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  1. I took my 12 yr old to It chapter 2 on his insistence, but I gave a firm "no" on this one.
  2. Don't do it. I got sucked down this rabbit hole a few weeks ago...
  3. Khabib is an absolute beast. How many bios outside of street fighter include wrestling with bears as children. But Khabib seems a bit off this time out and has some unusual x-factors working against him. His weight cut seems unusually rough this time and this is the first time he's taken a big fight this close to Ramadan. I also believe that having his dad in his corner might make him very proud, I don't think it's worth the added pressure and possibly poor advice. Not to mention the entire aka camp has been on the skids and seems to soon become a ghost town as their former champions wind down their careers. No camp in the world training harder and smarter than ATT right now. Khabib's looping hooks and lunging ankle picks set up very well for Dustin's boxing.
  4. UFC 242: Poirier +350. Won't be about to get this at +300 or better come saturday.
  5. Before I invested in bitcoin, I worked for an agency instead and that sucked. What kind of buffoon with a financial education and a high level understanding of risk management would have any idea about this kind of stuff? Am I right?
  6. The whole point of blockchain is that it can't be manipulated. The entire ledge is always available and constantly verified. Blockchain keeps order infinitely more than current US Banking standards; Because of the design of the mining system, if price does drive up that much more people would invest in more powerful equiptment and keep things balanced.
  7. i think we have far different perspectives as what we perceive as a bitcoin. This normality of basing everything off the price of one bitcoin is going to go away in the very near future. I won't be long for .0000001 of BTC to be a relative is equivalent to a $1
  8. I would argue that those that don't believe BTC has 6 figure potential the next couple years would be well served to learn more on the actual mining process and the cost and resources blockchain requires to maintain itself. Most bitcoin miners have been spending more than market value on the resources needed to buy bitcoin for years. It requires more resources and therefore cost.. Every minute that passes increases the size of the blockclain and requires more computing power to award coin. BTC is going to fractionalize in a hurry and when that should lead to the stabilization of the currency. as it does so. Pretty sure instead of a calling it a bitcoin we will have a word for .001 of a bitcoin, followed .0001 and so on and so for.
  9. Chris Pratt- Never a single bad word ever said about the guy
  10. Joker never had a back story because he didn't need one, he simply represents unstoppable chaos in Batman's world. One of the main reasons Batman doesn't kill anyone (Until Affleck anyways) was to be able to keep the Joker character always available for a storyline. Also read that Phoenix spent a significant amount of time of studying mental illness and working with psychotherapists in order to create a character that did not fit a particular psychological profile or illness.
  11. I'd put money on Joaquin getting the academy award for this performance without ever seeing it. The non-spoiler reviews I've seen on it have all compared it Taxi Driver/King of Comedy mash up and boy does that sound like potential. Ending is supposed to be open to interpretation and reports that multiple views are required so i'd expect an American Psycho/Fight Club vibe as well. This is the first film in the new DC Black Label universe that has been a love child of Todd Phillips, literally begging the studio for years for one crack at this. DC Black label will hopefully be a marketable alternative to this Marvel Stage 4 which has its work cut out for them without Downey, and whatever the heck is going on with Spiderman rights. DC Black Label will hopefully remain pumping lower "budget" hardcore Comic movies in this same universe. The film takes place in '81 I believe, and we are going to get a version of the Joker we have never seen before. Ledger was a great actor, Phoenix is an absolute mad man. I don't think we've had an on screen joker yet that instead of being a prankster, this Joker uses laughter as a device to channel his entire range of emotions, not as a response to anything funny. That scene in the trailer where e is laughing in the hallway until he turns the corner is absolutely haunting, even though we only see about 4 seconds of it. In case you hated everything I just said, I'll leave with a fun fact: Joaquin Phoenix's birth certificate reads: Joaquin Bottom, and he born in puerto rico to a family that basically traveled like gypsy's. Thanks mom