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  1. Holloway's speech has been slurred all week. I would be less surprised if he isn't medically cleared to fight then I would be if he pulled out the victory. I don't understand why this fight was even booked if Max didn't ask for it. I would say Aldo has the best chance of an upset of the three title fights. Tough weight cut for Aldo and Yan will put him away in rounds 3 or 4 if Aldo doesn't get him early.
  2. My sentiments exactly on both fights. 90% of the public money is going to be on Masvidal, but he is much more a "fighter" than Usman is.
  3. I'd expect the finish rate to be considerably lower for these Yas island events. Bigger cage and its going to be like fighting in a suana with the outdoor octagon. I believe the event is going to run from about 2am-7am local time. I would be very hesitant in backing large favorites. BJ Penn got waxed by Frankie Edgar as a -500 favorite when they were here a decade ago. (I had Penn)
  4. Exactly, it's mass and not muscle at this point and I'm sure he he using some 5 hour body technique being who he is to get there. The distance was there well before the break, but he as definitely just hitting the weights and the simulator for it.
  5. I would guess it's closer to 30. He is eating like a nfl o lineman just trying to keep it on. Very surprised he was able to maintain focus and stamina under 90 degree + sun. Appears he is using just a simple mass * acceleration = velocity equation Didn't the tour suspend a guy like 2 months last year for weed? I couldn't imagine both the backlash and excitement of Bryson in all black on the Korean tour or whatever goofy solution he would come up with if he got popped. The olympics being around the corner I would think would limit the good epo or hgh cocktails he could be on. Probably is the most likely on your to be pulling a dexter though if his peers were to vote.
  6. I think he opened around 60-1 for the the majors last fall. I got in for the masters at 31-1...wish I would have bet more.
  7. I'd actually argue that his game is not suited for a low class birdie fest. He is like 120-140th in most of the pin proximity stat categories, yet usually around 30th in scoring in the same categories. He just gets way too much spin on his wedges and his avg par 4 approach shot is like 110 yards or something crazy on the season. That pin proximity distance adds up dramatically over the course of the tourny. His game is definitely suited to be in contention anywhere he plays but he may have difficulty closing out wins with that wedge game. I doubt we see him under 15-1 anywhere and he might drop to around 12-1 for the Masters, where he is my pick to win. Bryson led the field in both driving and putting this weekend. His 350.6 driving average was the highest ever recorded by a tour winner, beating 2005 tiger's open number by over 9 yards. Rory vs Bryson this year will be epic. Rory's pre-shut down finish rate was even more impressive than Bryson's current one. Man vs physics.
  8. That was the last wgc mexico...
  9. Well, Bryson got redemption for when Wolff buried him with a go ahead eagle on 18 last year. Some spooky correlation with the two leaderboards. Going forward, it should be an auto play on either Wolff or hovland if one is priced at double of the other. Both are studs that will be around the top of the leaderboards for the next decade. Bryson becomes first player to win tourny while being worst in the field at proximity to the pin since aaron baddely 15 years ago. He putted out of his mind this week, but he is going to have a hard time closing wins in the future. Don't plan on seeing him for less than 12-1 pre-tourny this season, and love him or hate him, Uber Bryson is by far the most fascinating topic in sports. He is golf's walking moneyball experiment. Also, everybody hates bryson. Before becoming the strongest player on tour, he had held the title of the the slowest for years. In fact, the only other person on tour I've seen him buddy up with is patrick reed because nobody else wants to be around them.
  10. No argument on either of them. Looking way down the board...I'm backing theegala 250-1, lashley 175-1, and Wolff 100-1.
  11. For the record, I'll be fading bryson this week. It has everything to do with him playing the 4th straight week and he's 0/2 making the cut in this spot.
  12. If we're gonna hate on Bryson for anything, let's start and end with his stupid hat... I'm not seeing the violence in his iron swing, he is the only guy on tour that I know of that attempts the exact same swing on every iron shot regardless of club....its not like he is looking like timmy lincecum throwing sliders out there. We are still dealing with the tour nerd here, not the reincarnation of happy gilmore...
  13. You can disagree with me, but it seem to have made a rather broad assumption based on an extremely small sample size. Bryson has been playing the most well rounded golf of anyone on tour this season, that's verifiable, not just my opinion. Bryson was #1 on tour in shots gained off the tee heading into last week and he only dropped to #2. Statistically he is beating the field by over a stroke per round. He's got 6 straight top 8s on tour and has finished top 15 in 9 of the 11 tournaments he's played in. Exactly what part of his game is missing right now? Bryson hit one 428 yards before the weekend, so while Rory's fairway balls may have traveled a little further, Bryson has him by 20 yards these days if they are just seeing how far they can hit it. Bryson's calculations are pointing towards power being the ultimate equalizer on tour so he went and figured out how to generate it. I can't think of an example of a player adding 20 yards to his drive mid-career and going from around 35th on tour in driving distance to 2nd as of today. Bryson also uses a 5.5 degree driver and all his irons are the same length so I'm not surprised his balls travel differently, but I promise you, Bryson is well aware of it.
  14. Nope, one of the few things that sucks here. Recreational is available in Illinois.