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  1. So who gets 20 touches out of the backfield? Fitz or Ridley?
  2. FBG has a nice tool, Custom Fantasy Points Allowed, which allows you to see your how each team does against each position. Unfortunately, they only give you the option of seeing what each team does against QB, RB, WR, and TE, not Team Defense (or kicker). Not sure why they don't allow the latter since that should be easy to do. So my question is, is there another way to see how each team does against opposing Team Defenses in my league's scoring system? Thank you for any help.
  3. Assuming Powell is injured or is being disciplined.
  4. And what he's done so far, if not spectacular, is being done with one of the worst groups of WR's in the NFL.
  5. Pretty good second game too, albeit against a terrible defense. No picks, took only one sack, averaged better than 10 yds/pass. Oh, and he led the Bears to a lopsided win. I would think Bears' fans are pretty pleasantly surprised.
  6. This is a bit tongue-in-cheek but he was surprisingly impressive today for sure. He showed accuracy, a mastery of the offense, and excellent decision-making. Had plenty of arm strength and accuracy as well as touch. He would have won the game all by himself if his receivers hadn't set an all-time record for ghastly drops on perfect passes, including what would have been the game-winner on his last throw. It was the best Bears' QB performance in quite awhile, that's for sure. For what that's worth.
  7. My bump tells you all you need to know about my receiving corps.
  8. Bump. Anybody think he may reappear somewhere this season?
  9. Good link to that latest story on Rawls. Here is an excerpt which lends insight in a couple of aspects of his return: "Carroll said Rawls did run this week. But he also indicated that the earliest Rawls would return now is Nov. 13 against the Patriots. “That did begin, yeah,” Carroll said of Rawls’ running on the side. “And he is going about it — talked to him this morning about it — very aggressively. He’s going to work his way back. He’s going to make sure that he’s in really good shape before we get him going. Just kind of pass the test along the way here. So we’re still a couple weeks away. We won’t know until he starts to do the workload and all of that. But now we’ve got to get him in shape, again, and get him right. And we’ll take our time doing that so that once he’s back he’ll hopefully be coming back for good.” Rawls has not played since suffering a hairline fracture in his fibula on Sept. 18 against the Rams in Los Angeles. Christine Michael has started the last four games in his absence and will continue to get the starts until Rawls returns, though running backs coach Sherman Smith said Thursday he’d like to see more physical running out of Michael."
  10. This is exactly my thought. If Rawls is as healthy as he was last year, the coaches have already said he would be the starter. Plus Michael is averaging less than 3.5 ypc the last 3 games. I think he'd be a better change-of-pace back personally.
  11. If something happened to Booker, does this guy have the talent to be a FF force? Or is he an 18 carry, 51 yards kind of talent?