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  1. Yeah but you couldn’t take your eyes off him.
  2. I’m a Nic Cage apologist. You can call him a lot of things but boring isn’t one of them.
  3. It pissed me off when Michael Caine won an Oscar for his horrible New England accent in Cider House Rules. Especially when Tom Cruise should have won for Magnolia.
  4. Usually kind of an authentic outlaw country crossed with a little space cowboy psychedelia.
  5. DIIV is a very underrated band with a solid back catalog.
  6. Everyone here is an expert in something. I’m still trying to find my forte.
  7. Man lots of interesting stuff out today. Wilco Angel Olsen DIIV Menzingers Red River Dialect Titus Andronicus Audiotree live Gatecreeper Pains of Being Pure at Heart covering all of Full Moon Fever (wat?) And that’s just five minutes into looking.
  8. Listening to the Muffs for the first time. Good stuff.
  9. Liking Prison on a Hill by Somos. Don’t really know how to describe it. Emo? Singer sounds like the Surfer Blood guy to me. Guitar player just died. 😢
  10. Gonna dig into this at some point. Finished the whole remastered Abbey Road already. Didn’t really pop as much as the remastered White Album but obviously still good