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  1. son has multiple bottles. I throw them away, and he gets new ones his baseball coach says that if they do that crap in the dugout during practice, they can run........... drives me nuts
  2. College age son, friend, and girl friend going as Ferris, Cameron, and Sloane. Actually proud of him to know about the movie considering he wasn't due for 10 years when it came out.
  3. If you can do that on the mound, most MLB players get picked off unless they are standing on the bag.
  4. Personally Hunter Pence might just add some sanity to this ticket.........
  5. I'd pick up the QB from Louisville. Massive points.
  6. Oldest son uses his "own" money to purchase Game 1 tickets for him, brother, and myself to go to game 1 tomorrow of Rangers vs. Blue Jays (don't worry that he bought them at a premium before it was announced that we were going to have day games, and he could by the same seats now for about 25% discount). So tomorrow college age son is leaving as soon as baseball practice is over to meet me and youngest (who is getting 1/2 out of school) for a day at the ballpark. Don't buy things, buy memories. And 5 minutes ago, HR department calls and says that 2 of our companies tickets behind home plate in row 15 are available for use on Friday. Oldest has scrimmage in afternoon, so I guess youngest who only has a 1/2 day of school for "teacher in service" now has a full day. Go Rangers!!!
  7. She pees standing up.
  8. Stop here on way home:
  9. Dear MLB, Thanks for the mid afternoon games once again. Sincerely, Ranger Fans
  10. Wife tells me to "shut up" and then proceeds to talk over 1st question and answers.
  11. Buy 50 Gallon, use savings to get SIL a hotel when she visits.
  12. You're getting ready to get rid of that "no rain" problem.
  13. To me, that was showing how far Omar's reach in the system went. I also remember earlier in the show, didn't he say that having the girl lawyer was not as good as having Stone, and maybe this was his way of doing what he could to help Naz.........
  14. Question regarding HD DVR receiver. The last couple of days the receiver has been freezing when we turn it on from being "cold" (off for an extended period of time). The receiver turns on, and you can push a few buttons, but with in a few "pushes" the screen freezes. The only way to fix is to "reboot" with the orange button. Then everything works fine while the TV is on. Anyone else have a similar experience? If we are going to need a new box (this one is probably 10 years old and we don't have any of the insurance), are we going to have to pay for a new one?