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  1. that's nuts. I knew California was tough but single round feeding? No way. I would imagine their intent is to make the laws just tough enough that the law abiding citizen becomes frustrated and chooses not to own them. But that is another discussion for another day. I'll hit you up if I take the plunge on the AR. I'll have a ton of questions....
  2. I should add we have the option of going pre-ban. Any weapon or mag built before 1994 is grandfathered from the AWB. As such you can imagine the pricetag attached to some of those mags let alone even find them for sale. As far as the stock goes, even if you were able to lock the positon in place permanently it still counts as one of the 5 conditions. crazy right? edit for terrible spelling
  3. yep. I think they have 5 items like bayonnet lugs, extended capacity mags (10+ rounds), collapsable stock, flash suppresor and one other one I cannot remember. You cannot have more than two of these items on your rifle. Ah just remembered its a pistol grip. So those five items you can choose 2 of 5 and be compliant with the law. Seems people around here go with pistol grip and adjustable stock. have fun at the "range". Be safe.
  4. This thread inspired me to bust out my safe queens and send some lead downrange last weekend. I have an H&K P2000 in 9 mm and a CZ P-01 also in 9mm. I have to say dollar for dollar that CZ is the best value prop for 9mm out there in my opinion. I put about 200 rounds through each. I enjoy both and find that the triggers between the two are very different. I like this as it leads me to use a nice even pull on the trigger since I am not "used to" the pressure of each trigger. and like MC alluded too, now I have the itch again and will have to bulk up on some target ammo as well as some higher grain p+ ammo for outdoor and responsive targets. And I find myself looking at some of the AR's in my local gun shop. NY laws are pretty restrictive on the hardware and capacity of the AR's but I might be tempted to pick one up anyway. They aint cheap.
  5. when all the star wars movies were being done and episode 1 was released they used the roman numeral 1. My wife read that as the letter I and kept referring to the movie as Star Wars: <episodee>. She still gets mad when the kids put it on and I repeat her title in a darth vader voice......
  6. The other morning I am holding my 1 year old in my kitchen when Mommy walks in and gives the two of us a hug. My 5 year old sitting at the kitchen table see us, jumps down and runs over to hug the three of us and says "Hey Mom, it's a family sandwhich!" Another one, I am playing Lego Star Wars with my nephew who is 7 on his Xbox. Pretty harmless game but not having played it much I now know how my parents felt playing video games against me LOL. Anyway I kept falling behind while my nephew is blazing through the game. He winds up getting shot a couple of times. After a while he is getting pissed. The next time he dies in the game he turns to me and says "Uncle Dan, you're supposed to cover my ###!!!" I couldn't stop laughing long enough to tell him not to say those words......
  7. another favorite but it's my cousin's daughter. She was 6 at the time (almost 10 now) and for as long as we can remember she has said she wants to be a vet. Loves all animals, knows their names. You get it. Anyway one day in school, they have a nearby farm bring all sorts of small animals for the kids to look at and learn about. So Jill is so excited and one of the aides invites her to hold a rabbit. Jill adamantly says no. In fact, Jill won't hold any of the animals. Jill's teacher asks her "well how do think you will become a vet, if you wont touch the animals?" Jill says right back. "That's what the nurses are for.......I will be the doctor"
  8. I have two boys 5 and 1. The 5 yo comes running into the living room to tell me that the baby is having a problem and has "focus" all over his face. So I follow him into the next room and see my 1 year old has his nose running. So I walk over to the tissues to wipe his nose and proceed to explain to my older son that it's called mucous. He says "Dad, look at me and say it again" and grabs my face with both of his hands. So I repeat the word mucous. But he's gone, he is looking at something else and says. Daaaad!!! you have burger's in your nose!!!!!!!!
  9. Good Lord this was the worst trip I have ever been on. Long story short is I left NY on Wednesday afternoon around 4 pm. McCarren closed while we were in the air so we diverted to Phoenix, like so many other flights. Didn't get a gate until midnight local (3 am EST). By the time I got a reservation it was 2 am local and I was never able to get through to my carrier until the next morning (USAir). I was trying them until 5 am local and I gave up and slept for a few hours. Thursday morning I get through to USAir after a 55 minute hold time and they inform me they cannot get me to LV and they have no other suggestions. The customer service agent instructed me to call back after my trip was completed to see about a refund. Wonderful.I get to the hotel business service center to log onto the net and try SWA. I get a flight but not until 5 pm. With delays we don't leave until almost 8 pm. Land in LV at 8 pm (another time zone change) but we wait for a gate. By the time I get my bags and a cab it's almost 11 am by the time I reach the Luxor. I just went to bed.Woke up Friday morning and I am sick as a dog. Temp, aches sweats etc. I try walking the strip but it's no use. I go back to my room and sleep for a few more hours. I wake up around 4 pm and feel better. Hit the tables at Mandalay Bay, had a few drinks some dinner and was back in bed at 1 am. Leave for airport for my flight home (4pm)and I hit more delays and get to my door at home at 3 am EST. Absolute waste of time and some of the worst customer service I have experienced from multiple airline carriers. No wonder most of them will go out of business.
  10. I will be out there for a few days after visiting some clients. I wound up at the Luxor of all places but Thursday night is comped. So for $150 total for the three nights, Wed-Fri. avg to $50 per night just off the strip. Will seek an upgrade when checking in, this may be the best/wordt time to go since it's two weeks before their big night(NYE). Best in it's cheap and worst since I may be the only one in LV considering this economy.....
  11. Late arrival... Can you motorboat for 15minutes and survive, you motorboatin sonofab*tch you!
  12. My nephew is around 4 years old at the time and he is swimming in our pool. A friend of mine and I are sitting nearby watching jump in and out of the pool. At one point he gets out of the pool and stands there kind of motioning around his privates and looking down his shorts.... So here goes: Me: what's wrong buddy? do you need to go to the bathroom? nephew : No <continuespullingandpeeking> buddy: so leave it alone then little guy, it'll grow. Nephew: yeah I hope so.