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  1. Petrichor is good. May be hard for Trey to pull off certain sections live.
  2. Listened to Goat's new one and now I'm reobsessed with these ####### weirdos. Totally missed Commune from a couple of years ago and it may be their best.
  3. We're going to revisit ...And Star Power in 30 years and deem it an unheralded classic. Bring weed.
  4. Poof!
  5. Is Merchandise a band I need to know about? Their new one is pretty solid but I've managed to avoid all their previous work.
  6. Beach Slang's new one sounds like Beach Slang if you like Beach Slang.
  7. This gets better with every listen.
  8. Sumerlands is a kickass metal album. Cymbals Eat Guitars is good too. Floppo I assume you're all over Preoccupations.
  9. New Teenage Fanclub is good. I'm glad there are bands who haven't abandoned guitars.
  10. I live in a dumpster
  11. Man Tufnel's kids sure are into LA Guns.
  12. Yeah my kids are all over mine too. Hope y'all like Owl City
  13. Just followed you pill. Already following Zilla.
  14. I'll try not to repeat El Flops PUP Woods King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Kvelertak The Hotelier Pinegrove White Lung
  15. I love Twin Peaks. I think their last one was even better.