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  1. His voice is a little strained on this but it doesn’t bother me. All my favorite singers couldn’t sing.
  2. I do like that one and Yoshimi but their output is so insane that they have a low percentage hit rate with me.
  3. Despite being squarely in my wheelhouse, the Flaming Lips never seem to land with me. This one is awesome.
  4. American Advertisement by Advertisement is some nice no nonsense boogie rock. Riyl Neil Young, the Men’s Tom Petty period.
  5. Yeah. Took me a couple of songs to get it. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  6. After gritting my teeth through MMJ’s new album of dadfolk I needed something that rocked so I turned on the Beths.
  7. Bananagun kicks ###. Sounds like a jammy hippie commune raised on the Talking Heads and Goat.
  8. Need to get back into this one. First few songs sounded great but I got interrupted.