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  1. Did you listen to Nonagon Infinity? Quite good.
  2. Saw a review for this and thought it sounded good. I'll add it to the infinite queue.
  3. Front runner for metal album of the year.
  4. KG&tLW sure can lock into a groove. Open Water is my jam.
  5. Power Trip!???
  6. Love that Jeff Rosenstock album.
  7. My saved albums queue is getting unreasonable and unmanageable.
  8. Beachheads' self-titled is a pretty good little power pop album. Dude(s?) from Kvelertak.
  9. The Store About Nothing
  10. Not bad. My evening just opened up. How are you?
  11. Dammit SF.
  12. Alice by the Meatbodies sounds great so far. A little psych, little glam, little guitar hero-y.
  13. Sheer Mag is on Spotify! ?