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  1. So who gets 20 touches out of the backfield? Fitz or Ridley?
  2. FBG has a nice tool, Custom Fantasy Points Allowed, which allows you to see your how each team does against each position. Unfortunately, they only give you the option of seeing what each team does against QB, RB, WR, and TE, not Team Defense (or kicker). Not sure why they don't allow the latter since that should be easy to do. So my question is, is there another way to see how each team does against opposing Team Defenses in my league's scoring system? Thank you for any help.
  3. Assuming Powell is injured or is being disciplined.
  4. Nice Shady. I appreciate it! The MFL site isn't always intuitive, but it is a great resource as well as a fine fantasy league site.
  5. MFL shows which offenses give up the most points to D/STs in my league scoring system? Where do you find that?
  6. Have same 3 QBs plus Matt Moore and, while I'm sure I'll play Cam, not sure which other one I will play in a 2QB league.
  7. I'm more looking for an easy glance at the OFFENSES which are most friendly to D/ST, both for the season and for the last 3-5 weeks. I appreciate that list for sure, as surely those who ranked them factored in the same info that I am seeking. If FBG doesn't have this in their list of resources (which I've tried to find but was unsuccessful), the question is "why not"? Should be easy for them to add that to their custom break-downs.
  8. I'm ignorant, so please help me. It would be nice to be able to know in fantasy which D/ST you should choose based on opponents' tendency to give up points in my league's scoring system. I'm a FBG pro subscriber but can't seem to find out how to easily look this up with them. What am I missing or do I need to look at another site for this info?
  9. Would be nice to have stats on sacks, turnovers, and D/ST TD's in very cold games. Also does it make it harder on kickers?
  10. I picked up the Giants among the many defenses discussed in this thread this week.
  11. And what he's done so far, if not spectacular, is being done with one of the worst groups of WR's in the NFL.