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  1. AB killing me. 12 team league with several nuances. Keys for this question are: .5 ppr and 1pt for TE's. Performance scoring with length of TD's being very important. Starts at 4pts/TD for 1-10 yd TD and progresses every ten yard up to a possible 10pt TD AB is out. I can Flex in one of these: Listed in the order I am considering them for week 1: Marvin Jones Jr, John Brown, Goodwin (SF), Eifert or Goedert. My opponent doesn't appear to have a very dynamic/explosive team, so high floor might be my best approach, however just overall realistic ceiling is usually what I go with.
  2. I feel the same. I'm 47 and been a fan for 40 years. Original season ticket holder and held onto my seats all these years. I've sold the past three games. I'll go to the last game to say goodbye to my Raider Family, will probably sell the Pitt game tix. I tell my friends that I am in a 40 year relationship with the Raiders. I just need some space right now. I'm not breaking up with them or seeing other teams, I just need space.
  3. Hi Bloom, 1/2 PPR, length of TD's matter (under 10 yards 4, progressing to 11 for 60+) 2 of the three M. Jones, Lockett, Enunwa thanks in advance
  4. Performance league. Length of TD matters greatly (from 4pts on under 10 yard TD's up to 12 pts on a 60+ yard TD) .5 pt per catch and 1pt per catch for TE's Big Ben or Mariota at flex D. Freeman or D. Walker
  5. What if the guy was just clowning him about his poor play at the family BBQ? We don't know.
  6. OK, but think a little bigger my friend. You don't think the Casinos will have massive blocks of tickets to hand out as comps? At best 60 -70% of the tickets, and probably much less, will be available to purchase by the fans. All the games will be "sell outs" but most will only have around 80% of the stands full (I think many of the comp tickets will not go to Raiders or opposing teams fans and won't be utilized by those that get the tix). Then out of those people that are there, what % will be Raiders fans? It'll be much closer to a Super Bowl type experience than a typical NFL game experience and feel. The home field advantage will be lost. I guarantee it. I also guarantee at least 2 players per year f up their lives and ability to help the team by being young, rich single (or married) and living in Vegas and doing what we all do in Vegas. Problem is, for elite athletes in the NFL, what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas. Good luck with that. All that said, as a season ticket holder for 22 years, I prefer Vegas to LA or San Antonio. I do worry about not having a true home field advantage and the problems our players will get into though.
  7. JC has been making progress since July. As a Ware owner, I'm very concerned about his "progress"
  8. I owned Brown and Floyd in two leagues last year. I'm drafting Floyd at or higher than ADP this year, with no worries. I'll take Brown or Fitz below their ADP's, if I need a flier WR.
  9. Wharney Dong is a great place to stay. Very well located.....
  10. Lucky guy. Only been there twice. I would fly back there right now. Sorry family, but work calls!
  11. Lan Kwai Fong is no joke. I want to be there right now....except it'd be 3pm there. Another 6 or 10 hours and it's amazing
  12. Hi Joe,

    I hold my tongue and thoughts in public forums, more often than not.  I give you and your team the benefit of the doubt more often than not.  


    PLEASE get MYFBG Classic capable of synching with FANTRAX again, and relatively soon.   Please.


    MYFBG feature not working really sucks.  MYFBG classic doesn't even have my main league website (Fantrax) available to synch with anymore.  Damn it.

    I appreciate that you are owning this situation.  You are a true FBG and a straight up dude.  Sorry I never got you the original BlackHole shirt you asked me for back in our (BlackHole) heyday.  

    I respect and thank you for all the developments you and your team have brought to this "sport".  I have won more than my share of titles and "xmas bonus" cash thanks to this site and my "trolling" and utilizing the insight and tools.

    I implore you to get MYFBG classic to be able to synch with FANTRAX.  Again, please, please, please.

    I HATE that the MYFBG feature that has been so helpful now sucks.  I am very frustrated.  It is somewhat sad that I need to use tools like this so much, but such is life.  

    Like many of us, I've been in this hobby for more than 20 years.  Like some of us, I've been a FBG/Cheatsheets guy for around 13+ years (my oldest is turning 12 and I remember being on with friggin dial up internet before she was born)

    MYFBG actually helped me to more easily stay in multiple leagues and now is failing me.  I am F'd trying to keep up with my 3 leagues this year if you don't get at least the Classic version working.   

    Anyways, I hope you have a good 3 day weekend and a great FF season.

    Best regards,


    1. yankeerebel


      I just saw this again and I'm still annoyed that FBG used to support Fantrax but has decided the last couple years that it's somehow not worth it anymore.  The worst part is it took me over a year to get someone to finally just admit that. I spent a year asking why it wouldn't work and was just ignored.   

    2. Joe Bryant

      Joe Bryant

      Sorry to hear you were ignored. We try to never ignore anyone. Things might change in the future but at this point, we have no plans to expand our coverage beyond what we covered for 2017. 

  13. Yep...I've seen McFadden look like the best RB on the roster by far for the past three years at the Raiders camp. Good luck with that. Randle is the RB to own on the Cowboys and for relatively cheap for what he will give us. I expect ~100o yards and 8+ TD's over the 4-16 week time period.
  14. I wish I valued him higher in my drafts. I had him pretty high, but not high enough to draft him in any of my leagues ahead of where other owners did. The kid is a stud play maker, period.