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  1. AB killing me. 12 team league with several nuances. Keys for this question are: .5 ppr and 1pt for TE's. Performance scoring with length of TD's being very important. Starts at 4pts/TD for 1-10 yd TD and progresses every ten yard up to a possible 10pt TD AB is out. I can Flex in one of these: Listed in the order I am considering them for week 1: Marvin Jones Jr, John Brown, Goodwin (SF), Eifert or Goedert. My opponent doesn't appear to have a very dynamic/explosive team, so high floor might be my best approach, however just overall realistic ceiling is usually what I go with.
  2. I feel the same. I'm 47 and been a fan for 40 years. Original season ticket holder and held onto my seats all these years. I've sold the past three games. I'll go to the last game to say goodbye to my Raider Family, will probably sell the Pitt game tix. I tell my friends that I am in a 40 year relationship with the Raiders. I just need some space right now. I'm not breaking up with them or seeing other teams, I just need space.
  3. Hi Bloom, 1/2 PPR, length of TD's matter (under 10 yards 4, progressing to 11 for 60+) 2 of the three M. Jones, Lockett, Enunwa thanks in advance
  4. Performance league. Length of TD matters greatly (from 4pts on under 10 yard TD's up to 12 pts on a 60+ yard TD) .5 pt per catch and 1pt per catch for TE's Big Ben or Mariota at flex D. Freeman or D. Walker
  5. What if the guy was just clowning him about his poor play at the family BBQ? We don't know.
  6. OK, but think a little bigger my friend. You don't think the Casinos will have massive blocks of tickets to hand out as comps? At best 60 -70% of the tickets, and probably much less, will be available to purchase by the fans. All the games will be "sell outs" but most will only have around 80% of the stands full (I think many of the comp tickets will not go to Raiders or opposing teams fans and won't be utilized by those that get the tix). Then out of those people that are there, what % will be Raiders fans? It'll be much closer to a Super Bowl type experience than a typical NFL game experience and feel. The home field advantage will be lost. I guarantee it. I also guarantee at least 2 players per year f up their lives and ability to help the team by being young, rich single (or married) and living in Vegas and doing what we all do in Vegas. Problem is, for elite athletes in the NFL, what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas. Good luck with that. All that said, as a season ticket holder for 22 years, I prefer Vegas to LA or San Antonio. I do worry about not having a true home field advantage and the problems our players will get into though.
  7. Osemele is questionable and Mario hurt his labia and is questionable.... Everything is stacking up against the Raiders today. I'm treating this like the Super Bowl though. Friends, family, lots of appetizers, homemade stuffed cheddar bacon cheeseburgers on toasted onion rolls and brats. Hoping for a fun day and at worst we'll eat and drink well. RAAAAIIIIIIDERS!
  8. I literally tell him eff uu every time he's been on our sidelines. i also time it for when the red light comes on his cameraman's camera. I sit front row in the Blackhole and he hasn't come to our area in over 8 years, he sticks to the opposite corner end zone with the high wall and no fans around him.
  9. I don't disagree, I just feel the Raiders would beat them with a healthy Carr and a bye week. With Carr, the Raiders would be really rolling right now also. Don't be shocked if Miami gives Pitt a better game then everyone thinks and almost wins. I love taking the 10.5 points this game.
  10. Exactly. This feels very similar to me as the 2000/2001 season when Goose jumped on Gannon like he was the last hoggie on planet earth and crushed our chances of moving on in the playoffs. I state this because of the weakness of the conference. In 2000/2001, had Gannon not been knocked out of that game I am very confident the Raiders would've beat the Ravens, moved on to Pitt the following week, won and then faced a bad Giant's team in the SB. None of those are guarantees though. This year, had Carr not got hurt, I feel we would've beat Denver, won the AFC West, had a bye week, won our first game, no matter the opponent and then could've beaten NE, but no guarantees obviously. Basically, I too am lamenting the lost opportunity for a very real push for a Championship. With that all said, I believe the Raiders can and will beat Houston this weekend. After that...meh
  11. Yep. And if the immaculate reception was called correctly, the tuck rule was never applied or my aunt had a..... she'd be my uncle. Welcome to sports. For the first time in my 45 years on earth, the Raiders are getting fortunate with some calls. I think the team is a little "overdue" for some good calls, so I'll accept it, the win(s) and the record and be happy.
  12. Good point. I'll add to my feelings on this. If the Raiders win next Monday night. My gut feeling %'s don't change much. We have the three division games on the road that will greatly determine our fate. However, if the Raiders lose next Monday night, our chances decrease. Beating Houston would only keep is in very good position is my point. Losing, keeps us in OK position (depending on how this weekend's games go)
  13. Exactly. ~80% playoffs and 50/50 division and 25-35% bye week is now my expectation.
  14. JC has been making progress since July. As a Ware owner, I'm very concerned about his "progress"