself, too. I need to watch some French soccer, but I just can't bring myself to do it...