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  1. For a 3rd and a 5th rounder I'm excited about Antonio Brown. A true #1 WR for at least 2 years, maybe 3. Was he a "cancer" in the locker room before this year? Seems like there was a lot going on in Pitt this year.
  2. Great post. This part really sticks out to me. So many things went our way that year, could have easily been 8-8 at the end of the season or worse. Though I still don't know how to explain our O-line going from as good as it was in 2016 to what it is now. Carr had like 2 seconds to get rid of the ball against Seattle. Is it just injuries or is Tom Cable at fault here for switching back to zone blocking? With all the holes on the team I want to believe that O-line can be fixed easily as it's clear Carr needs to be protected in order to effective.
  3. This. I had to defend Gruden to a friend (Jets fan of all things) who said what's up with your coach throwing your QB under the bus after the loss? I was like where did you hear that? CBS sports... regardless I was impressed with the gameplan and this team does look better coached than previous years. Carr bounced back nicely and had a great game, and finally to see Cooper involved again was great. No pass rush will be salt in the wound all year, but hopefully we see some more out of Key and other young guys, as they develop., literally 1 or 2 plays away from winning that game. Like the double pass interference call??
  4. I feel like I felt after Carr broke his leg on Christmas Day. How do you sell this move to the locker room? I understand the rebuilding argument to some degree but also thought this defense had some pieces in place that Mack would have just made better. Known commodity in his prime versus two unknowns? Is it really about us not having the money? Or Gruden putting his stamp on this team?
  5. That was like an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 right there. If only 10% is true though...
  6. I've also been waiting for massraider to fire us up. It sure doesn't feel like the first playoff game since 2002. If you told any of us we'd made it this far (12-4 record) at the beginning of the year, none of us would have believed it. I agree that we felt like we had lightning in a bottle this season, and that's rare in the NFL (and now everyone feels like we've gotten punched in the balls), but I am confident we have a young core of players that should repeat this type of success, especially with our O-line and skill players. Defense has been a work in progress forever and will continue to improve. I'm excited to have Joseph back this week and hopefully MEJ playing a full compliment of snaps.. That all being said, this playoff game is huge for the Raiders. National media is down on this game, but who f'n cares. We need a playoff win and it would be nice to get a dominating statement win, especially with a rookie QB. I'm looking for the defense to show up big time this week after that s show in Denver. We need this one. The last game against Houston was closer than it should have been and I would like nothing more than a domination on Saturday. Get pumped.
  7. I am down 21 points, and have Cousins left. Need him to be right at his average scoring and I"m in the big game.
  8. I've spent the last 10+ years obsessed with fantasty football because of how poorly the Raiders have played, and now I could give two sh*ts about my fantasy teams. Well, I still care, but to have the Raiders at 10-2. WOW. With so much young talent, and room to still improve. And still 10-2. WOW.
  9. Called two days ago, last year I was given Red Zone for free, but couldn't manage to get ST for free since they told me I had it so many times before. Anyway, this year with minimal complaining I was able to get either Red Zone or ST for free, not both. For ST Max I was able to get that 1/2 off ($180). With a little more pushing (been with DT since '06) was able to get $50 credits/month for 12 months, and STMax for 2 payments of 60 (so more than 1/2 off). Not too bad.
  10. I have Bernard as a decent rb2 option and the luxury of seeing my score tonight to see what I need, but still leaning bush. If he's playing, like bloom says, big game, plus he's been great on turf at home. If this was regular season I wouldn't be sweating it so much I would just put bush in as he's been my guy all season.
  11. Debating between him and Dez also. Feel like Shorts has the higher ceiling and that's fine with me for the playoffs. I don't think Dez will be in as a decoy, but I also don't see Dez putting up a monster day either.
  12. I feel like every year they change the names of things. What does ST Max get you? I like the Red Zone channel and the regular ticket. Short Cuts? Thanks