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  1. in a free country you don't need to explain your need to exercise a right. I have a right to own the 3 AR-15s that I have. Whatever I decide to do with them legally is none of anyone's business.
  2. Had a friend post on Facebook the video of Glenn Beck making this ridiculous point. I haven't seen anyone in here suggest we send weapons to the rebels. And I have no idea how a video of a Syrian rebel (likely from years ago) should have any impact on what's going on now. I think most intelligent people realize it's a pretty messy situation with a lot of variables and no ideal solution. But don't let that stop Beck from using fear to make the issue as black and white as possible. I have no clue about whatever Glenn Beck has going around. I'm referring to a Wolf Blitzer video from CNN a few months back. Edit - Found it.
  3. I'm sure by now you've all seen the Syrian rebel that cuts the chest of a dead Syrian army member, pulls out his organs, and starts to eat his heart. And these are the people some of you believe we need to send weapons and support to?
  4. ...for career criminals and mental patients that want to shoot somebody.Give us a bill that goes after career criminals and mental patients then. Stop harassing law abiding citizens.
  5. It fails to mention how many home invasions are stopped with a gun without shooting anyone. Seems to be more common than lethal methods, and many cases go unreported.
  6. Hell must be getting a bit chilly right now. I have enjoyed solving the world's problems with you. Now, if only the politicians could be as smart as fantasy football nerds. :football:So, we have something both sides agree with in regards to private sales / gunshow loophole - whatever you want to call it - and really very few feel that already legal and available guns should be banned. The magazine capacity seems to be moving in favor of the pro-gun rights side, but not by landslide. We have a couple pro-ban who have crossed over to the "it doesn't matter," but that issue only seems about 60:40. I would be in favor of a non-government controlled "database" or original sales listing with gun owners required to keep FFL approved bills of sale to provide a paper trail of ownership, and identification or driver's license tags on people prevented by law from owning guns. If gun owners conceded this, could we then take the magazine limitation off the table?I'm of the opinion that magazine limitations are worthless. They shouldn't even be on the table. I don't see how anyone can justify this as a means of prevention. There just isn't a significant difference in the outcome between a 6, 10, 15, or 30 round magazine when considering the total shots that can be fired. It would be nice to see Feinstein watch a demonstration of someone shooting and reloading a revolver. Let her count, out loud, how many shots they can fire in 10 minutes. That would be eye opening.I realize there's a whole bunch of gun people who can re-load extremely quickly. I get that. But that doesn't mean that some crazed madman like Jared Loughner is able to do it. The fact is that some of these guys are tackled when they are trying to re-load. Therefore, I think we can make the reasonable assumption that if any of these killers had been forced to re-load after 10 bullets rather than 30 (or whatever the number was) lives would have been saved. That's why I continue to find your denials ultimately unconvincing.They found that the Newtown killer reloaded most of his mags after firing 10-15 rounds out of each one. That didn't seem to slow the killing there.
  7. This time, the North will tank it.If Obama tries this then he becomes a dictator. It would show is is not working for the people and our constitution, but against us. We have a fundamental right and responsibility to stand up and overthrow this type of government.
  8. If Obama tries to pass an executive order banning anything to do with the second amendment, there will be a civil war in this Country.
  9. My linkLooks like others are feeling the same as I do.
  10. Registering the guns did not make banning them "easier." They were banned because the state decided to ban them. Had they never been registered, the state would still have decided to ban them. There is no connection between the two events. Registration is for law enforcement purposes, to fight crime by allowing law enforcement to isolate the illegal transfer and ownership of firearms. It has NOTHING to do with planned confiscation. Obviously there is no way to convince you or other NRA supporters of this, but hopefully the general public is not as paranoid as you guys are, and we will find a way to make this happen.Trolling at its finest right here...
  11. Super Meat Boy, The Kid levels. Took me forever to finish.
  12. I'm not sure I have a problem with the news organizations publishing the addresses of gun owners. It lets the criminals know which houses are going to be easy to invade, and which ones will have a gun pointed at them.
  13. Violent crime statistics in the U.S. Video