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  1. The stages are what ruined it for me. I do have some 80-1 Buescher I was able to get down this morning so it has my attention at the moment. $25 max at bv
  2. Foreign language has never won best picture. I have some +400 Bong for best director. What hurts 1917 is the lack of star power and the kind of gimmicky but admittedly well done. I was just totally unprepared for it. I would think Tarintino would win best director before best picture so that actually leaves me liking JoJo Rabbit at 50-1. After the movie involving a girl humping a fish won just a couple years ago, I'm willing to take any storyline and run with it.
  3. I like that fvf play, unfortunately it isn't offered at Bm. I refuse to believe I live in a world where the 4th movie in the series beats original content. I actually like my money on missing link at +1400 for animation.
  4. Anybody got any Oscar insight for tonight? Joaquin probably shouldn't be -3200 to pick his kids up from school. I'll take fliers on everyone else in that category. We aren't exactly living in an environment prosperous for front runners. Favorite longshots right now are little women at 200-1 for best picture and Knives Out 20-1 for best original screen play.
  5. Hopefully you saw my Twitter feed if anything and not the thread here. My "extremely confident" parlay legs went 0-4. So much chalk up in smoke. 2nd bad decision in a row Jones has been gifted. 49-46 Jones was the worst scorecard I can remember seeing and there were at least 2 more atrocious ones from this card. Why on Earth would the champions agree to defend their belts in a state that refuses to adopt the new rules in the first place?
  6. Well, this turned into a degenerate Friday pretty fast. Morono is -340 on bm, I'd cap him closer to -450. Checked IA lines and they have -260 available. Waterloo here I come!
  7. Using Morono and Lingo in a number of parlays. Also fairly confident in Lee and Adams. I've lost more than most fading Jones, but Santos got close last time and Reyes should be more like +180. Latifi has an obvious path to victory being the faster fighter and working the body. Like the favorites in the coinflip matchups except for I favor Ige over Bectic.
  8. Approaching the fight almost identically. All the value was on Fury the way the first fight was lined. Now that it's a coin flip I've leaned Wilder the entire time. Doesn't seem that Fury has given that cut above his eye enough time to heal and train properly, that alone has me on Wilder up to -130. Fury switching head trainers immediately before the biggest fight of his life also leaves me with questions. Fury has the skills and the heart, but like the other poster said......Wilder has the POWER. Not like early round power like we see in MMA but punches poststamped straight from the devil's lair type of power. ETA: I did happen to watch that same breakdown you posted last night. The opportunity for the uppercut under the right hook for Fury certainly did seem like it would be there.
  9. Arod prop at Bm is still ungraded. Adds some intrigue to my Monday. Hopefully we're on the same side as the house.
  10. I didn't realize how many conclusions my brain had jumped to. Figured lump wasn't asking the line if he was looking to bet the under. Life's too short.