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  1. Black dot to do this shtick next time I'm in Omaha at the in-laws and it is below freezing. Hopefully you survive. Trip to NFL HOF out of question?
  2. 1,067.444
  3. Many years ago (before we were married) my wife bought a new car...........without power windows. I told her, "I didn't even know they made cars w/o them", she said "yes and I have a tool in my glove box to break open a window in case I ever drive into a lake". I just sort of shrugged and asked "that was a big selling point" and "you even thought about that"? Still married her though, and all our cars have power windows now.
  4. We've got 6+ inches of rain up here in north Texas since Saturday night. Some areas of Houston have gotten 14+ in the last 24 hours, and the storms are still training over the same area. Looks like rain for the next 24 more hours or so. Basically the city is shut down. Stay safe everyone down there.
  5. Anyone have Sprint cell service and travel to Canada. Son will be going there for 2 months this summer (and we all will be going up there for a week or so). They have Sprint Open World (free calls/text and pay for increased data) and Sprint Global Roaming (more data/free text but calls are $0.20/minute). He doesn't call much so I thin that the Global Roaming may be preferable. Anyone have any experience/advice?
  6. Waiting for the first parent to do something like this: C@rol Ro#ney
  7. Well played
  8. So a little back story. Father-in-law w/ no previous heart issues (65, recently retired, moderate exercise for his age, not best eater, slightly overweight-pot belly, slightly high BP) was in Minnesota for a grandkids soccer tournament. Started having chest pains. Mother in law says its "indigestion / pain from new yoga class" and they do nothing even though pain is getting worse (of course they are telling no one). Get back to Omaha late Sunday night and go to ER. Seems his main artery "widow maker" is 95% clogged. They do emergency surgery and implant an stent. Let him know yesterday morning that they want to do more tests to determine the damage to the heart, but that "he should be able to go home tomorrow morning". Overnight he was moved out of a normal cardiac room to a ICU room, but no one has told my MIL or any of the relatives anything yet, saying that "the doctor will be making his rounds" around 4:00pm. Needless to say, MIL and FIL and family are freaking out about not being told anything. I know that most doctors are busy during the day, and not on FBG, but maybe someone here has experience with heart attacks and their aftermath. Obviously they found something in test results that maybe alarming. Any ideas?
  9. Thanks, I'll check the battery out tonight.
  10. Driving to work yesterday (4th day of rain I might add) and all of a sudden the radio just turns off. Then about 5 seconds later all the dash warning indicators flash on and off...........then the radio comes back on. Does not happen the rest of the trip to work (45 minutes) or on the drive home last night. Then this morning at approximately the same point in my drive, the radio goes off, and JUST the brake warning light goes on and off. Does not happen the rest of the way to work until I pull in the parking lot and the radio goes off for 1-2 seconds. Obviously an electrical issue, do you think it is related to the rain / humidity that we've had over the last 4 days, or is it just some type of short/ground or fuse going out? Any danger in not getting this fixed immediately. Car is going into shop in a couple of weeks for new struts/shocks while we are out of town, so if I can put off until then, it would be great. thoughts?
  11. Goldendoodle. You're welcome.
  12. All FFA content. Part of the package IMO. You've got my proxy then.
  13. Who gets Arizona Ron's stories? and will Sheik still post weather?