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  1. Its just more fun to be smart, I don't mind losing my money, I'm a gambler. But I can't stand giving bad advice, I won't make a habit of it, and I appreciate all the kind words. We either win, or get smarter, I'll accept nothing less.
  2. I'm just going to go back to my personal rule of not posting anything above -200. I thought I was smarter than I was, can't even remember the last time I backed someone at that number, but I'm sure they lost too, which is why I don't do it. Had extensive knowledge of Meeks, his camp, and background. He played same position as my cousin at Iowa State when they were there together. So I wasn't just grasping at straws. Pretty sure the money backing me was mostly responsible for the line movement, should have trusted the oddsmakers more. Between myself and guys I know I can count with my fingers, we netted close to a 6 figure loss yesterday. Way too early in the week for that.
  3. I feel terrible, sorry fellas. That was truly one of the dumbest moments of my adult life.
  4. Did you see the first episode this season where the dude bulls-eyed that squirrel through both eyes with an arrow? I capped him at 40-1 to even hit it, considering placement it was a one in a million shot.
  5. Thank you for this. That's how little I knew about how LIBRA was going to work. If that's the case, even more bullish on BTC. Sticking by the $20k+ by year end.
  6. I feel like there's enough support at 9k to get in now. Not expecting more than a 10% dip if it does, and it could just as easy go up 20%. I don't know exactly how LIBRA is going to even work, I think we're supposed to find out today. I am very bullish on LIBRA, but it's much riskier as well. I need to know more about it before I get too much behind it.
  7. Cost of "mining" a bitcoin still costs more than market value, that fact alone should be all the technical support you would need. The only way bitcoin fails at this point is if Blockchain technology itself were to fail, and I don't see that happening. Scarcity of BTC is increasing exponentially, the price will begin too. If you aren't already a believer, I don't know how to convince someone at this point in the game. In a few weeks, our grandmas are going to be asking about Facebook's LIBRA coin. Libra has massive potential to pave the way for crypto-favored legislation. If BTC does dip with the release of LIBRA, just buy more, because it will only be temporary. ETA: Apologies for being a smart allec.
  8. Agree that water quality is our biggest threat, but strongly disagree on the above.
  9. I'll find you one, coming right up... And it was Maine, not ny state, my bad.
  10. Mission accomplished. -720 on 5d Can hedge out for a profit now with +675 on Castro at BO.
  11. You'll never hear me say I'm not blessed and thankful.
  12. Recommend watching the VICE documentary on youtube on the county in New York where every police department in the county was held for ransom with Malware.
  13. BTC was at $4964 when I posted this. Now $9303. 87% in about 10 weeks.