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  1. I'm feeling hot tonight:
  2. If within a year I can pet it and brush it without being in fear for my life, I'll consider myself a winner. I don't think it will ever be safe enough to have around children. If I could break it to lead I would think I could get him some kind of movie or TV acting role. When he gets mad he sounds like a combination of a hyena and a dolphin. Haven't been able to catch it on camera yet.
  3. They're all owned by our family's rodeo company. 80 horses 100 cows 200 bulls 2 donkeys 1 zebra Approximately, sometimes those numbers double.
  4. The health paperwork was wrong and I had to track the owner down to make it right. It is a 1 year old stud colt. I got the more dangerous of the two....but I can breed female donkeys with it, so I got that going for me, which is nice. Late start this morning. But I'll film another update or two in about a half hour. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and look up zebra calls on youtube....very challenging noise to duplicate! Lol.
  5. It's a year old male. You would think I would have googled zebras by now, but I haven't...
  6. Let the fun begin! So the zebra I bought on the online auction was for a 1 year old male zebra. All the health documents are for a 2 year old female zebra. The truck bringing it back gets there tomorrow. I really don't care either way, just bring me my zebra. We're at about $7300 in total expenses so far...
  7. You can always just use and follow along that way. I'll let you guys know what day ol' Barcode is showing up.
  8. Follow @hooter311 on Twitter and I'll post it there. I'll leave the @hooterknows for gambling related tweets.
  9. Oh course bro, we might just have to like "catch it" first. Apparently we can't put it with the horses because it will like kill them. The bulls should keep him in his place I would think. I'm cautiously optimistic I can tame him if he isn't too wild, otherwise my life may turn into some kind zoo employee focused on containment.
  10. I'm only a month out of an induced coma and 8 days in ICU/trauma at Mayo, 15 days ago I had 52 staples pulled from my chest. Dealer, I would like to double down on hard 17 please....
  11. This is exactly why I'm power washing the zebra when it gets here....just to make sure.
  12. Similar background myself. We bought, trained, and sold a couple hundred western style quarter and paint horses every year since I've been born... About 18 years ago we switched primary focus to bucking rodeo bulls. I'm about as used to being around as many 1 ton animals that can kill you as anyone else around. I'm well aware that although they look similar, a zebra is about 20x more dangerous to be around then a horse. I'm still real ignorant and looking forward to it!