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  1. 1. Message 2. Don't Stand 3. Walking 4. Invisible
  2. My son and I are about to embark on a toad trip to Foam, The Alchemist, Hill Farmstead, Lawson’s Finest Liquids, Tree House, and Trillium
  3. Enjoying Birthday beers on the beach including Foley Bros Pieces of 8, 18th St - Here Comes the Reaper, and Jai Alai.
  4. Voted Once in a lifetime. So many good tunes (being one of my fav bands). Another ….Born under Punches just because I'm a tumbler and a government man. Look at these hands. The heat goes on...
  5. Thanks for posting these! The link for Kit goes to the Hound.
  6. That's quite a few $5 sheets. All from FBGs?
  7. Ha! Punta Cana with my wife - 30th Anniversary trip. This was much to my buddy’s dismay. He said that was MDK (Momma Don’t Know) money. Good luck guys! I’m going to take this year off and let someone else win. ?
  8. Well the Rams aren’t as disrespected this year. I did survive bye week 8 last year. The Rams TE combo was one of my mistakes last year. Was thinking McVay’s use of TEs in DC.
  9. Hey Winz. Caught me. Lol. My biggest tip is to find those players that you perceive as under-appreciated or not respected. As you might guess, I am partial to my Rams. Many of us that were advancing far last year were lucky enough to be riding the Gurley wave. He was a bargain last year at $25. A steal last year was Greg the Leg at $2 who would have set many records if he had played weeks 16 and 17. I could have used him Week 16. Of course this year there was a market correction for Gurley and the Week 12 bye makes him less attractive.
  10. Yesterday: Visit to 3 Floyds early in the day: ZD, Alpha King, Permanent Funeral. Enjoyed some NE beers my son brought back with him to top the night off: Heady Topper, Focal Banger, Doppleganger, Sip of Sunshine. Threw in an Old Nation Full Earth just for good measure.
  11. Just had it last night. Was thinking, Why mess with a masterpiece? Danggg. Props to Old Nation for a variant keeper!