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  1. Are you going to do this for every position? So from your example above...with Ryan Grant have all of them below him as well? I always think that more information = better, but I suspect this might require more work than it may be worth. If you're already doing all those unit evaluations it's one thing, but I don't know if it's necessary to do them from scratch for this purpose.That's what I was going to point out....redundancy. Perhaps have a team link with each of those and then your normal positional breakdowns(I do look at them and appreciate them by the way).I am for WHATEVER keeps the BLOG RANKINGS OPEN Chris.....If this extra work forces the elimination of the blog (ie: only ROTOWORLD Rankings - And aren't those top 200 only or would you be ranking each position there) then I am against it (LOL), since I truly enjoy the blog/rankings.