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  1. I got the warning from our credit monitoring system. Went to the linked site to check. Mine and youngest said that we were not compromised. Wife and oldest said that we needed to come back on the 12th and apply for their monitoring as the were potentially breached. SMH.
  2. Bill just went up to $199/month (Ultimate package and had $40 in credits) so had to make the call (3 plain boxes and 1 DVR). 1st rep would only offer me new equipment (ours is 10 years old and is working fine), so went to customer retention. Changed plans to X-tra and then got $35/month credit for 1 year commitment. Free Sunday Ticket. $100 gift card Bill was 159/month with ultimate and no Ticket, and will now be at $89+tax w/ Ticket. Told them my wife would divorce me if she knew how much cable cost and we didn't want that. Said I couldn't get the $200 gift card. Didn't want to fight with them, and my bill is $50 less than it has been, albeit w/ less channels (most that we don't watch anyway).
  3. I've been on "chat" with them for 60 minutes and they have not even been able to pull up my account yet. Says that they are having "issues" and I keep getting transferred to other agents. Luckily I'm watching baseball on TV and have nothing else to do.
  4. It is the highest package available. We need local sports, but am currently paying 160/month (have all movie channels)......4 boxes (1 that records) but they are all 10+ years old. $40 credit is expiring and I'm not paying 200 for TV. Will give up movies if necessary.
  5. Is there anyway to get your local sports channels (Fox SW) without getting the Premier package?
  6. Up for renewal (as all my credits come off next month), and trying to figure out if I can get my local fox sports (FoxSW) channel on DTV w/o getting the most advanced package. We are not home much anymore, but can't be w/o the Rangers during the summer months.
  7. Same thing year after year(basically nothing), but today we got to spend it together. She was off, and I got to work and we had a gas leak. Company sent everyone home for the day. We made cookies for the kids with People's Court on in the back ground (makes me feel somewhat normal). One year me and the youngest went to get cards at Walgreen's for her. Got to the register and got rung up............$18. Youngest said "mom will be mad if you spend that much on cards", I agreed. We went home and told her what the cards said. She was more appreciative of that. We'll go out to dinner some other night after one of the kid's baseball games. She loves seeing others get gifts/flowers, but says it would be out of character for me to get or for her to expect. She would much rather get a surprise gift some other time of the year.
  8. Charles Barkley at Men's Club in Houston Metallica came to the back room at Rick's after their show in Houston
  9. Took it into a different shop after work and they ran the diagnostics. They "rebooted" it to make sure it was clear, and now we'll wait to see if it happens again. Drove all the way home today (35 miles) and nothing, absolutely nothing. So weird. Thanks for all your responses.
  10. 2008 Lincoln MKX - 110K miles Last November while driving to work, the radio turned off and on. Was off for about 5 seconds (I actually thought the station went off air, but the radio did not show a channel/time/etc). Did not happen again until 2 weeks later. Did it again multiple times, and then the "low tire pressure" indicator came on, and then all the following came on the "slippery" indicator, "check brakes" indicator, "bright lights" lights indicator, and "door open" indicator, plus signal lights not working. Got to work, looked for local garage, and made an appointment. Went out to drive car to garage, and none of the lights were on as well as radio. Had them do a diagnostic, and they couldn't find anything. Had them reset the computer. And they said if it happens again, bring it in. For 3 months, nothing. Then this morning, same thing happens. Turned car off when I got to work, immediately restarted, and all the lights and radio came back on. Any ideas other than "take it in" / "buy new car" / etc. Fuse? Wiring?
  11. Son is in college. He has no income, and we've always claimed him, and plan to this year also. Last year all his savings bonds that his grandparents bought him were cashed in by him for a vacation and some HS graduation presents to himself. He got a 1099-Int this year for the interest on the bonds (less than $1K). I know that he does not have to file taxes (does not have enough income to trip the requirement), but I'm wondering do I have to claim the income? If I do, wouldn't it behoove me to have him claim the income, but also have him claim no deductions and let me have him as a dependent, as I'm sure that his tax rate would be less than mine. I've read the regulations, and they are confusing me.
  12. By using the alias CTSU I was able to welch on a bet on
  13. @Nathan R. JessepYou are in north Lousiana correct? What university do you attend basketball games at?
  14. Take a phone pic of card and send it to wife. Spend extra on present. Win / Win.