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  1. Someone posted this a few days ago, and someone pointed out that it's a fake. He didn't tweet that.
  2. The article also ties into what @Bottomfeeder Sports was talking about:
  3. Doubtful. Most employers won't reveal much (for legal reasons), basically just that you work there and how long. Maybe salary? Someone could say more if TIS was using him as a reference, but since he doesn't even like or get along with the boss it seems unlikely he'd use him as any kind of reference.
  4. Witchcraft is one of my faves, too, along with Nice 'N Easy. @Eephus So sorry to hear about Bosley. I wish there was something I could say. I've gone through it twice in my life, most recently last spring spring with our 16-year old pug.
  5. I'm checking these out now but went straight to Peterson first. Just always been a sucker for anything he played. You guys are posting some great stuff. Keep 'em coming.
  6. A poster has demonstrated in this thread a pattern of intellectual dishonesty. I believe we have been asked to stop engaging people who do that. You're not going to "get through" to him with reason or information. He's not here to help anyone or himself understand the topic better. He's here to clutter it up with nonsense and to distract from an otherwise very good thread.
  7. FYI - It is on the front page right now.
  8. I'll be voting D this time regardless of the nominee. Not in a swing state, so it won't make much difference.
  9. Maybe not many Trump supporters, but at least some. It's only logical.
  10. Blago is one of the most cut-and-dry cases of political corruption in recent years. That won't go over well with the "drain the swamp" crowd.
  11. Hope they get the issues ironed out. That report isn't clear on which if any of the unresolved issues are due to action/inaction of the current administration. Still, the Bureau has had 10 years to prepare for this including 3 years under the current administration. Red flags are not what you wanna see this late in the game.
  12. Been on United, American, Frontier, and Spirit in the last two months and all required an additional fee to pick your seat. These are "basic economy" fares. The cheapest available. I was just about to post that. I vaguely remember Frontier charging more to pick your seat, and all the "preferred" seats were on the aisle or closer to the front. Also, Frontier's coach seats suck anyway. Also, Frontier sucks.
  13. astros won't switch seats guy pit bull owner
  14. I rewatched Almost Famous yesterday and thought of this dumb thread when the song played. Dangit, Otis.
  15. So Catholics should only support candidates who will faithfully execute the existing laws, as currently interpreted by SCOTUS? Abortion is legal, murder is not. ETA: IMO abortion shouldn't even be a consideration when considering candidates for the office of President. President doesn't make laws, Congress does. President doesn't influence how laws are interpreted, SCOTUS does. Seems like people should focus on things that are actually pertinent to the job they are electing someone to fill. ETA2: Gonna yield to RHE on this.