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  1. since the Nelson/Leonard draft, but I wonder about the trend of this team. Rivers played terribly last year; if teams can stack the box, and if Taylor isn't getting a lot of targets, I see problems, especially if they aren't in a positive game script. The fact that Taylor has passing game questions.....I mean, top 3 back with passing game questions, that's not good. His profile suggests he could be a freak. Draft capital suggests teams do NOT think he's a generational talent. 4. D'Andre Swift--Can't be mad at 1.04. Just be the Ravens, and let the draft come to you. All-around back, and this is an easy call to me, because my opinion of Kerryon (not great)+Swift draft capital bodes well for his usage. I was never a Kerryon fan, and I like Swift a lot, so just a matter of time, as far as I'm concerned. Swift might have my favorite style/look of all the backs, in terms of what good fantasy producers look like to me. Good in passing game, big enough for goalline, good wiggle., low to the ground. I don't think he's Chubb type special, but I like his landing spot for touches. Some will disagree because of Kerryon, which is understandable. 5. Cam Akers--The top 4 guys played behind, I THINK, top 15 rushing O-lines. Akers played behind one of the worst. What a huge difference that is. They told us all we need to know about Henderson with this pick. Rams had holes to fill, so taking him in the 2nd round says they expect him to impact the team. Rams love running on the goalline, I don't see as much vulturing as Dobbins, Helaire, and Swift. Love his passing game % at FSU (11% I think), I wish we had a better handle on what direction the Rams are headed. 6. Anthony McFarland--YEP! More talented than Vaughn, I'm going talent over situation. I love McFarland's highlights. Love his speed, he looks a lot faster in game than Vaughn to me, and his path to a lot of work is simply a James Connor injury, which is pretty possible. I'm not making a Ronald Jones rookie draft mistake by taking a guy from the same backfield. Waay too many mouths to feed in TB, and I don't know if he will ever be anything more than a committee guy. I'll trade down with a guy who wants Vaughn, and go after McFarland in the early 2nd round. Everyone thinks Connor is gone after this year, I like his outlook. Yikes!
  2. As a Colts fan, I love this move. Mack will allow a split this year which will leave a bunch of tread on JT's tires for the years to come. I see Mack as a spot duty and strong 3rd down weapon this year. I think the Colts let him go when JT proves he's the man. Hines is a capable 3rd down option as well and will be cheaper to retain than Mack.
  3. 1st half better for me as an individual. 2nd half better for me as a human. Meaning, being a dad of 5 and watching them grow and multiply will be amazing. Also getting to give back to society is something I cherish now. It's rather rewarding to do things for others that will never be able to repay you.
  4. Doing this as a fundraiser for my girls travel 10U softball team. 80% payout. Payouts are $100, $100, $100, $500. $10 per entry 25 squares already sold. Payments via Cash App- $RussellSteele PayPal-
  5. I don't think Colts move down from #6 unless it's a great trade and the one you proposed isn't enough IMO. Chubb to the Colts.
  6. Tyreek Hill vs. Buff, Duke Johnson @ Cincy, or Davante Adams @ Pittsburgh???
  7. I believe you are correct. And full disclosure, I ended up with Julio. The trade was offered to me and after some consideration, I accepted. It vastly strengthens my WRs (obviously), but I love both Howard and Landry and it weakens my RBs. These deals ultimately have been sent to be reviewed. I'm fine if all get overturned. However, I've spoken to the guy who sold me Julio and he'll be very upset if this happens. Also to note, the guy who sold Julio initially is a "Green Badge" earner for past performance of winning over $1000 with the FFPC for what that's worth.
  8. No, not really. Guy is super high on Hill (I like him but not for Julio) and isn't a contender, so he moved Julio without shopping him to the league first.
  9. Same FFPC League, 3 separate trades have gone down in the last 12 hours. These are 12-team, keep 16 at cut down, PPR with TE 1.5 premium. 1) Michael Thomas/5.08/2018 5th for 2.02/3.02/2018 2nd/2018 3rd 2) Julio/Julius Thomas for Tyreek Hill/2.02/2.03/2.06/2.12 3) Julio/Hogan/Ryan Mathews for Landry/Howard/Garcon/3.08