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  1. One of my favorite leagues and I've been in fr1 fr2 and fr3 from their inception. I'm looking to make a deal once we fill that last slot :).
  2. Any thoughts on bj catalon rb tcu? Looked very explosive this weekend and my have a breakout campaign
  3. Curious to peoples thoughts, in a start 2qb league, ppr league, who goes #1, Andrew Luck or Trichardson?
  4. Yes you would be asking for too much1.02 for Boldin is fair (and i would take the 1.02 everytime)...Slaton for 2.01/2011 2nd/and matt ryan? I'd trade slaton for a 2nd rounder, let alone all 3 pieces....way too lopsided.
  5. I've been notoriously cool on Jennings for a while. I just don't think he's quite as talented as the guys ahead of him.A couple of questions for you. Of the 13 guys ahead of Jennings, who would you take Jennings over? Of those guys, how many do you think Jennings is more talented than, and how many would you prefer Jennings based on age or situation instead of talent?This wasn't directed at me, but i agree that Jennings presents good value if he falls to the late 2nd round/early 3rd of initial dynasties... To answer your question i'd put Jennings > S.Smith/Wayne/Moss and he would be on par with Austin and S.Rice (would have to think long and hard on who i'd prefer)
  6. What's your thoughts on Luke Mccown? Looks like he's in the driver's seat to start in Tampa...
  7. I would trade Marshall for Randy Moss, yes.I think you'd be making a big mistake if you moved Marshall for Moss str8up. Pretty sure value would be Marsh for Moss/late 1st right now.
  8. The palazzo is a beautiful hotel and attached to the Venetian. I stayed at the Venetian last month and from what I here the rooms are pretty much the same :thumbsup: The Venetian has some awesome house bands that play nightly, so if you can't find anything in the palazzo then just walk over there.Stayed at a Palazoo suite about a month ago, i would definately recommend it to people. Anyone been to the Tao Pool Parties?
  9. Kevin Smith Pro Day Video Kevin Smith looked very good at his pro-day....i think he can be a great pick in fantasy drafts, especially since he's going around 1.8 (estimate).
  10. If you polled 1000 avid wrestling fans, you'd probably get Hulk Hogan 1 and then Rick Flair 2.Flair dropping down to 6 is a steal. The guy has so many titles it's unbelievable. The nature boy has done it all, even managed. He's a wrestling icon in all parts of the country.I am thinking of another wresttler who's not been mentioned that should have either been picked or will be picked very soon who I saw WAAAY back vs. the No.1 pick here in Wrestlemania back in Detroit/Pontiac Silverdome.Agreed. Flair is #1 in my books.
  11. Rumor is that Slaton is not coming out: slaton staying
  12. He could get drafted in the third round, but I think it's his special teams potential that intrigues teams as much as his running skills. Similar to Yamon Figurs in that regard (Figurs offers very little as WR, but was drafted in the third round because of his return skills).I'm intrigued with Chris Johnson...haven't seen him play; is he known to run soft? Kiper seems to love him...Chris Johnson Scouting Report
  13. Looks like Kevin Smith is indeed staying in school. Kevin Smith is Returning
  14. My top 12: 1) Mcfadden 2) F.Jones 3) J.Stewart 4) K.Smith 5) Medenhall 6) Charles 7) R.Rice 8) M.Kelly 9) S.Slaton 10) D.Jackson 11) M.Ryan 12) L.Sweed
  15. This is exactly what I am trying to figure out. Is McFadden really worth that much? This year is deeper than many in the past, and I am not sure the top 2 picks are worth significantly more than 3-4. I wouldn't give up too much at this point unless you really felt strongly about McFadden. I don't see a huge difference between 2 and 3, but it also depends on where everyone lands.IF K.Smith, Medenhall and Felix Jones all come out, a top 5 pick is ... i see a slight drop off after that. How likely do you guys think it is that all these backs declare? With such a strong class, a few of these guys will potentially fall out of the first round...if they stay in school another year, they all have a realistic shot of being the #1 back selected in 2009.
  16. Do you guys think there is a good chance that Charles, F.Jones and Medenhall could all stay in school for another year? If they do, do they project as probable 1st rounders in '09 along with Wells and Spiller?
  17. F&L what are you're thoughts on Harrison? ... do you think he's a good buy low candidate, and can still put up solid #'s for the next 2 years?
  18. Again, this is crazy advice. While it looks bad, there is still no REAL proof that anything happened. What if Steve didn't do anything and George was just making #### up? Divorce lawyers and getting into a fight would be pretty silly then.I'm not suggesting go down to Steve's house and start waving a gun around; just a well warranted ### kicking (or at least a sucker punch) ...and if the slim chance that Steve didn't deserve it, big freaking deal...i doubt there will be assualt charges (unless MITYH puts him in the hospital) and everyone involved probably would have a greater respect for MITYH if they knew this really angered him, rather then standing pat.