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  1. I'm really sorry shady. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  2. The new Thee Oh Sees is good if you like their consistent brand of weird guitar freak outs. Wish it was on Spotify?
  3. I liked the Dallas show quite a bit more than Austin last year.
  4. New Dinosaur Jr kicks ###.
  5. Two in Big D! Woot.
  6. Dead Revoluton by Hammers of Misfortune is an awesome metal album.
  7. If you like low stakes GBV indebted power pop, try the new Connections album, Midnight Run. All of their stuff is kinda the same, but I like it all.
  8. I don't mind fuzz but there's something about this sound I don't love.
  9. I'm not sure. It's really buzzy?
  10. I'm a Segall fanboy but this one isn't doing much for me. Something about his guitar tone on this one and the Emotional Mugger album doesn't resonate with me.
  11. Well, my day is shot.
  12. Mew maybe?
  13. I like this one but I was kinda off with the vocals. Can't place it. Sorta reminds me of Fang Island or some Scandinavian band.
  14. I keep coming back to PUP and Parquet Courts. If you like blast beats, giant metal guitars, but you're not into Cookie Monster vocals or growls, check out Air by Astronoid. They take the My Bloody Valentine (or something) route with the vocals.
  15. Is everything emo these days? Anyway, Goodness by the Hotelier is quite good.