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  1. Do you really think it's interfering? It's like you're saying the highest ranking elected official in this country can't manage multiple things concurrently. As a citizen of this country, the notion is you are saying Americans are so dumb that they would elect someone who is completely incompetent. I call BS on that. He can handle other things like infrastructure while any number of investigations are going on. He's just choosing not to.
  2. As some have stated, there was some great music from the 80s. Part of the problem may be, though, that some of the very worst 80s music was somehow the most popular at the time. Everything was so upside down. Hall and Oates? Pet Shop Boys? Houston...we have a problem!
  3. Thanks for reminding us of that. I just turned off Alice In Chains to play Oscar Peterson Trio. Spotify hates me.
  4. I've read 10 pages or less. I do want to read the whole thing but will wait a bit to see if an unredacted (or less redacted) version is forthcoming.
  5. Titans YESSSSS!!!! Fun highlight reel, even better since he was already sporting the baby blue.
  6. Yep. 3 on the road + 1 against Luck (who they've NEVER beaten anywhere) = tough first quarter
  7. "SNL parody" you nailed it.
  8. Seeing the "Meet the Staff" pics reminded me I saw @Chase Stuartmentioned on fivethirtyeight the other day. Very cool, Chase.
  9. Seems to be still in margin for error. 1. it's margin of error, not margin for error. 2. Rasmussen's margin of error is 2.5%. So even if we were to hypothetically adjust Trump's approval rating, it would still mean that the majority of the country does not support him, and his approval index would be at -2. Deflection and goalpost moving says it all. You're assuming the error, if it exists, is not in Trump's favor. For Rasmussen's poll, it is equally likely that he is at 45% instead of 49.5%. But, yes, still below 50 in a poll that consistently reports higher approval than other credible polls. Side note: I don't mind that Rasmussen's poll is probably off a few points. The fact that it is consistent makes it useful for evaluating trends, even if their bottom-line number isn't something I'd want to quote on a message board.