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  1. Buy 50 Gallon, use savings to get SIL a hotel when she visits.
  2. You're getting ready to get rid of that "no rain" problem.
  3. To me, that was showing how far Omar's reach in the system went. I also remember earlier in the show, didn't he say that having the girl lawyer was not as good as having Stone, and maybe this was his way of doing what he could to help Naz.........
  4. Question regarding HD DVR receiver. The last couple of days the receiver has been freezing when we turn it on from being "cold" (off for an extended period of time). The receiver turns on, and you can push a few buttons, but with in a few "pushes" the screen freezes. The only way to fix is to "reboot" with the orange button. Then everything works fine while the TV is on. Anyone else have a similar experience? If we are going to need a new box (this one is probably 10 years old and we don't have any of the insurance), are we going to have to pay for a new one?
  5. Just sent you a message.
  6. Got a 2016 for my son last December. He loves it. He put different black rims on it, so we have the upgraded factory rims to get rid of. And we got the dealer to include free "darkest" window tinting. He got leather seats and guidance system, but no other upgrades that I remember. Says that it rides fine and so far we've had no trouble with it. As there were a lot of dealers with basically the same cars, we did everything via email asking for their best price on a specific car expanding our search to Dallas. Got best price in Dallas, but parlayed that against a closer dealer to get the business on 12/30/2016. Good luck.
  7. Parents and Kids..........we just learned of the news of the passing of a dear friends 18YO son in a car accident. He was going on to play college baseball at TCU. I coached him at University LL, and Dylan (my son) played all-stars/summer ball with him. His parents are wonderful people. Our hearts go out to them and all that are touched by his passing. We were looking forward to competing against him in college. This is the second death in less than 2 months of young men that had a direct effect on our family. So if nothing else, maybe this post will help one person/family: Parents please support your children. Be active in their lives, so that they feel comfortable confiding in you. Kids, we are not trying to be intrusive, we are trying to help you learn from OUR mistakes. Kids (especially those leaving for college, or just in college), you are not INDESTRUCTIBLE. Accidents can and will happen. Do what you can to minimize their possibility. Take and accept your parents teachings/lessons of life. NO ONE WANTS TO GET "THAT" CALL. BE SAFE AND ENJOY LIFE, IT IS BETTER WITH YOU HERE.
  8. 50 year old w/ 2 boys. 1 in college and 1 starting 7th grade. Last night at dinner we were all discussing how much we go out to eat, and it got me and the wife thinking..........where have we spent the most $ on food/drink? We came up with the following: Buffalo Wild Wings (there used to be one 3 blocks from where we lived. Kids and I would walk there and watch games and dad would have a beer or 2). Hooters (from when I was younger and went once a week at least with different sets of friends) McDonald's (just from the convenience/sheer number of times).
  9. Just called and got off phone. Was at 167 for the premium package w/ 4 tv's (1 box is an old DVR, the rest are old normal boxes) getting ready to go up to 194, but Got $27 off movie channels for 6 months, and $40 off for 12 months w/ a 12 month contract. So for 6 months I'm at $100 and the next 6 I'm at 127. Plus a $100 gift card. Wouldn't do anything with Sunday ticket, but............
  10. Wouldn't give me my contract end date in chat. Said it was due to privacy reasons. Offered me 25 off the premier package, but I'm already getting 34 off, so my bill would go up by 9 starting in September. Said that was the best he could do. Gave me a direct number and PIN to call tomorrow ( Account Management at 800-824-9081) so I'll see what they have. Said they value my long term commitment to them (been w/ them for 10+), but told them I couldn't justify that cost to my wife when we were not around the house as much as we used to be. He said he understood, but he couldn't do anything more, but maybe someone else could and to call that number.
  11. Black dot to do this shtick next time I'm in Omaha at the in-laws and it is below freezing. Hopefully you survive. Trip to NFL HOF out of question?
  12. 1,067.444
  13. Many years ago (before we were married) my wife bought a new car...........without power windows. I told her, "I didn't even know they made cars w/o them", she said "yes and I have a tool in my glove box to break open a window in case I ever drive into a lake". I just sort of shrugged and asked "that was a big selling point" and "you even thought about that"? Still married her though, and all our cars have power windows now.
  14. We've got 6+ inches of rain up here in north Texas since Saturday night. Some areas of Houston have gotten 14+ in the last 24 hours, and the storms are still training over the same area. Looks like rain for the next 24 more hours or so. Basically the city is shut down. Stay safe everyone down there.