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  1. This reminds me of Elliott Smith. Probably won't get a ton of listens from me but it's decent.
  2. Interested in this Alex G album.
  3. Not a huge Soundgarden fan but he had a good voice and was one cool looking mother####er. RIP.
  4. Lol after some exhaustive research, I'm proud to announce they have a new one out June 2. Yay!
  5. Only a couple of years late to the party but this rules. I wonder if they're going to put out another album.
  6. Totally agree. It's one of the strangest parts of the story. Another weird aspect is that the accuser is a woman.
  7. Yeah, just kidding. I read all their #### got pulled off of streaming services. This story is crazy.
  8. Everybody digging the new PWR BTTM?
  9. "Yr wife is a whore lol"
  10. Flat out don't get this guy.
  11. Not their best effort but I still love these weirdos.
  12. St. Elsewhere thread ***OFFICIAL*** no spoilers
  13. I want to like Mac Demarco's music because he's a funny, affable dude but I struggle. Going to listen to his new one at some point.
  14. Black Lips sounds pfg so far.
  15. Anyone who likes Power Trip might like Lich King's The Omniclasm. Slayer indebted thrash with a sense of humor.