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  1. What I'd do is this:Write the June 15 put...for $.65. 6 contracts.So you'll get a credit for $390. If UNG is below 15 next Friday the stock is yours at a cost basis of $14.35. If not you lowered the cost basis of your entry on the 400 owned shares.Hey Siffoin. I was wondering if you could think of any good option strategies for those of us with some sort of trading restriction. For instance, I can buy calls and puts, or write covered calls, but I can't write puts (even if secured with the intention of going long).
  2. One company that I just started tracking is Olin Corporation (OLN). It's a bit of a sideways play on ammunition, though.The company is pretty far off its 52-week high, pays a steady dividend (yielding over 6%), has good fundamentals, and is experiencing a lot of growth in its Winchester ammunition segment. However, it's not a total play on ammunition since about two thirds of their revenues come from other chemical products.There are also some bearish technicals showing on the stock right now, but it might be worth keeping in mind.
  3. Added 1200 more PRGN at $4.08 (partial fill) for a total of 6500 shares with an average price around $3.65 now. 2500 of these are probably committed to September call contracts @ $5.00, unless I buy them back. To be fair to Revo, Otis pointed out that the RSI was signaling overbought yesterday.
  4. Not sure where PRGN is going, so I hedged a little bit to lock in some gains. I just wrote 25 September call contracts with a strike price of $5.00.
  5. 4300 shares of PRGN split between a couple of accounts. Around $3.50 average price. Thanks for the head's up on this one and FEED about a month ago.