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  1. 3-0 and won those by a combined 6 points. Wins are nice but this isn't sustainable. The defense must improve.
  2. The fatigue is part of the plan, imo. They want people to get so sick of it they stop paying attention. Makes it easy to get by with more corruption when fewer and fewer people know & react to it.
  3. I know you were responding to somone else's message, but thought I'd comment on this post. That first link wasn't just Obama doing something on his own. That was a spending bill passed in the House of Representatives, in response to a specific "aggressive hacking campaign on American businesses by a Chinese military unit." And, despite the headline, it didn't completely ban anything but did require US companies who wanted to buy that Chinese technology to go through a clearance procedure with the FBI. I don't think this is an apples-to-apples comparison to Trump's "deal making". That second one seems to have been recommended by the Treasury department. They at least stated their reason as "The national security risk posed by the transaction relates, among other things, to the military applications of the overall technical body of knowledge and experience of Aixtron, a producer and innovator of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and technology, and the contribution of Aixtron’s U.S. business to that body of knowledge and experience,” said the Treasury Department, which oversees CFIUS, in a statement." I'm not seeing anything like that with the Tik Tok thing, but haven't followed it closely enough to be sure.
  4. Hope it wasn't the same kind of "deer" that AG hit. South Dakota AG fatally struck man with car, initially told authorities he hit a deer
  5. Sorry to quote a 3-day old post but...could you post a link for that? What is the evidence that shows the Chinese military has access to that data? FTR: I'm not defending TikTok. I hate TikTok, because it seems stupid IMO.
  6. I don't get it. Whether or not they can't prove there will be no security risk is a completely separate issue from who owns it...isn't it? Either they can or can't prove there's no security risk. It is a matter of allowing someone we trust to review the source code in a manner that TikTok will allow (protecting their proprietary algorithms). Who owns it has no effect as far as I know. The technical/security issue would not seem to be dependent on Oracle/Walmart owning a piece of TikTok. Something smells fishy here.
  7. NC Board of Elections had to issue a statement clarifying that "It is illegal to vote twice in an election."
  8. I found it bizarre that he said "you can't throw bricks, they're too heavy" about 30 seconds after saying police were being attacked with...BRICKS.
  9. I voted 4 because I'm assuming (with zero factual basis) that the greater number of mail-in votes in precincts that have little experience handling that volume could result in a higher percentage of counting errors. AND, with mail-in votes representing a larger portion of the total an increase in errors here could matter. Having said that, I don't worry about it being rigged and I expect the election will be honest enough to trust. We may eventually find and prosecute a few cases of ballot tampering but to me it seems unlikely that it would be a significant factor. Hope I'm right. Voter suppression, problems with the way some states purge voter rolls, etc. are a much bigger problem, imo.
  10. My 9-year old's PE teacher wants them to follow along with a youtube exercise video. Of course, with her being being signed into chrome with her google child account, google won't let her use youtube and the video isn't available in Youtube Kids. I really don't want her to have access to youtube because I know exactly what she'll be doing all day instead of paying attention to online classes. Sucks but, at least until my patience runs out, I'm logging onto the laptop with my account when she needs to do the youtube video then logging out when she's done.
  11. Haven't read the whole thread but was going to post something similar. In mine they said "You It's crazy. Like those are the only options. Omitting an option for military spending option is asinine.
  12. Boneless wings sounds like someone just removed the bones from actual chicken wings before cooking them. Terribly misleading. These stupid nuggets in sauce need a better name. Boneless wings ain't it.
  13. I typically carry a minimal amount like 20-40 dollars just in case there's a problem. In the last few years, I have had credit cards just stop working (damaged), I've had my CC frozen for suspicious activity, and recently I stopped for gas only to find that all the Shell stations' in my area couldn't process card payments (some technical issue in their system). So I've had to use cash a few times when I didn't expect to need it. I used to prefer using cash a fast food drive-thru windows, but since covid I've gone to card-only.