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  1. Watched it. Just ok. Not great, not terrible. Out for now. I might revisit when the whole season is available...if I' run out of better things to watch.
  2. Absolutely. I've you'd told me in 1990 that they'd still be kicking it hard in 2019, still releasing new stuff, I wouldn't have believed it.
  3. "Rivers of Blood, Years of Darkness" is the seventh track of the album Confessions of a Knife, the second studio album by the band My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult. The album was released in 1990 on CD, LP, and cassette by WaxTrax!.
  4. Man, this league blows. I agree with whoever said upthread that this league sounds like BS. Putting a $350 per team league on a person who played FF many years on all kinds of platforms, I can't imagine the thought process that would lead someone to do that. Nuts. Anyway, it sounds like you're making the best of it. The $350 is gone for now and I suspect you're in other leagues, so just have fun and hope to catch a few breaks here and there. ETA: Oh, yeah, if you lose...
  5. No, imo. Only real question to me is how bad it will "look" to the outside world when they crack down.
  6. Because you're talking about taking away a constitutionally protected right, presumably for life. That shouldn't happen over a parking ticket. Yep. Anyone talking about permanently revoking anything at all (whether it's guns, driving privileges, or SAM's membership) over a parking ticket is an extremist, literally.
  7. You'd think after a such a high-profile incident like Bulger someone would get the problem fixed or, at least, continuously bombard the oversight committees with red flags.
  8. Serious question since my sarcasm meter has been off lately. Was this post intended to be funny or serious? TIA
  9. Instead of acknowledging the point of your post, which I took to be "people are so worried about gun violence in schools that they might put bullet-proof backpacks on their kids" he'd rather make some dumb correlation between bullet-proof backpacks and Pokemon backpacks. It's obvious nonsense, and when the nonsense is pointed out he just doubles down on it. Can't reason with people like that. Also shouldn't elect people like that.
  10. So...what kind of insult is it, and what does it even mean? I'm shuked.
  11. Why do we have Pokemon or Mario Brothers backpacks? (Because of video games.) Good grief. Are incidents of children being slain at school by Pokemon/Mario on the rise? If not your post makes no sense at all.